Follow His Lead

Follow His Lead

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First I want to I want to kind of just tell you a little bit of a story. Some of you might have heard before. I’m not sure I know my family has so like you probably roll oreyes at me

and know I didn’t ask for permission but I want to kind of do it anyway to tell a story on my sister she’s not here so I can

do that but way back when I was a teenager before there were smart phones or G.P.S. or

hunters even asked me so Dad was the world actually black and white when you were a boy

just on the T.V.’s

so he back when I was a teenager. My sister who is a couple years younger than me and my cousin Jenelle who is the same age as I am. They set out to go and visit mybrother my few lives in New York and he’s about forty five minutes away from New York City. OK So can you kind of picture in your mind where that would be over ineastern New York. OK Well my dad wrote down directions for my sister to be able to get there. And they would set out on the trip I can only imagine what it must meanlike between you know the two teenage girls as they’re driving along the road and and driving and driving

and driving and

pretty soon something occurred to them that made this. It’s taken a whole lot longer to get to Mike’s place than what he always said that it took him to get back homeand so they finally stopped asked for directions and they I think their first clue was that they were lost. Whenever the guy responded back in French that they weremaybe a little bit too far. One point that they almost made it to Canada.

OK so like on the map that’s a way. Up here my brother’s place is kind of way.

Down here. So. My cousin made a big mistake in following my sister’s lead let her be the one to take the lead so.

You know that that’s kind of a funny story and you know would never let my sister

know known as Magellan to live that down. She would kill me but. So you know that’s kind of a funny story about the wrong person. Take the lead but you knowchoosing a fall of the right leader in your life that truly is a life and death decision with the terminal consequences and every person every person has to choose

who they’re going to follow

and we’re either going to follow. We’re either going to be led by the sinful nature the flash or going to be led by the Holy Spirit.

So if you’ve got your bible ready this morning I open up the Romans chapter eight.

So I believe this morning that what God wants to do. He’s here he wants to remind us to ignore and the star of the flesh and willingly follow the Spirit as He leads us.

OK So Romans chapter eight I want to start in verse one and.

You know just fall right along with me. I think I think it’s possible that

somebody could preach out of the chapter rooms and nothing else and probably not run out of material. OK so here we go Romans eight one. So now there is nocondemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus isn’t that awesome. If you’re in Christ Jesus. There’s no condemnation nobody can condemn you.

Nobody. The devil can’t condemn you you’re good. God’s got you. You don’t have to worry about it. You’re not condemn it.

If you belong to Christ Jesus.

No condemnation.

He spared us.

And because you belong to him the power of the life giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death.

So Jesus Eden just free us from the penalty of our sin. Right. What we deserve eternal separation from God eternity spent in hell. That’s the penalty that our sindeserves that eternal death and she’s a shed his blood. Gave his life and he paid that penalty and that would be awesome if that was all that accomplished right. Howamazing is that that he took that penalty that we deserve and he didn’t have to do it and now we don’t have to suffer it. That’s good enough but that just said. Hedidn’t just pay the penalty.

He didn’t just. Free us from the penalty. He freed us from the power of sin.

Do you get that he freed us from the power of sin.

It doesn’t have power over our lives any longer.

Verse three the Law of Moses was on able to save us. Because of the weakness of our sinful nature see the law in the law as perfect right there’s nothing wrong with thelaw that’s God’s law it’s perfect. It’s holy It’s good that all they can do is it’s the roadmap it shows us the way it tells us how to get saved if you could follow the lawperfectly you would be saved by doing that but guess what. Nobody can you can’t nobody ever could.

So really in effect what the law. What it did what it does for us it just points out. The fact that we’re a wreck were lost were hopeless and were helpless we cannot keepthe law.

That’s why Jesus had to come if any one of us could have done it on our own if we could have kept the law if we could have obeyed it. Jesus would not have had tocome and die.

He would have had to do it. But that’s not the case.

God knows our condition. So he made a way for us. He sent Jesus to do it for us.

So God did what the law could not do. He sent His own son in a body like the bodies we sinners have and in that body God the Claritin and to sins control over us bygiving his son as a sacrifice. So if God declared an end to sins roll over us. Why don’t we do the same thing. Why don’t we declare and then to sins roll over our lives.

And again it’s by faith we can’t do it on our own he knew that but he came and he did it

and the Word says that we. We don’t have to be governed by that power of sin and he freed us from that power we can do it because of what he has accomplished forus. He did this so that the just requirements of the law would be fully satisfied for us who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the spirit. So he satisfiedthe just requirements of the law. God is just OK he’s not going to he’s not going to overlook our sin he’s not going to excuse it. He’s not going to ignore it andpretend that it didn’t happen. He loves us too much to do that. He knows what sin does to a C. knows how bad it is force he knows how it hurts us the pain that itcauses. He loves us too much to let us go on in that condition and live that way and ignore it and not deal with it.

So how did he how did he satisfy the just requirement He sent His Son

Jesus satisfied God’s requirement. Justice and we get to enjoy that by putting our faith in what he has done for us. OK we don’t clean ourselves up to go and receivethat we can’t satisfy our own but we can put our faith in what Jesus and has already done and realize and know that men are made right with God because of whatJesus did. And then we no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the spirit. Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things. Butthose who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please. The Spirit.

Our thoughts are really powerful.

You should think about what you think about

your. I’ve heard it explained this way that your thoughts that makes up your attitude. What your attitude really is is your habit of thought the things you have bitch reallythink about that will become your attitude will guess what your attitude that automatically that’s going to drive your behaviors the things you think about

that composes your attitude and the kind of attitude that you have that’s going to determine the way you act that’s going to come out in the things that you do andthe things that you say the attitude that you have is going to affect what you do and the things that you do that makes up your character.

Right. Your deeds. What you do what you say that that becomes your character but it all goes back it all starts with your thoughts and what’s going on up in here. Ifwe’re constantly thinking about

the things of the flesh. If we’re constantly thinking about the things that would please.

That old sinful nature. That’s what it in the end that’s what our character is going to be composed of.

And on the other hand if we think about the things that. Spirit.

We’re going to be led by him. We’re going to be led by the Spirit.

So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death

but letting the spirit control your mind leads to life and peace. I want to emphasize that. So letting your sinful nature control your mind lead stuff but letting the spiritcontrol your mind leads to life in peace. Letting allowing permitting. We have a choice in the matter right

that says that we can let the sinful nature control us or we can let the Spirit control our minds. So for the sinful nature is always hostile to God it never did obey God’slaws and it never will. That’s why those are so who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God

but you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit if you have the Spirit of God living in you. And remember that those who do not havethe Spirit of Christ living in them do not belong to him at all

and Christ lives within you. So that even though your body will die because of sin the Spirit gives life gives you life because you have been made right with God so youall of us are you know the Bible. So the it’s the point on the man wants to die and then the judgment. That’s still that’s one of the results that’s one of theconsequences of sin that our bodies are corrupted and alternately there. They’re going to die. But. If we have Christ in us we have the hope of resurrection that’s notthe end.

The Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. So the Spirit of God The raised Jesus from the dead. Lives in you.

I don’t think we I don’t think we grasp that I don’t think we remember that.

Hand power over death.

You know meant the devil forty one right. But it wasn’t over. Father God sent the Holy Spirit to God the Son and the grave raised him back to life and it seems spiritlives in Oz. Every one of us

if we believe in Jesus that same spirit lives in OS.

And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead. He will give life to your mortal mortal bodies by the same Spirit living within you.

Verse twelve. Therefore

when your teachers always tell you that when you read a Therefore you need to ask what therefore is therefore. OK so these first eleven verses Paul he’s been layingdown the facts. OK he’s been educating he’s been he’s been he’s been explaining. But now he switches from explaining to now he’s he’s exhorting OK he’s telling uswhat to do with everything that he just told us. All right so therefore dear brothers and sisters. That’s us. That’s church that’s the believers.

OK If you’ve asked Jesus in your life already. If you perceive him as your Savior. This is for you. He’s talking to you. Brothers and Sisters.

You have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do

and no obligation like are like I have an obligation to

pay the electric bill at the end of the month. I use that power.

I owe them. I have to pay that it’s an obligation. OK that’s what this is talking about we don’t have an obligation to do what our old nature what the sin nature tells usto do we don’t we don’t know what a debt. We don’t have to listen. Has your sin nature ever done anything so good for you. That makes you feel compelled to God tolisten to it.

What is your sin nature ever done for you that it should make you feel indebted in any way to listen to it.

Strong legion of death trying to destroy your life. You’re not obligated you’re not obliged to listen to what it is that you’re not you have no obligation to do what yoursinful nature urges you to do. He’s still talking. The brothers and sisters. Guess what. Just because you’re saved doesn’t mean that you’re never going to have an urgeto do something sinful.

We’re still going to experience those urges we’re still going to have those temptations to go and follow the flesh. It doesn’t just give up. It doesn’t just shut up laydown and die because all they receive Jesus I guess I’m done.

Sorry but that’s just not how it works.

And even something like the Minnesota Crime Commission

recognizes the powerful the power the sinful nature and emits the truth that every person of left to himself will be overcome by the power of the flesh.

So a few years ago they released the statements kind of incredible to think that a something like a State Crime Commission would do this that.

Every baby starts life

as a potential savage he is completely selfish and self-centered he wants what he wants when he wants it. His bottle his mother’s attention his playmates towards hisuncle’s watch. Deny him these. Once and he could go into a rage and aggressiveness which would be murderous if he were not so helpless.

He is in fact thirty. He has no morals no knowledge no skills. This means that all children not just certain children are born the link went. If permitted to continue in thesoft centered world of his infancy given free rein to his impulsive actions to satisfy his wants every child would grow up a criminal.

Do you agree with that of the youth does that sound good because I think God kind of said the same thing in Romans three twenty three. He said. For all the sin andfall short of the glory of God and even back in.

Fifty one five surely I was sinful at birth sinful from the time my mother conceived me. So we’re all in the same boat. Everybody is born with the same problem we’re allborn in that same condition. Nobody gets out of it. Nobody’s exempt.

But the good news is you know we don’t have to stay that way. Most of us had parents that loved this enough to correct us and point us in the right direction and dothose things and even more than that. Somebody told us about Jesus. Somewhere along the way and. He saved us and forgave us of our sins and he’s

put his spirit in us and helping us to become more and more like him every single day. So now back to Romans eight in verse thirteen

for if you live by it. It’s dictates

by the sinful nature if you live by its dictates you will die

but if through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature. You will you will live.

So put to death the deeds of his infant. It means. We become dead to anything that would feed and give those evil powers. Month to over Comus

I think it’s back in Roman shaft or six where you know Paul kind of talks about how you know that it’s like talking to a dead man is like talking to a corpse that when that.One when those urges come in. It’s like you know you’re talking to a Dead me and I’m not that person isn’t alive anymore. I’m a new man. Paul says we are to countourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Therefore we are not to let sin reign in our mortal bodies so that we obey its evil desires. We are not to offer the parts of our body to sin as instruments of wickedness.But rather offer ourselves to God is those who have been bought brought from death to life and offer the parts of our body to him as instruments of righteousness forcensure not be our master because we are not under the law but under grace.

OK so. How can a Christian count himself as dead to sin and

mortifying those sinful desires that come out upon him that some of the King James talks about mortifying the flesh in that verse. So how do we do that how wecounter cells dead is sin. Well I think Jesus kind of gives us. A hint he gives us some good teaching on this that we can to help us help pave the way for us to put thatsin nature to death. Remember when he said the I I is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good your whole body will be full of light. That’s Matthew six twenty three.

Let me also. He said that if your eyes are bad your whole body will be full of darkness.

So I think there’s a simple truth here that just a lot of us we don’t we don’t see it.

But corporations have figured out and they spend absolute fortunes on. Advertising in getting their messages in front of our eyes and into our years have you been nomovie theater lately. OK When you go inside to buy your ticket. You have to walk right past that snack bar. To get to the theater. They put it right that you can’t miss it.It’s right there.

It smells good. Yes and they’re working on your nose too not just your eyes and ears but it doesn’t stop there you go inside the theater and if they are

there on time and not late.

What are they. What do they run they don’t just run trailers for the latest movies coming out anymore. They run commercials

for the snack bar or they advertise you know all of the popcorn and the candy and the pop and all the treats never thing that they have because they know that if theyget that in going in through your eyes and in your years that it’s going to have its desired effect on you and before too long you’re going to be standing up and you’regoing to be marching out to that snack bar and get in a giant bucket of extra butter and a large coke.

They’ve got it figured out

they know that if they can get that in there. They’re going to get you to behave the way that they want. Once you to.


you know that’s what Jesus was talking about. We gotta be aware that the eyes the lamp of the body that what comes in.


you know that the Christian who walks

the Christian who walks in victory over the last of the flesh. He’s the one that doesn’t feed it through his eyes and through his ears.

You know that.

You don’t feed yourself pornography you don’t watch the television commercials. You don’t pay attention to all the I. Ads are things that are trying to use sex to sellstuff you you

you just you don’t do that. The one who walks in victory.

You don’t feed the sin nature you don’t feed the flesh but somebody you that struggling with bad language and cuss and they don’t feed that thing by

watchin the wrong kind of T.V. programs and movies and stuff that they’re going to constantly hear those kind of words and things that they’re working on trying toeliminate right they’re not going to feed that they’re going to stay away from that.

With we get victory over things like betterness and worldliness and and pride

by not feeding those things we don’t feed those sins by exposing ourselves to things are going to influence to do those things. I’ve heard this story and I really like it.

A guy named Ed Wood was

the first one that told it that I heard it and I’ve heard it before too. So he told a story about an old Indian that came to Christ and this Indian shared with him a story ofwhat his life was like.

After salvation. And he said that it was a lot like he had two dogs living on the inside of him.

OK one. It’s like an old dog and it’s mean and vicious and untrainable just

downright unimaginable bad mean vicious dog

but the second dog. It’s like a new dog and man it’s obedient. Longs to serve Christ and it wants to give his attention to the Lord. And then in he described these twodogs as always being in this constant battle trying to get his attention and trying to have control over his whole life.

So the other man asked him he said well

which dog wins

and the Indian said the one I feed the most

the one I feed the most. So in dealing with our sinful nature what we’ve got to become like a man who owns an old dog

that’s mean nasty untrainable. Doesn’t obey him and it finds trouble every time you turn loose it goes it bites kids and edges leaves a path of destruction wherever itgoes or Finally the law is going to show up at your house and going to bring a court order telling you that you’ve got to fulfil your duty you’ve got up. Restrained thatdog you’ve got to take care of it. Keep it away from everybody else for the safety of the whole community.

So what are you going to do. You’ve got to restrain it all with something’s stronger than yourself. You’ve got to put it on a chain. You’ve got to take care of it.

So now we that we get the Romans eight verse fourteen. OK And that’s.

This is what I really want to hit on with us today. OK.

For all who are led by the Spirit of God or children of God. For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God

So the first thing I see there I think he leads the willing. It’s says that. But we’re led by the Spirit of God we’re not we’re not told by rope we’re not we’re not halted notpicked up and carried but we’re led and even more than net I think it means that we’re gladly led right. It’s not the horse that that you know you’re that stubborn and.Colon and being polled and you know tight and just a mess trying to get the thing to move now it. Think of the think a lead that horse along in the holders dying aloneand there’s lots of slack because he’s just willingly come along. Following your lead on no look about lead horses I’m allergic to them but I’ve seen it and I know what ifwhat he left and out me when I get a thin one pray for me get those allergies gone.

And you know it’s not the picture of the person that says well you know my name’s on the church membership directory that ought to be good enough. Nah it’s thePerson A says

or here are mine. Send me

now. I think you know that that’s the test of our discipleship are we willing. When we go.

If we go gladly

it’s it’s being led by the Spirit of God like a student is led by what by their teacher or like a traveler led by their god. Hopefully it’s not my sister but her. Lead like asoldier’s lead in his engagements by his captain.

We’re not driven like beasts. We’re led. We’re led as rational thinking creatures and

we’re led by one that loves us

so that’s the question character of every true believer in Christ is that they are led by the Spirit of God.

We submit ourselves to his guidance and we obey and we follow that guidance and he leads us

also leadership of the Spirit is possible. Now there are some people who actually doubt this fact they say how can God really influence us in this way or that. Well justtake a look. Certainly all admit that there are things that do influence you. Right. Some times. We’re just all down in the dumps we have the blues and it’s not that we’reweaker than we usually are or anything like that not just that some outside xterm force is acting on us. It’s influence on us. Maybe the market’s gone the wrong way.Maybe

the politicians are driving the country to ruin.

Maybe just our favorite sports team lost a game. It can influence sauce. Think about even the things of nature

other influences they come to us. You know. Thing about being up in your tree stand. And you know maybe just watching the trees

sway lately in the breeze and just enjoying that peace or looking out across a nice calm lake that just looks like glass

those things can call moss and bring us peace and have an influence over us. If those things can.

Why could not the creator of those things certainly have even more influence over us.

So why not surrender to him. Open your heart and just let him come in and reign.

And also his says God will lead his children for all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God

so you could you could. Turn this verse around a lot of different ways and look at it from a lot of different angles all children of God are led by the Spirit of God. Allchildren of God follow the Spirit of God he leads. We gotta follow. I says job to do the leading It’s our job to do the following if for his child. He’s going to lead us.We’re going to follow. Well what. Where is he taken us what words are you leading John sixteen thirteen gives one answer when the Spirit of truth comes he will guideyou into all truth. See I didn’t know the truth about how impatient.

I was or how angry I could become before I had kids.

And Holy Spirit. Jason’s.

Holy Spirit led me into that truth.

He did it

and now they’re teenagers and I’ll learn more truth that I. Don’t know about myself.

Nobody told me.

OK but Holy Spirit. He’s not just leading us away from sin. He’s leading us to Jesus. He’s making us more and more like him. Each and every day. He’s leading us to hisword. He’s Laden us to his people

and he’s leading us to the last he’s leading us to the hurting. To the helpless the hopeless to the needy. He’s leading us out there to be salt and light to them right.

But what about those who are not children of God

Who do they follow

who’s leading them. Was basically according to the word. It’s the sending age or in the flesh

and we’ve already talked about the the. That sin nature that thing that leads to death the so that I mean the question is why in the world would anybody follow thesinful nature. If we know it leads to death.

One answer. I think is just deception were deceived. We fall for it easily and it’s pretty much the same trick that the devil’s been. And since way back in Genesis three.Right. The number the story the Fall of Man where the serpent he was more crafty and devious than all of God’s creation and he came and he found Eve out their newgarden and he said. Did God really tell you you can’t eat any of the fruit from these trees in the garden she no he didn’t say that we can eat the fruit from the trees wejust can eat from the tree there over there in the center of the garden because if we do that. He said will surely die and devils will.

You’re not gonna die. God knows that when you eat that your eyes are going to be open and you’re going to know right from wrong and you’re going to be just likehim. That’s why God doesn’t want to eat that. And

he she listened. She let that get in. She fed on that. And the next thing you know she’s feeding her eyes and she’s looking like Man that is a pretty tree and it’s


And that fruit. And it looks delicious I mean this other stuff I know how good is other fruit taste and it looks even better.

That’s got to be some good stuff and. Sounds like it’s great for gain wisdom. I mean that’s a good right. Don’t know good from evil and be like God that that’sawesome. I think I’m going to try some and. She did and so hey. You want to take a bite of this thing too. It’s really good. Well we all know what the outcome of thatwas but they were deceived.

They were deceived and they let they let the devil come in through the eyes in the ears and they gave in and we’re all paying the consequences for that decision butlisten don’t think if you were I were there that would have done anything different. OK would have been the same outcome

more our sin nature is just as weak as what theirs was. So that I think that’s the answer. What were the seeds the devil still uses the same tricks. He when he comesalong to tempt us with something he just he shows us that half truths he shows us the good party shows us what we’re going to get out of it. How much pleasure howgood it’s going to feel you know how much fun. It’s going to be just how good it’s going to be for us but he doesn’t show us

the whole picture. He doesn’t show us all the destruction all the heartache all the pain. That comes along with that automatically the death that that’s going to bringwhether it’s you know death in a relationship. Death in your you know family relationships death in your finances and autumn only even yet your physical death. Andthen the second death. The eternal separation from God

That’s a result so and the devil he’s good at that making something look like it’s good

and deceiving us. And a given and

so I just I want to

compare the leadership of the Holy Spirit versus leadership of the sin nature of the flesh. Here these are all coming out of this a chapter rooms both of them. It refers tothe spirit as being powerful refers to the flesh as being powerful Holy Spirit. That’s life giving it leads to life sin nature opposite. It leads to death. Holy Spirit. It frees us

sinful nature makes us fearful slaves

the spirit it controls our minds with thoughts that please God the flesh that dominates our minds with sinful thoughts the spirit controlled mind is life and peace. Theflesh controlled mind is death.

It’s the spirit controlled mind it obeys God the flesh it never obey God it never will.

Holy Spirit gives us power to put to death the sinful deeds of the sinful nature. We’re no longer obligated to obey those urges of the sinful nature. The same spirit thatraised Jesus from the dead lives in us. He leads us. He makes us God’s children and couple verses down not going to do but we get an inheritance because we’reGod’s child.

We’re co-heirs with Christ.

Also says that Holy Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children and heirs we can know that we know

that we are God’s child.

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. So just you know think about it this way the other night. You heard you heard a faint knock at the door andwhen he got up and he answered you looked down you saw. You know what appeared to be. Just like a little beggar girl and she was saying something about bread.Well

little bit later but on the door flies open a big boy comes in jumping across the room and flies over and up on your lap and swings his arm around your neck and andhe plunges his hand down in your pocket he helps himself.


we who are led by the Spirit. We don’t we don’t have to go to God as little beggars. We can approach him as children as his own sons and daughters and he’s going toreceive us as His children. That’s our privilege we get to go to go on that way as his children.

He’s not going to turn you away

so be led by the Holy Spirit follow the spirit. Let us live work believe in joy and triumph by the Spirit. See the Holy Spirit he comes into our hearts like the old warriorsused to go into a city

right when they would go into a city they would march straight to the Citadel. The fort the fortress garden that place

merchants when the merchants would come into the city they would go up and down the streets this way and that way just going about their business

but the conquerors when they came they went straight to that citadel they would take control of that and then they would send a platoon down this street to drive outthe enemy there and then send out another one down that street to drive out the body there they would send another one. Down that way and they would continuedoing that until they drove out all the enemies and that that city was completely in his grasp and he rolled over it.

So when the Holy Spirit comes in our hearts he goes straight to our conscience and he lays hold on that

and he sends the truth down this way to drive out that passion and another one down here to deal with that jealousy and another one over here to put down thatrebellion going on over there. And then when all is driven out he makes his home and heart and he becomes your counselor your guide

and your role are forever.

So I want to I want to encourage you again.

Be led by

the Spirit of God

we’re not all gated to obey the sinful nature any longer. We’ve been freed from that power. We don’t have to listen to it. So stop feeding it. OK Don’t feed it.

If you’re struggling with something whatever that thing is just stop putting it in front of yourself get away from it.

God’s faithful he’ll help you to get you through that thing. And willingly follow the spirit wherever he’s leading you know if he’s dealing with it doesn’t have to be whatwe can sit look at and consider the you know the big obvious sends it can be those things like pride. It can be that impatience

or that anger or those fits of rage that we have you know submit to God his leadership. You know let’s let the Holy Spirit lead us in those things we don’t have to give into those any longer either. And

then just.

Just think about what that would look like a church full of believers that were actually led by the Spirit of God If we were in step with him. If we were truly submitting tohis leadership and we were willingly doing the things that he’s calling us to do and what would be unstoppable would be so powerful.

Think about the influence then that we would be able to bring and have to others. Right. God he’s the spirit he’s leading us into truth he’s leading us to himself andhe’s leading us out to of last dying world that desperately needs to hear about him and who experiences love let him lead. Let him lead

and we’ve got to stop resistance. And just let him lead

and pray with me.

Father God we thank you. This one. We thank you for your word God we thank you for revealing yourself to us in your word and letting us know who you are and whatyou like and what you expect and God thank you for revealing yourself to us or your Son Jesus Christ

for giving us that perfect picture of your love of your nature of your character of who your are who you are and what you like.

And God thank you for revealing yourself to us. Through your Holy Spirit for actually coming and taking up residence upon the inside of us

and God We just we just come before you this morning and. We just submit to you Doug. We empty ourselves of anything and everything

that is occupying space that belongs to you God

and we just we just give you the right and the authority to take up ownership leadership residence within our heart God and just to drive out those things. Ya just revealto us lead us into those truths God show us the things that

that are hindering you from having full control over us God take control over our minds this morning letter of minds be renewed.

God give us the mind of Christ the small May we use our minds to think thoughts that please. The Spirit God not to do not to think about things that would.

That would please the flash.

God change our hearts this morning. Have your way in every way and us God lead us into truth lead us to yourself.

Phillis God with your spirit so that we will be effective vessels and ministers as we go out God as we do cross paths with those that are lost those that are hurting thosethat that are in need those that need hope and help. God may we be full enough of your spirit that we can. Minister to them out of the excess that you’ve given us

God we thank you for the the honor the privilege the position of being your children

yet we praise you for the incredible indescribable inheritance. That belongs to watch us.

And God we just were ready to start sharing and that right here today we know that that we enjoy that we have eternal life because of our relationship with you thatGod we want to start walking or not. Right now that that we’re not waiting until we die or you come back. Lord that we’re participating

in that eternal life in your kingdom right here right now and

enforcing that and bringing that to be

in our world even right now. God We just thank you. We praise you we love you

and bless each one as they go. And the strong name of Jesus. We pray a man.