Journey: Fatherhood

This morning, we honor and celebrate fatherhood!  There is truly no other journey like it! This morning, we’re going to learn some advice for being a good father from the life of Jacob, whom God renamed to Israel.  God is obviously the absolute best, perfect father.  However, He chose Jacob, a single man, to be the father of His own people.  That’s saying a lot! God chose Jacob to father twelve sons who would become the twelve tribes of Israel…

Journey: Go!

This morning, we continue on our journey. 700 years before Nebuchadnezzar’s  blazing furnace and 1,400 years before the birth of the church at Pentecost, another miraculous fire was burning.  God called out from within a bush that was on fire, but never burned up to a man named Moses. And also again, God was concerned for His people.  They were being harshly oppressed and He heard their cries of suffering.  They were still in between the place where God told…

Journey: The Way

We left off last week with the realization that Jesus’ disciples were about to have transferred to them the responsibility of continuing His ministry.  They were promised the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit to equip and empower them to be able to carry that responsibility.  Today is Pentecost Sunday and we are so incredibly blessed to live in the days of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all people.  It is an experience that we don’t…

Journey: Greater

As we learned the last few weeks, God has us on a journey.  We were challenged to take our next step; to keep moving forward in our life in faith and obedience. Yes, it’s important to celebrate our successes.  God instructed Joshua to build a memorial after crossing over the flooded Jordan on dry ground for generations to remember the goodness and faithfulness of God.  He set aside times and seasons for celebrating and feasting and rejoicing. Marie shared God’s…


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Breakthrough Prayer and Worship

Join us the first Sunday every month starting at 6 PM for a time of prayer and worship as we pursue God together. Come expecting great breakthrough from our great God!

First Friday Game Night

New Hope Kids Ministry GrowZone will be hosting a Game Night for school-aged kids on the first Friday each month from 6:30-8 PM to give parents a break. We will have games and play stations setup and snacks.

Shannock Valley Food Pantry Distribution

Would some groceries help you make ends meet? Come on out the second Monday monthly between 5 and 6 PM and let us meet that need. There is no registration required nor income guidelines. The Shannock Valley Food Pantry is a cooperative effort of the churches throughout the Rural Valley area.

Men’s Breakfast

Join us for an encouraging devotional, great food, and good conversation.