Father’s Day

Father’s Day

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Lord I bring this time to you. Lord God that you are. You are the teacher. I’m just a vessel. Your words are what is important not my words. And I thank you Lord for thisday we honor fathers. This day that we honor you is the perfect father

and I just pray Lord God that. As I bring forth his message that you would take charge that you would be the one speaking Lord because you you’re the one that

initiated fatherhood to begin with.

And I just thank you and praise you this morning for your care your faithfulness. In Jesus Name. And in



as usual.

My message is

one that might take a few turns here and there. So hang on. It Back in the Old Testament. First Chronicles is not perfect as one

kind of collects some dust sometimes it.

David was becoming getting ready to become king and. Souls King reign is king would as the people consider it more of a failure.

So they want to David to be king and they were

different men from different tribes were coming in and joining David in his army. Thousands of them.

But in the first Chronicles twelve thirty two. This is from the an R.V..

From this a car men who understood. The Times a new what Israel should do

two hundred chiefs with all of their relatives under their command.

You know this is a test for any any leader any any leader or any position to understand the times and to know what to do.

It’s a

it can be a key even for effective fathering because a father is a leader of a family. And if you understand the times then you know how to

protect provide

and get your family through hard times when hard times come in seventeen seventy six.

That’s back at the a time of the American Revolution.

There was a it’s a great struggle over our freedom.

Freedom of religion basically is what it was about freedom to



remand name Thomas Paine said these are the times that try men’s souls. America’s since going through many ups and downs and. I think we could agree today thatthese are the times. Try men’s souls

our country is

not the country. Most of us grew up in.

We need we need men and fathers and we need leaders who understand the times and know what to do. So what’s the what’s what’s the answer to that. Well we weknow we have many

men or fathers who are a wall

and we have. A man who had crisis in this country. We’re just talking about that this. Morning in the Pearl Room.

A crisis of manhood.

I had a video available I coulda. Could’ve shown you this morning it was a man on the street interview and they were asking men in a new spark that we’re walkingthrough you know what’s it mean to be a man.

And you know most of them says that’s somebody else. I don’t know. They don’t want to even answer. There’s a crisis and what the definition of being a godly man.Which leads to a fatherhood crisis. We don’t have to go into the statistics everybody and knows it’s pretty obvious that.

A lot of fathers are missing. Which creates a further crisis

and then there’s a leadership crisis we have a leadership crisis in all levels now sometimes even in the church. But God has better plans for his men and then.

In first Corinthians four fifteen

New American Standard says in. If you were to for if you were to have countless tutors in Christ. Yet you would not have many fathers.

For in Christ Jesus. I became your father through the gospel. What Paul saying there is you can have people to teach you but that doesn’t mean that they’re. In the roleof a father carrying mentoring and trying to build the next generation. God’s the only perfect Father Our Heavenly Father has given us a legacy he has shown us theway through what Jesus did

and Jesus walked with his disciples and. You know it costs. Atlee amazes me

that here’s these fisherman and tax collectors and these guys that were kind of like on the bottom rung of the ladder of society. And

Jesus came walking down the road

and they didn’t know him and he really he must to know now. Somehow

he came walking down the road. He says follow me. That’s what he said that was his invitation. They were they gave up their means of support

to follow him. They dropped their net state their income. The

tax collector got up from his task electing booth and followed Jesus. There was something about the presence the Jesus had

that is pure leadership.

So that that was our legacy that’s the father’s given us the legacy and he also promises as we walk out our lives we build a legacy as we follow him.


influenced the next generation

where his dog had dog. You get ready for the video please thank you. So as we try to imitate our father Heavenly Father we can build a legacy that ensures in-doorsthrough generations.

We have a little two minute video here to. Really kind of like

most girls like me are my age

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So there goes on building a legacy.

But the fathers do have an amazing amount of influence on their children and respect a lot of times that we had our men’s conference we had a guy named PastorChuck choco.

From Chicago. One of the biggest churches around in the summer go to church and he was saying one time we had we had him in our minister conference twice buthe was saying. One time. Far as his kids go. He says they know that

they’re not

the ones that rule the household. It’s my house you know he’s told his kids my house the room your living room is not living in is not your room it’s my room. I’m lettingyou use it. And he says I can let you know. Ask my son he says Give me your phone

and he looks at it to see what they’ve been doing and they they accept that. Why because they know. He’s guiding them into the right path and protecting what couldcome in.

What could come in could spoil their lives. Fathers teach more by example. You know. I wondered.

When TO WAKE Joe here.

I just

don’t know what I mean. There how

I like to have a little fun to you know. Fathers teach more by example than by words and that could be good or bad. Years ago I mean we haven’t had a television foryears. Good. Years ago I remember a commercial where. Father and Son are walking in the woods. You know one of the boys kind of small

and they’re you know the beautiful scenery no they’re walking in the woods and then they decide to take a break and they sit down lead against a tree and father getsa cigarette out and lights it up and he puts the cigarette pack down on the ground and you see the young one kind of looking at it and. You know what the insinuationwas you know that the father. If it’s OK for him. Why is it not OK for me. So

they can you can bet either way he’s

good or bad.

And that’s something that I kind of. I don’t know why the Lord spoke to me on it or

just thinking about this message. But you know creating a child. Is actually a holy act. Because

all the father does is deposit this little micro

microscopic seed

that you know. How many children

are so attached to their father through that.

Through that little donkey

and it whether they had a good father a bad father. Whether you know it’s if they had a good father. They they adore him. If they had a bad farther. They keep. Beingconcerned about

him becoming what he should be.

You. Here are movie stars or sports figures and. They do good and they talk about their dad. They they do.

I’ve heard positive and negative you know people who are successful

as my dad was big influence you know that kind of thing so

that it just amazes me and I had a friend who walked the streets of Ford City he was a mailman. And he kept trying to. You know help the kids around the streets youknow be friend them in this stuff and. Do you know big become their buddy and everything and he told me one time he says you know you can be their buddy. Youcan have fun with them. You can teach them stuff but you’ll never be their dad. There’s that little tiny microscopic seed that started the whole process. That’s theirfather. That’s where he they came from.

So. Even if a father is missing or not relating or caring to his family his children. Like I said they long for him to be what he’s supposed to be. So the desire for thefather’s heart. Follows people. The whole way through adulthood. And it’s an amazing thing that God has done. Understanding the times helps us build that legacy.There’s. There’s a legacy to be built.

Whenever the you have a child but others have the opportunity to do just that.


it’s something boy good in difference between boys and girls here. Boys have a need to model themselves after the dad

and dad shaped the boys by being involved in. You know working with some wine and

a father can validate

a boy or they can. Break their spirit. And one of the books I read this was pretty interesting. I looked and looked for this book I can’t find it and probably one of thebooks I lent out never got back but

there was a guy that had three sons and he wrote it from a kind of. Midwestern. My you know out in the wilderness route perspective that he was saying about with hisboys it was they were growing up he said he would go rock climbing with them and he said. Actually I did that to keep him from climbing the refrigerator.

But he said he spent a lot of time doing stuff like that but one of the things he brought out was was roughhousing with the boys. And. You know that is. It’s kind of astruggle thing that come sometimes kind of sets mom off especially when you know clamps over some. But

you know the

he brought it into the idea if you look at nature you look at the deer. And you see how

the young bucks challenge the older buck till they see who wins. You know. And he was saying that’s the same kind of thing you know guys might he be having funwrestling with their son. But actually what’s going on is the young guy wants to prove he’s big enough

and you know strong enough and he can be someday the top guy. And he’s. He was saying that they wrestled around with his one son one time and the son actuallyfinally beat him and he said he gave him a bloody lip and everything there is laying on. In a flipper. He said he stood up and looked at me and shook his antlers at me.And I can remember that you know I have you know

I have experience with that my. There’s a young fellow over here that’s trying not to look like me.

And we used to dance around the living room and I’d grab one knee and hold one leg off the ground to where I could flop him on the couch. And then I. We did that Idon’t know how many times then finally one day he got me off guard and off balance and he’s like yes

I remember that. And back then we just thought we were having fun. You know. But it and I My dad always used to say you know somebody say Boy your boys aregetting Bagan dad says I can still walk and. And one day somebody said something and I says Well dad can still knock us down Dad says I don’t think so. There has tobe that progression in the male world you know. So.

But then there’s girls.

What about the girls I remember whenever my first granddaughter was born. And she became a top lawyer and she got this real nice little dress and our daughter putdigital dress on first thing she did run out to the living room start dancing in front of her dad

and my son in law he only had brothers you know and he’s looking at this and. He’s not along to take you to teacher that and our daughter says he didn’t teacher thatshe’s a girl that’s what they do

and I can remember my daughter doing the same thing.

It’s just automatic. So what a concept men and women are different from birth.

Thank you.


my daughter needs a dad who will be the standard

against which she will judge all men. Daddy takes the daughter out on dates. And shows her what it’s like to be respected. And cared for.

So whenever she goes out on a date with some other guy

and he starts disrespecting it well you know you’re not like what I’ve been taught that a man should be you know that type of thing.

So that he daughter dates reinforce that. And a lot of this stuff. Some of that I did some of it. I didn’t do and some of that I realize now I should have done. I was not anun no and then what I know now

that. One of the one of the voters most involved. Oh. Talking about giving the daughter security I skipped every one here Proverbs fourteen twenty six in the LivingTranslation. Those who fear the Lord are secure. He will be a refuge for their children. I like that verse.

One of the most involved things about raising kids is summed up in programs twenty two says Train Up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old he will notreap depart from it. A lot of times we take that as we drag him to church and they’ll stay in church or rest their lives you know

but there’s more than that. You know God has

put that in he puts something in each person that’s born. A plan for their lives and

the parents. But once again I wish I don’t know. And then what I know now that the cars were going to start earlier but the parents seek God on. OK what’s this littleguy or what’s this little girl. What’s your plan for them. Lord. You know

because they made

a lot of mistakes that parents make sometimes as

well. I always thought you want to be a football player and you want to go you know and. If you can’t force

you or we’ll on them. It’s God’s will. We were after. And it is the most rewarding thing. When you see them walk into that and flourish. Because you’re there doing whatGod designed them to do. He.

If Eason’s to ten we are God’s masterpiece. He’s created a new in Christ Jesus. So we can do the good things. He planned for us long ago. And by doing these thingswe leave a legacy.

But we also honor God

and NEC brings us to work on or you know on or we were talking about that in the prayer rooms warning on as a concept that our culture is lost.

And. So when we say we honor. What does that mean how do we get that the proper meaning of the word on or how do we get that back

because that’s

the first commandment with a promise is on are your father and mother.

And all are read it here because it’s

so important.

Just Children obey your parents because you belong to the Lord for this is the right thing to do. Honor your father and mother. This is the first commandment with apromise. If you want to your father and mother things will go well before you and you will have a long life on the earth. So that’s a command with the promise. Childrenneed to be taught on or you know it’s not a natural thing. Pastor Robert Morris from the Gateway Church in Texas. Says you know we’re all born the same way we’relooking at ourselves. I want I this is mine mine. And so children need to be taught how to on are other people.

And you know the Bible even says consider one another more. Above yourselves. So if they see dad on uring the mother. Where are they going to do what. How arethey going to


where they’re going to do with Mom what are they going to do with whatever they get married. You know. If they see dad on or in his parents. What are they going todo whenever dad and mom get older and need care. If they see Dad Audrie Mum’s parents. It becomes into the the realm of. Showing them how to care for otherpeople and then. You know the old saying What goes around comes around. You know whenever you whenever you’re in a position like my dad now almost ninetyone.

And he needs us to care for him


This will be all more important as we age

and it’s nice not a reason to do it. The reason to do it is it’s the right thing to do.

So today we honor the fathers of their earthly fathers are not perfect and never will be surprised. Anybody surprised on that

I’m not. Would give God the

God the Father honor and praise of this day just just for who he is. The creator of all of us

so we all have a common Father. We’re over him for giving us his legacy and modeling fatherhood. So we can say we don’t have a road map we can’t say we don’tknow what to do. It’s all written for us.

And we have the Holy Spirit as was said earlier in us. So my father taught us many things

especially on the city

boy he teach me honesty. And you know

some of the ways

it was brought home. Was he

and and faithful in the spy example

thing that always sticks out to me.

We’re in a ministerial meeting they have a. They always have like a icebreaker to beginning and and

Pastor Rolf from the Lutheran church was when he was president he says. OK Who was your hero.

You know and I had to say dad. Because. The. The one thing

that really really stuck out that will stick out to me forever was a man mum’s coffin was lowered into the ground

and it finally came to rest and they started covering it. He said I kept my promise

almost sixty years to.


that’s getting more and more rare. And dad also taught and on are to mom and grandparents. Was he a perfect father no

sometimes pretty grouchy

stubborn you know none of us kids fall of the net when you

ask asked Jan There’s no stubbornness in our family stuff with dad.


now we can’t later.

So have I been the perfect father and of course not.

And it and none of us are except God Himself. So let’s celebrate the one who is the perfect for other

he’s he’s the one we celebrate and we honor him with thanksgiving for giving us the grace and

showing us what to do

and this year our church is committing to know God and do you know him as father.

Do you know. Do you submit to his leadership and I like the end of the video. How long is your shadow

or he projecting that

and carry think I have a couple more here.

They are

deaf I don’t close off your wife said

he still missed it and



Those are a little extra Yeah. Yeah we do have gifts for the fathers up here afterwards so don’t. Don’t run off. OK. So how long is your shadow.

Malakai for six the Lords of the Lord of Heaven’s armies.

This is just a

paraphrase the world of him Heaven’s armies desires for the hearts of fathers to turn their children in the hearts of children to their fathers.

It’s not even noon and I’m just going to pray a blessing on everybody on the father’s and you get out in time to visit your dad work whatever go to a restaurant

and pretend he’s there. But. So for all the fathers here this morning. Lord I played prayer your blessing upon them and it with even new

understanding of the opportunities you’ve given them. Father and that you would

help them hear your voice even clear that you would help them

walk out of their purpose. In front of their children with their children

and impart to their children the things that you would have them do it is such a blessing. Thing

to be a father and see your children follow you

and it is such a blessing thing to. To see them. Learn to emulate that. Whenever they have children.

So I thank you and praise you for that for the ones

that you have allowed

to become the farther end

of the. Only in the Christian leader

Lord. So that they know who you are

and they do and that helps them know who they are

so we just bless them today in Jesus’ name. And for all the future fathers looking for the ones who

haven’t made it to that yet.

That you would prepare their hearts and you would prepare their minds. That you would give them the


to see that

come to pass in their lives. Lord that she would give them heroes. That you would help them discern the times and know what to do.

Lord that is so important in this day and age and in our nation we lift up our nation to you this morning

and we say help the Lord

raise up leaders Lord God raise them up.

We need strong

godly men leading this nation Lord. And we need in for the year your Holy Spirit influence in all the. All the levels of society.

So just.

Prio general blessing may the Lord bless you and protect you.

Mail order smile on you and be gracious to you May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace

and whenever this is out of the out of number the Book of Numbers is whenever Aaron his sons blessed the people of Israel in my name. I myself will bless them.

So as I

bless or Pastor Steve blesses this people. God Himself. Stands behind that and bless.

So be blessed this morning. And if your dad. We have

gifts up here and if your future dad whenever I think we have plenty so future dads can grab one too. That

we bless this morning we thank you.