Made New

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First of all I want to thank everybody for their constant prayers and and I just thank you Lord. Not only me but Charlene’s back. You know just testimony to the goods or goodness and one person I always neglect that. My lovely wife. Thank you. If you would see what she does your movie that which she’s the one woman and I was just for sure for sure in one church family for sure in my natural family my brother. So but anyhow. Yet when I got his offer to unity or at least I was thinking boy to preach on the first day the new year would be well you know opportunity and and I thought well I can’t do it and then I was laying in bed and the Lord he seemed to drop this message on me and I thought well he’s going to do that then I’m going to do it so it worked out and that’s one of the thing that he seemed to give to me was this scripture says I’m making all things new and he. Different strains of thought go through Scripture. Just like the main messages you know Jesus came in and to destroy the works of the evil one and all that. But there’s others for it just I guess he could call on running through Scripture and another one is making all things new because God is not just on January first all the time. God is making all things new. He’s giving people opportunities and just doing marvelous things a lot of them. We miss. And that’s kind of what I was trying to discern on this message that God is he does that make all things new but he’s at now speaking to his church. And he’s saying I want you to get a new perspective on things. Things are going to be different from this day on. And that he wants is church to you know newspapers a new perspective. I have different points here. And I think. What he’s saying is that you know the church at large. This is you know all Christian have a tendency to drift. There’s there’s warnings in Scripture about drifting. And if you look at the history of the church. You’ll see that how different bodies different movements start up and then I drifted and. And we’re not immune to that we never receive churches that don’t have a lot of enthusiasm or you know schooling through the motions and I think God wants to address stuff like that at the beginning of the New Year and say come on. You know you know we’re the only ones with the message of life and so we ought to be the most excited joyful people on the face of the earth. So I have different points here that he wants to address and the first one is who God really is who are we really want to shipping you know that we tend to over time just I don’t know whether we consciously think it but whether we it’s just kind of we slide into this thing where grabs our body and we lose our sense of all on who he really is. We hear a lot of talk especially in. Going across the circles about wanting God’s presence to come. And how joyful would be the being God’s presence where if you look in Scripture. It’s pretty terrifying to being God sprains when he shows up. Usually people are flat on the ground. You know and repenting here. And not that he comes in to try to smash down that it’s just he’s holy holy means set apart he’s. He’s different than we are. And he’s all powerful he’s. Soffer. He’s you know we know all the terms. He’s totally faithful all the time. He’s all powerful he’s all knowing. It’s amazing you know we think oh we try to put we can’t think of God with our human intellect and understand everything. What is it like seven billion people on the earth. And he can he knows each mind individually the same time what you’re thinking and what he was you know I haven’t done that. Lately I don’t know about you guys but I’m lucky I can figure out what I’m thinking but for the you know I have scriptures for each one of these but and who God really is. You don’t. Nothing is impossible with God and you know you can while the whole better Bible is written so taken a few scriptures out seems like a huge futility thing. But our John fourteen six I am the Way the Truth and the life and no one can come to the father’s to sort through me. Even if you just draw on not one scripture. No one can come through to the Father except through what Jesus did no one. There’s no shortcut. There’s no you know get out of jail free card. If you’re if you’re good for thirteen weeks in a row or so. And you know it’s like you gotta have Jesus and Jesus is the only one that can save us and in song thirty three. It says The Lord merely spoke and the heavens were created. He breathed the word and the stars were born he has signed the sea. It’s a boundary and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs let the whole world. Here’s a little bird and let everyone stand in awe of him for when he spoke the world began once again who can do that. The whole idea of how powerful and extremely out of out of our imagination. We can’t even think of everything that he can do so we need to have this. This is kind of a word of correction to the church but it’s not it’s not a bad thing it’s just the saying come on you know get rejuvenated here and focus in the right direction. We need we need to understand he’s trying to get us to go deeper and the only way we can do that is if we stop and take stock of where we are now. And seek him for where he wants to go because this is I believe this is mightily important to being in this new year. The second point. Well first I was at the end of each point I wanted to pray for Father God I just lift up this people that they would hear your word. That you were you would open spiritual hearts and spiritual ears and that we would have a new perspective of who you really are and how well how you look at us. And what you want from us and we would have a new willing list to be obedient to your word just thank you Lord for the opportunity that you’re giving us this first day of this new year in Jesus’ name. OK the next one is who we really are who we really are. We’re not all of the qualities I just talked about him. We don’t have this where. We were we were just a person of all we were enemies of God before we discovered Jesus and accepted him. Now it says in first Peter you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What’s more yours holy priest. Through the meditation of Jesus Christ mediation of Jesus Christ way and he removed you offer spiritual sacrifices as the please God and any fees and this is one of my favorite ones because it in some translate. Issues it’s we are God’s workmanship. But you know the whole world is God’s workmanship. But in my Bible it says we’re for we are God’s masterpiece. And he what he’s talking about says he created us a new in Christ Jesus. So we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. So my contention is yeah we are God’s workmanship. But once we find Jesus and we become the new creation we are his masterpiece. So and when and Scripture says we’re holy priest. You know that’s well I’ll get into it in worship. One of the things people think of and we’re just when we were worshipping with music. Is a lot of people think well they’re just singing the songs but we are to be setting the stage for the king to come to bring guards your presence so that we have his ear and we have. His classing and whenever his presence. That’s whenever he ceiling power comes and you know it’s just. He has so many things he wants to give us that we we need to welcome him and and that’s what the duty of the holy priest or so word I just pray you would give this people. You’re the disease tired of your. Hard that they would desire used so much to welcome your presence not just here but in our daily lives. Lord. We need to be carriers of your presence and then just think you know what you’re doing OK so then the third point I have is worship he wants us to get a new perspective on worship. It’s it’s not just music even it’s a very important part. But it. It covers an awful lot of other things which some of which are recovering and future for it’s here but scripture I have thought of the features as so be careful how you live. Don’t be like fools but like those who are wise make the most of every opportunity in these evil days think the days are evil. Don’t act sought lessly but understand what the Lord wants you to do. Don’t be drunk with wine because that will ruin your life is said to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Singing songs and it’s him as in spiritual songs among yourselves. And making music to the Lord in your heart and give thanks for everything to God the Father and the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our worshippers giving him what he’s due giving him you know it’s so easy to say well OK I want to work this week and I got a check. You know I earned that. Smiling now you know but Scripture also says God gives you see ability that to make wealth. And everything comes from him a lot of people you know if they take credit for their job or they take credit for the way I did good. You know my stuff instead of thank you Lord. Thank you Lord for what you’ve given you know I’m one of the most blessed people on and on the face of the earth with you on one of the most beloved less people you know. People say I’m proud to be an American. Well I’m going to shock everybody I’m not I’m so humble. I didn’t have a choice where I was going to be born. I could have been over in some country where there’s genocide going on or or Carsten famines or who knows what all started I was born in Pennsylvania grew up in Saxon bird had a good family life dad always provided her nice house. What have I seen you know that some of these other people are saying you. Sure if I were to if God would have came to me before I was born as the world you want to be born then I would have had a choice but I just showed up. That’s the way with most of us here you know just where we are and probably the greatest nation ever to be on the face of the earth and I’m saying all the time say I still complain. It’s like well so I think that’s why God’s bringing this kind of a message today. First to get a new perspective on who we are who hears. And what he wants out of us and worship. So I’m going right people. Going to Doug and I think he’s getting nervous. But anyway for God I just thank you for those people and I pray that we would become even more of a worshipful people than we are learned bringing to mind the reason why we’re here and what all you have given so freely that we take for granted. Lord Jesus just let new leads us to a real. Well I hope that everybody here with me here because this is going to be like a speed bump next one is giving It’s always a tough subject and to talk about people I was. It’s such a. It’s so close to us because we as I’ve said we generate wealth and then we kind of consider that it’s ours. But we need to realize it’s all his. And there’s two there’s two. Financial systems one’s ears lay one and one is the heavenly one and the earthly one is under a curse. So God made a way. And a lot of people think it’s you know we’re talking a lot here and stuff that we’re talking a principle that God put in motion. Even before the law and that the principle of giving is such an amazing thing when you study it and then whenever God challenges us to test him on it and he always present itself faithful proverb says give freely and become more wealthy. Be stingy and lose everything. The generous will prosper this or refresh others world themselves to be refreshed. And boy is that of the true you can’t you can’t you. God I remember years ago. When I had a little business and it went there was dumb enough to take on a partner and then he left and then my business went down and I just. They’re saying it was like we didn’t have any. It was like we didn’t have any income and. We had a half halfway remodeled house and two kids and we still had a mortgage. Even though it was only given my age away but it was like two hundred some dollars a month or more years. That. We were but people he said Tell me give your way out of it and I thought what in the world is that if I have ten dollars and I give ten dollars. Well I don’t have ten dollars. And but it turns out in God’s economy. It doesn’t work that way. He’s the direct opposite. So I have learned through various. Studies and books I’ve read and things about God’s financial plan and you know it doesn’t matter who the author of the book is I’ve read I’ve read books from. Steve for our Which is a men’s off muesli men’s author other guys are just so many different books from so many different streams I guess you could call it. And invariably somewhere in one of those books there’s a story about people. Giving sacrificially and getting back many times and more than they gave. And it’s not giving to get it’s giving to have more to give and the more it goes the more. It snowballs if you want to read a good book on at its best life by Robert Morse thank you. And he’s he’s probably one of the leaders in that but so many other and even we were listening to. Vessels podcast. And the guy brought up guys. Some guy from England or. Somewhere. One of them who talks funny. He was he was on there. And he started to say the same thing he needed a certain amount of money to for. Whenever they were buying a house or something and. He said they had like a hundred and. Hundred fifty dollars or some of their name and. He said they’re going to spoke to him and told them to give that hundred fifty dollars away and well OK. So he did that and the very next day short period of time where that was the next day or what they got the money they needed the same thing happened with there’s a guy that spoke at our men’s conference Marc Bathurst and book you just gave us. He has a church in Washington D.C. in the theater of the big one of the biggest stations where people who come in and out. Of Washington D.C.. And when he was starting. He said he left Chicago and they didn’t even have. They didn’t know what they were going to be doing in D.C. but he felt called to D.C. to do something it’s not they were going to do a parish church ministry or something and they ended up planting this church. And he said it to beginning there was only one thousand people and they couldn’t even afford to pay him a salary. And he said. That’s his church started to grow a little bit. He said The Lord impressed on him to send a check to another ministry. Said they come up. He says I don’t know how we come up with a figure of three hundred fifty dollars but he said I got the check ready and put it in an envelope and he said I went out to the mailbox and he said I had a hard time letting go of that. He said I kind of thought of that for a while. Came back to his mailbox on his house. Got his mail out there was a check for ten thousand dollars. So. God loves to show off. What he can do but he need we need to be obedient to what he wants us to do to see it. The giving and I’m talking about is after a time. Giving doesn’t start till the time it is caught up. And you know and as Pastor Morris says it. First of all the ties breaks the curse off your finances and Robert Moore says I’d rather have ninety percent uncursed than one hundred percent cursed. But also it’s the Times shows we are agreed in and we. Switch over from the world system to the heaven system. Then that’s when giving starts and that’s when I did this. This is the scripture. For after tithing and it says Give and you were received. Your gift will return to you. In full pressed down shaken together to make room for more running over and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. And do some translations say the year in which the measure you give. It will be measured to you that. And you know I mean if you use a teaspoon you get a teaspoon measure back and if uses shovel. You get a shovel that. But if. If this is the key to anybody. Try it. Lord says try me on it. I mean we’re not supposed to test the Lord. But then no one scripture literally says test me his own finances. And really actually it’s not just money it’s time investing or whatever but it’s easiest for us to think of it in money terms. But. Scuse me I’m not like you know we’re so Lord we just lift this whole consideration up to you on the. On the giving and I just thank you Lord. As Robert Morse’s said. We’re born a selfish but we’re born again generous because we take on. Some of the characteristics of our heavenly father and he’s generous. And so I just lift up. This church but also the church is all around lore and it’s this realisation of what you want from your people. When it would be would be commonplace in our lives. It would be we would be so. Generous and the people outside the church would would just be and all the way your church operates. And we just thank you and praise it’s morning. The next one is it reads and it’s very very still with me and and one of her wrote it was OK and in obedience enjoin. Jesus said all who love me will do what I say my Father will love them and we will come and make our home with each of them. Anyone who doesn’t love me will not obey me. And remember my words are not my own and what I’m telling you is from the Father who sent me. So the judge obedience is important to the Lord because. Person of all his shows are trusting and it helps. Helps us learn. What to do or how to how to do it. I’m sorry. Whenever he wants us to do something he wants our obedience pleases him. And it’s just you know like an earthly father when he tries to get his kids to a bam and when the kids do it then it’s like. And makes makes the father happy and good and glad. Description I have that was just the opposite. How to First Samuel remember King Saul was supposed to he had a mandate from the Lord to go and take care of the American rights and wipe them to totally and he didn’t do it the whole way he disobey. And says it and then you Samuel came and said The Lord has done just as he said he would he has torn a kingdom from you. And giving it to yours rival David. Lord has done this to you. Today because you refused to carry out his fears and anger against him. Alec ites. So you came out that Saul instead of thinking of pleasing God tried to please the people under him and that Einar the Lord enough. That Saul lost his kingdom think about that. Just. That’s that’s a sobering thought but. There’s a lot of churches out there just trying to please people these you know they do and you know I don’t want to get too far into that because. There are some ministries out there that. Need to hear it. But. Our obedience means a lot to the Lord. So Father we just we pray that we can be a median T You just says as you desire. Lord I just prayed for each person each church in his Valley lowered to hear your voice in a bad that your kingdom would be established and the church would be a factor. You know. That’s part of the reason I think the Lord wanted to give this message today was a church that’s drifting a church that’s lack an enthusiasm and that is not a new name is not affected because the people outside look at the church people and they say well. They’re not very enthusiastic about what they’re doing. Why should I go there. So that we need to be a vibrant enthusiastic people about what we have. And I think that’s one of the main things God’s trying to tell us at the beginning of the year. Next with his love. John fifteen says this is my commandment love each other in the same way I have loved you. There’s no greater love to lay than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. Were commanded to love each other but also in the same way he loved us. Right now. Does he love us. He loves us unconditionally. So it’s really tempting in the church since church is full of people. That. You know well OK I love this person but that other person. He’s dug your. Beards on crooked you know it’s not OK. No it’s love everybody. OK. And I think God wants us to love unconditionally and he want and I guess the easiest way to say that is. For us to see people the way he sees them because even you know I’ve heard people in the church say things like well I can hardly wait to this person goes to hell and burns for me. You know. Well remember we’re Jesus said whenever his disciples wanted to call on fire. He says you don’t know what spirit you’re out of. So we basically we don’t have the right to think of people that way. There’s something I mean look at the Apostle Paul I mean what he was doing to. For you became the Apostle Paul. And probably most of the people in the church at the time probably would have said. Well sure hope he gets killed by a lion or something and. But instead God had a plan for him and look at what he did writing most of the New Testament and. It’s just that’s an example I think that we need to keep in mind when we’re dealing with people. In. I think it’s C.S. second Timothy three. Talks about you know in the last days of be difficult and all this stuff and then it says dealing with difficult people. You know many difficult people. I mean I can give you a list if you don’t know me but that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be difficult back. Bible also says a soft answer terms when a rock. And a lot of times. That’s another thing I learned in reading different from different authors and stuff about people coming up and just being arrogant and rude and mean. And the person. Instead tries to find a soft spot tries to find something that was as potent person hurting. Because usually that’s the good thing. Somebody has been difficult. They’re hurting inside and God wants to heal the whole person. So when we talk about forgiveness and one of the most common things is. Rheumatoid arthritis or some kind of a really really bad arthritis. Has a lot of it not always but a lot of times linked with. Unforgiveness and. We say well we’re going to punishing them because they want forgive know God’s just waiting for them to release that forgiveness because if he healed the earth right his and left them unforgiving he would have healed the whole person. And he wants the whole person to be healed. So a lot of times person decides to forgive somebody. And the arthritis or whatever just disappears. And just thank you lord for. What you’re doing. And maybe we become loving people that you want us to be. OK last one I have is joy. Looking for Forces always before joy in the Lord. I say it again. Rejoice. As I said we have the answer. The answer on capital letters. And that can be in. All that fancy. Script or whatever or big bold print or. Written in the sky by an airplane. It doesn’t matter. We have the answer to the world. That’s struggling and divided. And mean spirited. And whatever you want to call it. But we have the answer. And he’s the only answer. So I think God wants us to get that perspective. So that we can become his agent of change that he wants us to be Lord I just pray that your church would hear your message. Whether through this message or through someone else’s message. It’s the beginning of this new year. Lord. We acknowledge that you’re the only one who can make all things new. And each one of us that know you Lord. We have been made a new creation. And if we have been saying to you for that lately. If we haven’t thought of that lately Lord we weary pen. You know just that even for myself. I say the Lord had Thank you for your mercy. Thank you for your grace upon me. As I became a new creation through Jesus Christ. I pray for the church to become more and more the masterpiece you want is to be. In Jesus’ name. And thank you letter and praise your holy name. Ever and ever. And then.