Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

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Just pray in Jesus name this morning. Lord. This is your word. This is your church. This is your service. You’re welcome to do whatever you want to do. I am your servantand you will come to do tell me to step aside or empower me to bring the word whatever it is Lord I just pray that people who are in rich this morning in Jesus’ name.


through perpetration of this word I decided

Christianity is not for wimps. I’ve got a title Living on the edge.

You know the whole church is the whole church worldwide church is on the edge right now they’re on the edges not just on the edge of what’s going to happen butthey’re on the edge

of something’s going to happen and they can go


persecution and

all kinds of terrible things to

the glorious Larry that last awakening that’s supposed to cover the earth. And so something’s going to happen maybe all of it will. Have one scripture reference whichis my launch text first saying fourteen one through twenty three.

It’s a story about Jonathan and number Jonathan. Who solves

his sols son King Saul. And David’s best friend which was kind of.

You know a place to be

but. In the little groundwork and in chapter thirteen. There was war with the Philistines

and there was thousands of

the Philistines coming mustering for war

and. So selected the forty thousand troops

and took two thousand chosen men with him to this one place and one thousand went to with Jonathan.

And but the Philistines had a Mighty Mouse army of three thousand chariots six thousand charioteers and as many warriors as grains of sand on the seashore.

So they were already numbered.

But the problem. Was. Saul was waiting for Samuel to come and sacrifice to the Lord and he got impatient and it himself which Samuel got ticked off and told him that

you just lost your kingdom

for disobedience. And while he was doing that the reason Saul was doing that was his army was melting away.

They were waiting and waiting and. Some of them slipped over to the Philistines side and they started to.

Be like they were going to help the Philistines and then other ones were hiding. So whenever Saul.


inventory of what he had he had six hundred men left

and that’s not good

and from military advantage. But anyhow that’s the backdrop of this and. Also Well also there’s I’m a little more to the Philistines wouldn’t let the Israelites

have any lifes missed to make any weapons or tools.

So Jonathan and his aura bearer are the ones that have a sword

and that’s really you call that a million military disadvantage. Six hundred troops versus all these other ones and one sword.

So Jonathan

was a man of faith. He was a man living on the edge.

So I’m going to read a lot of this here because this is such

This brings out what Jonathan was doing. So one day Jonathan said to his armor bear. Come on let’s go over to where the Philistines

have their outpost. Jonathan did not tell his father what he was doing.

Meanwhile Saul in his six hundred men were camped on the outskirts of give you. And

so no one realized that Jonathan had left the Israelite camp to reach the Philistine outposts. Posed. Jonathan had to get down between two rocky cliffs

and then name them and there with the cliffs on the North

was in front of McManus and the one on the south was in front of the gave up.

Let’s go across the outpost of these pagans. Jonathan said to his armor or perhaps the Lord will help us for nothing can hinder the Lord he can win a battle whether itbe. Many were warriors or only a few

do what you think is best the army very replied I’m with you completely

Whatever you decide

on. All right then. Jonathan told them we will cross over and let them see us if they say to us stay where you are or will kill you then we will stop and not go up to thembut if they say come up and fight then we will go up that will be the Lord’s sign that he will help us defeat them when the Philistines saw them coming.

They shouted Look the Haber’s are crawling out of their holes.

Then the men from the outposts shouted to Jonathan. Come on up here and we’ll teach you a lesson.

Come on climb up right behind me. Jonathan said to his arm a bear for the Lord will help us defeat them

so they climb to the. Using both hands and feet and the Philistines fell before Jonathan and the armor bear.

Killed those who came behind. Then.

So they climbed up suddenly.

There was

the Philistine army was thrown into.

Confusion and there was an earthquake. And what it did was put courage in the

other Here’s your lights who had left and they had gone to the Philistines side and they came out and went back to Israel and the ones that were hiding came out andjoined in. So it put courage that little victory put courage in those.

Ones that were hiding and. Fraid of the battle

and lords through in an earthquake he loves to do stuff like that. That’s for when they make the movie. That

so living on the edge inspires courage

and courage changes the atmosphere into one of faith.

You know the. Requires purpose.

Whenever you’re living on the edge there has to be a purpose there. Or why would you be there. You know

you need to be.

Sure of. I’m going to do this thing

and also

living on the edge requires passion.

You can’t

go you know. Look at Jonathan climbing up the hill hands and knees to an enemy waiting for him at the top after they’ve given away their element of surprise. Notexactly the best military strategy. But yet the they were victorious because they had a purpose and had a passion to defeat the enemy.

Then of course after that these are all pieces. You know the true preacher type for

purpose then passion and then power the power came over

to do the actual defeating of the enemy. And influencing

the rest of the Israelite battle they. They picked up the battle after this and chased the Philistines and slaughtered many of and won a great victory. For Israel and forthe Lord

and the last piece on that is prayer.

You know.

When we put. What’s in the scripture into our day we’re talking some spiritual battle

and the prayer

enables us to

live on the edge in the spiritual realm against the enemy. I got many examples of people here. That lived on the edge and.

You know we could go through the Bible and one of the. It’s one reason I don’t limit it to this one scripture because

well he start talking about. These people biblical people doing this and doing that and it’s really easy for people to say Well that was Peter and that was Paul and theirspecial and there they were they had this annoying in this manner and they had all this stuff.


we need to bring out some examples

of more modern day. People and there’s I’ll tell you what there there’s many there’s so many I wouldn’t have time to. If I could stand here ten years. And all start backin the older. Era.

You never hear of David Livingstone

he was a missionary to Africa. And his

his story is one

that he was one of the most most least likely he was one of the least likely

ones to become a dog.

And to go to Africa as a missionary because he lived in a one room house with his ten brothers and sisters

and his they were basically dead broke as a family. And

he got his first job at ten years old

in a. A mill where they were spinning your thread

and that’s when they didn’t have any child labor laws.


they didn’t have any child labor laws. Back then and they said that he worked as what they call a piece or

and which was. Most of the day which was

like twelve hour days

they had to bend over machinery or crawl under it to get. Whatever their. Whatever the machine does keep it working.

And they said a lot of the younger people and up with.


arms and legs because you know they just had to do that all day long and. When they’re that young that’s it. Their bones are still forming and everything so he wasworking at that. But you know what he was doing at the same time. He used one of his first tiny paychecks to get a Latin book

and he put the Latin book on top of the machine and every time he went to pass. He was studying


and then he

he worked till eight in the evening and then went to a class

on Latin for a couple of hours


made himself

very. He. Educated by then

so brought all that up to say he said. He was living on edge. He had a purpose he had he was aiming toward He wanted to he just dreamed of being free in Africa togo take the Gospel to two villages that had never heard it before


he was so

in during his confinement in this job

for I don’t I don’t know how long. Whether it’s how long.

But he eventually made it.

He eventually went and he wanted he walked over. I don’t know how many countries in Africa

to try to blaze a trail where people have never heard the Gospel


so that’s one guy there that was living on the edge. Basically all of his life.

Another one as excuse me is a guy named John G.L.A. can you hear John G. lake.


he was a man who was a evangelist and then he had a healing ministry. But he was

he was filled with the Spirit even before the ISS a revival and then he went down to his there’s a and he got fired up

and got around people that had faith


put his purpose

in view and that was another woman who one of the things he did was go to Africa but one of the other things he did was in Spokane WA. Washington was started.

A place where they call healing rooms

and I think

not sure but I think healing rooms are mainly for terminal patients. But they take them in surround them with worship and prayer and have a lot of success gettingpeople healed and his healing room where he where he built them. I guess it burned down after a while but in one thousand nine hundred nine it was totally rebuiltand it’s still operating. Even though he’s got long gone

but when he was it as there’s a God spoke to him

and said that. Whatever disease comes in contact with you. It’s going to die.

And so he was in Africa and he was helping bury. People who had begot bubonic plague which was highly contagious

and they finally told him you know you’re going to die too. You’re going to get this and everything and he says

put some of the. Put some of it in my hand

and then look at it under a microscope and they were amazed that the plague was dying just being in his hand

so. God’s true to his word.

But there were there were again you know he had a purpose

and he had enough passion to carry and he had power because

he answered the Lord’s call

another guy. William Seymour he was the one who

basically. Ignited. If you want to use that word as a Street revival.

He was a black man with blind in one eye

and you go to remember this is a way back in the beginning of the one nine hundred hundreds

where there was laws against. A lot of laws against what black people could do

and there were some meetings going on.

Talking about the baptism the Holy Spirit and all and the gifts of the spirit and things like that.

But he couldn’t go in because he was the wrong color. So he listened through a crack in the door

because he wanted what they had

and he ended up getting it.

He ended up getting a powerful annoying.

So later on.

I forget the location where that was I think it was done in Texas somewhere. Later on he got called to pastor a church in Los Angeles area.

So he went up

preach the sermon on the Holy Spirit

in the morning and any come back and evening in the church was padlocked with a note on that we don’t want that kind of stuff around here

and one of the members of that church said well I knew they were going to do that to you but I have a house over. This one street and they said you can you canpreach from there

and it was one of the houses there were several

locations in that area that were praying for a revival in a regular basis

so Seymour went over there and he started preaching and then next thing in know he’s preaching from the front porch and the whole front yards forward and theirneighbors front yards for one minute they’re out in the street

and finally the police came and said you’ve got you’re going to get a building. You’ve got to do something different. You’re obstructing too many there were people inthe next street over falling out in the Spirit speaking in tongues and they didn’t. You know what was going on.

So that was the annoying thing that was on this man. Be. So

he did some research and he found an old warehouse of it abandoned warehouse

which would have been perfect but he’s the only problem was didn’t have any money to rent the building so

he was really going before the Lord with a heavy heart. The one evening on how do I get this money to rent this building and

God spoke to him told him well.


the end of the day comes. You get on a trolley and you go down to this certain location and then you get off the trolley and all IJA. The only problem with it was breakanother law called sundown law where people of color weren’t allowed out after dark

but he did it anyway. He had a purpose.

He had a passion.

So he got on the drawing he

came down

to where God told him to get off. He had no idea he had never been there before and no idea where he was going

God led him to go up to this one apartment and knock on the door.

Well in that apartment there were several young ladies who

you know they were mostly or all married they were they were having a permeating praying for revival.

So this isn’t a knock on the door comes and they came to the door and there’s this. Black guy after dark

standing there and he said you know their

first reaction could have been so i’m a door and call police. You know. But instead they said can we help you and he said

your prayer. For revival right

and day they all said yes and he said warm. I mean them. This is walking on or living on the edge with purpose and passion and power. He said I’m the man that’s topreach the revival

just like that and they invited him right in they had a permeating he preached to them raised enough money to rent the building and. So they started as a street. Andthere’s testimony after testimony from Azusa Street and we know the power of testimony but that’s.

These are people who just

they knew what God wanted them to do and they said I’m doing it. I’m. I know that’s like on the edge of things but you know we had a missionary here right after webuilt this building and he said something moment or forget he said he said I have to remember that where my toes are

is the beginning of the Kingdom of God. And so. That’s the way these people operated.

I have to I took out of this book on a Sousa street just for an example one one was a guy named Brother fox. Who was only eighteen years old at the time.

There was a class of thirty five deaf people came in with their. Guy that was teaching them sign

and brother Fox said to me says Why did you bring them here. They’re all going to get healed and you’ll be out of a job. And the guy just laughed at him. He saysYou’re talking like they’re going there. Here

he said well yeah this is a street. They get healed here.

So. He motioned for all these thirty five people to form a circle and join hands

and he told the teacher he said. Apparently you don’t have much faith so you stand over there.

So he went up to the first guy and whispered in his ear. And the teacher started laughing at him when you know he can’t hear you put brother Fox was speaking to thespirit

and told the spirit of deftness to leave the man

which happened to be deity

and the man got all excited

and when when the other one saw him get excited. It was like dominoes around the circle. They all got healed and the teacher was without a job.


that’s one of the mini many many miracles for Moses of St Another one was this lady and the

lady they call sister Goldie.

And I think she was only around eighteen. A guy came in with cirrhosis of the liver


he was one parent and whenever she went to pray for him God told her

hit him in the chest

and so what she did was double off her fist and whack I’m real good in the chest

and he said it hurt but something happened. Went back to his daughter and says

the doctor says well I don’t know what happened to you but you don’t have any of that anymore. So stop drinking and smoking which he did

but sister Goldie was being interviewed later and she says.

You actually hit punched them and he she said he said well why did you. Do that. Nice. Well God didn’t tell me to slap him she’s told me to hit him. So I poked himwith my.


And I got two

in one thousand nine hundred six. I got to meet someone who

was living on the edge. Named Bishop Sergei. St Petersburg Russia

and we were over there and

St Peter’s are virgins a huge city

and bishops are gay had preached on every street corner

and he had been in jail. Several times.

But he was just as upbeat and. Full of passion and

we were in his apartment and shared a meal.

It was just amazing time

but that really humbles you meeting someone like that.

But then you have to realize

he’s not the same Holy Spirit. I do

they might have a different annoying and different calling that he’s got the same Holy Spirit.

So in our recent recently I just heard of a couple stories just from

our own


There was a pastor

from Colorado and he was on a plane coming back from. I don’t know Europe somewhere.

He had had some meetings where there were some miracles and stuff and. Really tired him out so he was sitting on the plane and had a book a wonder read andgoing to just take a nap.

God had other plans. The pastor

was settled down and God spoke to him said see that lady across the aisle

and he said.

And God says she heard her back a couple weeks ago and I want you to pray for

so he had leaned over and said to the lady says Do you hear hurt your back recently and she said how could you know that and he said well sometimes God talks to me

especially whenever he wants me to pray for healing for somebody and he told me that and. Is it OK if I pray for you.

So she said OK.

He prayed for she fell out of the seat in the AHL

and of course first person Don is one of the store dresses

and she says. Do we need a doctor or something and and Bill Johnson was the one telling this story and he said

situations like that you just never have an answer that’s going to make it better.

He said

he said all he could all this pastor could think of right then is. She’s fine. And


sad anyway she came to

and she set up and she says I don’t have any pain in my back my backspin healed


she told the story of this this man prayed for me he just came back from. Meetings that he had saw healings and he prayed for me and my back sealed. She said Islipped on the ice two weeks ago and heard it and. But there’s no pain at all.

So the stores. Responded by saying I have this trouble when my knee.

So he prayed for her

and then when he looked up there was a line coming down the aisle. So the store just went and grabbed a microphone

and said Attention everybody we have a man of God on board and he has already healed a couple people and if you need healing come to the. Section between firstclass. And he will pray for you there.

So he started doing that and so he’s praying for people when they’re all going down under the power of the Holy Spirit. And this British guy comes up to him and saysDo you want me to catch

and. So he says well yeah it’s nice to have somebody to understand me.

So they’re praying and people were following him. And finally the British guys as you’ll have to slow down. I’m running out of a place for bodies. But there’s a guy.Pastor living on the edge


it’s just amazing what God will do


another story because this young man named Chad.

He’s in a supermarket

and he walks in and he’s walking in past one register and somebody was complaining about something and so he stopped his what would you like me to pray for youfor that

and sure.

So he prayed for this person and God healed and they.

Well that’s nice that’s great. And then the woman behind the cash register started to weep a little bit and she said. Would God heal my situation and I don’t rememberwhat that was. So he prayed for her and she got healed. So finally this is this charity’s embolden. Now with these two healings he just walked into the store.

So he asked the cashier can I borrow the microphone

and she said why not.

So he gets on there

and he says Attention shoppers. You know any.

Come to register three and he’s


He’s calling out words Enallage

He said There’s someone here and needs a hip somebody else has carpal tunnel


next thing you know there’s one of one of those electric shopping carts a scooter of comes rolling down here and she’s the lady says I’m the one that needs a hip praysfor her she gets out she starts dancing

and the same thing he’s going through the supermarket just here one is the one now on several people God saved. Do you see what. God’s purpose in some of this is.People living on the edge bringing glory to God showing God is real. And God cares for his people.

Well there’s a there’s another classification here people

and that is the people who are undergoing persecution and martyrdom

because they have to live on the edge of

having to decide my going to deny the faith or my going to be bartered or tortured or whatever

and. The way most of them are they

do not deny their faith

and the fruit of that is there are hundreds of Muslim. Coming to Christianity because they see the reality. These people

believe in the death

and they stand strong



That. I may shift think

makes you think special I said the church is on the edge. Are we prepared for

things like that.

I know we want to see

the big revival.

But a lot of people don’t like the idea of the church have a big revival. So

we may see some things that we’ve never seen in our life before

but anyway

the last

category I have of people is just the every day little old me. Christians. Like us


can go into a store and see somebody hurting and if they just want to live on the edge they can go over and say

You look like you’re hurting. Can I pray for you. I mean you don’t know what you know God might do something.

Then might mean having the courage to pray with a neighbor

that you don’t need help or. Pastor Steve did one time I’m come out of Wal-Mart limping and Pastor Steve prayed for me.

He got healed.

So. It could even mean

to him.

Living on the edge could even mean leaving your seat to come to the older for prayer.

And the reason there. Sin there is

the devil says Oh you don’t want to do that you’ll you’ll be all merest and everybody will think you’re a bad person and he’ll just put all kind of thoughts in your mindand because he knows what’s here

and he knows if you get what you need you’re going to be

healed and delivered and blessed.

He doesn’t want that.

So it takes a person leaving their comfort zone and. For the courage to abate God and make a difference.

So many people are afraid of failure. Randy Clark says I must be willing to fail just to succeed.

So I could I could read testimony have testimony out of this book and

but I think I’ve gone probably long enough and.

There are places. I guess

where this book about as is a St They just read it and revival breaks out there. So

we’re hoping praying

revival comes here

because our nation

is a mess


we need

no matter who’s in the White House no matter who is in other positions of authority. God is all of that already

and we need him. We need his


to overshadow this whole country and. And this election process

so. Please keep that in prayer was where are we. Or in time says


Well like I said we’re on the edge of something and

could be things that we’ve never seen before in our country or in our community or shirt.