Last week, we learned about trusting God from Hezekiah.  I love that even when we lose some battles, even when we give in to fear and doubt and begin to compromise, even if we give to our enemy that which belongs to God, there is still hope for us! If we lay everything out before the Lord and surrender it into His hands, no matter how much of a mess it may be, He is able to redeem our situation. …


Trust.  Merriam-Webster defines it as one in which confidence is placed as a noun or to place confidence within as a verb.  Trust is such a fragile thing in the days which we are living.  Who and what can we trust? Can we trust our government?  Do they really have our best interests in mind?  Our employers?  Our spouse?  Like, are they really working late and how close are they really to that coworker?  Our friends?  Our pets?  Will my…


Last week, we were challenged to expand our mindset and view of worship.  We were challenged to see it as God sees it; not just a genre of music, but a lifestyle of laying down ourselves to exalt God.  It’s kind of like looking at an acorn not seeing it not just for what it is, but for the potential within it.  Worship is not a silly-hatted little nut, it’s a vast, dense forest of mighty oaks producing acorns and…


God is the expert in creating something so small and simple, but with tremendous and unimaginably exponential potential.  Close your eyes right now and think of an acorn.  OK.  Most of us pictured this tiny nut with a cool hat-looking cap, right? Within this small and fragile nut is contained everything necessary to grow an oak tree 100′ tall and 4′ wide producing 10,000 more acorns every year creating an entire forest of oak trees that keep reproducing from now…


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