Show Yourself Approved

Show Yourself Approved

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All right. Good morning.

I’m excited to share with you some things that God has been showing me. You know when you are in the Lord for a long time.

Sometimes you think Lord another smore but I feel like I’m in a. A law. And I know laws are not in God So can you kick me out of it. Because I want to get back on theadventure.

So it’s crucial or gave to me this morning to share with you a second Timothy two fifteen. It is study to show yourself approved a workman never to be ashamed. Rightlydividing the Word of Truth. Now I know that in the King James because that’s how I learned it and others many of you here that went through that season of The KingJames Version and so everything that I learned as a child is King James version so a lot of times I quote it and then I have to requote it in a paraphrase of that I makeup as I go because sometimes people don’t have a clue what I’m saying unless I do.

I want to start off with a little background of my life when I grew up I was in a Christian home. My daddy mommy love Jesus we always were in church at the doors wereopen. We were there.

Sometimes we were there when the doors were open because that’s what we did. And

my father discovered when I was very young that I had a good memory and so he told my mom and I didn’t know this because I don’t remember it. I just know thatthere’s always been my life. He told my mom that because I have a good memory. I was not to be wasting my time learning nursery rhymes and foolish Diddy’s thatlittle children learn he want to be learn the words. And sort of very young age I started memorizing scripture and in church that we went to they were large andmember station of the work and so Sunday school classes we were memorizing verses in the songs that we had with the little

you know the big pages. It books that you turn the page and you’re singing these little children’s songs at the end they always had a verse and you always said theverse some of the verses I learned just because they were on the end of my song that I had to sing every Sunday for years and

there was always contest you want this big Hershey bar. You got two weeks to learn songs one want you know I never missed a candy bar. Nothing motivated me morethan good food. If there was Vacation Bible School there was memorization if there was the church memorized as a church I mean it was emphasize huge when I wasgrowing up and because that’s all I knew I thought that’s what everybody did. And so I was really

blessed by the Lord to have the opportunities that I had to be in a family whose mindset was to know the word. My dad would say to me are you in the Bible. Yes DadI’m in the Bible. What are you reading. I’m reading this. Do you understand it.

I think so. OK. This is how we had accountability growing up you had to know the word when I had junior high I started teaching Sunday school. I was in the word.When I was in elementary school like five six grade in even going into junior high. My dad every summer would take me to the flea market. Once a month on theSunday morning. We didn’t go to Sunday school that day and we came to church late because we were going to the flea market to tell people about Jesus becausethat they’re at the flea market on a Sunday morning. They probably don’t know Jesus because everybody that knows Jesus is in church right now. So when he went onSunday mornings once a month during the summer. My dad would pass out tracks because that was the season of the tracks. And he would just pass out his tracks anddo his thing because my father was huge in evangelism he wanted everybody to know about Jesus and he made it a point to tell everybody. He knew it. Jesus and myfather had a lot of spiritual children because he told everybody about Jesus.

My job was to go to the playground and I was supposed to tell these children about Jesus.

Evangelism is not huge in me but it was a bigger part of my life. Anyway because when dad said you’re going to do this you did it because that’s what you did whendad said do it. So I would go to the playground and kids would come and we would start talking about the Bible and they’d go

to Bible Church. And so I’d say well why don’t you go to church or whatever church is boring. Well why don’t you like the Bible.

Because it’s boring you read the Bible. Yeah I read the Bible. But it’s not boring

and they had these whole yet is boring. I said How do you know it’s boring you never read it.

And they say well we know it’s boring it has to be boring. I said OK let me tell you a story and it’s in the Bible but before I do you tell me what are you interested in ifyou were going to go the library and you were going to get a book. What would it be on we’re using the boys wanted to hear about war. So I suppose. Gemini is theBible’s full of war stories all kinds of war stories exciting war stories why old war stories like things happen that should never happen like these miraculous things thathappen in not just normal war stories or wild or stores. It was girls. Well I like so I like stories that you know

of. Boys and girls in the civil rights in the Bible. It’s all through the Bible. There’s so much in the word. You Few want to know about homosexuality. It’s in the word. Ifyou want to know about adultery. It’s in the word. You want to hear about fornication. It’s in the word war devastation. Destruction kindnesses. Miracles. Wow thosethat would make your mind spin. It’s all in the word. And so many people don’t hear that the word is exciting. That it’s filled with adventures. I like I often use theanalogy because when my kids were really little Sesame Street wasn’t so cocky and so we would watch it sometimes. Now I would never recommend it. It’s really full ofnew age junk and it’s nasty stuff but

they had this thing I loved it was called Adventure and here’s how the kid the kids would get to understand what adventure is they would have this big word that goesand it just letter by letter it went on Vale itself at Venture. And then you see this guy and girl and they’re running and they look behind them and those

are roll in their way and they’re ragged and now run and they get to the end of the cliff. And they look down. And it’s got a raging river and they look behind them andthis you rock is rolling their way

and they look up and there’s a vine and they grab the vine the guy grabs the vine. And the girl. And he swings out over the vine. But the vine breaks and the wordcomes on adventure. Now they’re in the water and they’re swimming like crazy and they’re kind of excited because you know what they’re not dead.

And they’re swimming to shore. The only problem is they look behind them and corruptive ours are on their tail.

These are really frantically swimming and they look back and these cracks are common and and then they look up and there’s an airplane with the latter. So again theguy grabs the girl around one arm the other arm grabs the rope ladder and off they go just as the crocs close in this film. And then the. Or to become adventure. Thatis walking with Jesus.

Was something I never realized before entire was preparing for this morning is that every time they found their escape it was when they looked up

the vine was up the rope was up when they looked behind them. It looked nasty bad

but when they looked up. There’s such a lesson in that. But the truth is God has for us so much including when everything around you. Looks really really bad andtribulations and trials calm and everything that was prophesied is beginning to happen in the world. Don’t fret. Look up because your redemption draws nigh. So

in second Timothy


Sixteen and seventeen.

We learn.

That every Scripture is God breathed

is given by his inspiration and it’s profitable. It is good for you and it is good for what instruction. Do you want to know what God requires of you. It’s in the word. It’sgood for reproof and conviction of sin. Do you want to know if what you’re doing is right it’s in the word it will remind you we will let you know it’s like our guide thattakes us through life and tells us no that’s nasty bad don’t go there. That’s not so bad but the attitude stinks. So don’t go there. This is the way walk in it.

It’s good for discipline and obedience. But I don’t wanna will day. I don’t want to do it that way. It’s a whole lot easier to do it my way it’s a whole lot easier to dosomeone else’s way God’s way is rarely easy.

That’s God’s way. Because if it was easy. We could all do it and we wouldn’t need him. Would we. So was good to train us in obedience and it trains us andrighteousness holy living and how to conform to God’s will in our thoughts

in our purposes and in our action

and the reason is so that man the man of God may be complete

fish and well fitted and thoroughly e quipped for every good work. That’s amplified my favorite version of all. There’s a reason for the word lots of reasons. And as welearn the word we can tear it apart and we can learn and we can grow and we can profit from it but something that the Lord is revealing to me as I was studying overthis

preparing for this morning is that

it’s like there’s a there was a glimpse of something that I had never seen before.

So I just want to kind of show you some of things that God is revealing to me as I was studying.

First of all. David said your word. I’ve hidden my heart. So I will not sin against you. Once and Psalms one hundred nineteen. God God’s word he had it in his heart.Why because it helped him to know what offends God and he could avoid it because he knows that offends God. How do you know what offends God If you don’tknow what’s in his word.

And so this all makes sense to me. OK God I got that I think. OK Then the Lord started showing me. The scripture Hebrews six.

Sorry. Eleven six eleven six. Without faith it’s impossible to please God because when you come to God you must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those adiligently seek Him.

So when I am low in faith and I’ve heard people do this I’m sure I’ve done it because we do we think is right even though it may not be.

Right. But if we think it’s right sometimes we do it. But people say oh I’m really struggling and I know I should have faith but I’m struggling with my face. I mean this is ahard thing. And I don’t see how God’s going to even God in this one. I mean I don’t get it. I just I’m having a hard time believing God’s going to provide for me or thatGod is going to release me from this thing that plagues me I’m having a hard time believing that the sin there that easily entangles that I can actually get rid of itbecause I keep form back into I have a hard time and their faith in that arena is low.

And so then the scripture that comes forth because it’s a given. Well it’s impossible to please God without face.

Does that build a person’s faith. Now. Because not only do I know I don’t have faith and I know I’m not pleasing God in my lack of faith. So I’m going to really try hardto believe and I’m struggling with it. And sometimes the other part of the verses missed the emphasis is put on the wrong thing sometimes.

Because you see when you come to God you must believe that he is.

If you know who God is. And you know that he is God. And you know that his faith when you know he’s powerful and you know that His word never returns void andalways accomplishes what it sent forth to do then. You can have more faith. Because now your face isn’t God who doesn’t fail. Now you don’t have to worry aboutbuilding your faith that because the word has built your faith up because the Bible thousands that faith comes from hearing the Word of God. And so because thatnow I can. No I can’t please God if I don’t have faith but that’s OK because I know my God. And my God is so good and faithful that my faith is built up and then I getthe bonus is the cherry on the top. It doesn’t have to do this but he rewards those who diligently. The rewards us now I’m encouraged. I haven’t just built up my faithbut I’m encouraged because the fact that my face was low just meant that I didn’t have my focus in the right place that I needed to focus on Jesus. So when we’relooking out the word and we’re tearing it apart. It helps us to know how to deal with our situation at hand.

And learning how to put our focus on the right thing which is always the Lord.

Then it changes us. We’re told that there’s a war sheen of the way the word that takes place a washing of the water of the word that washes us clean it changes us wecan be can not no longer conform but we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We were in your minds by being in the word.

So what’s really cool to me and I have a whole lot of stuff that I could do and believe me I could talk about it for a long time. But I’m not going to because I reallybelieve that the part that God wants us to know

more than anything

is that he loves us.

He loves us. He loves us with a passion. He loves us with his own life. He loves us more. He said I love you so much. I refuse to live without you. So I’m going to die.And he did. And then he came back to life he said Now you don’t have to die. You can be with me forever in eternity. He loves us that much the love that God has forus is immense. So why did you say study to show yourself approved why I gave you a lot of really good reasons but the one I didn’t mention is the one that God startedshowing me a whole different angle and that is that the more I know him

the more I love him. The more I understand His Word. The more it draws me to him not away from him when he says that we can come boldly before the throne ofgrace for help in time of need. When we need something we. Often run it’s God I really need somebody I need a really bad and I need you provide a job and I reallyneed you to take care of my sick friend and I really need I really need and we don’t hesitate but what happens when you are struggling with your time with the Lord. Ihaven’t been the word for couple days. I know God you say if I confess my sins you’re faithful and just to forgive my son and a claim is made from all unrighteousnessby God I’ve done this a lot. And I really feel bad and I know that there’s Grace at the throne room but I feel so embarrassed

because I know that you said that I can’t look at this stand off because the sin is no good. But I kind of like it and I know I shouldn’t like it and I know I want to love youmore. And I know that I came home to your throne of grace for help in my time of need but this is kind of embarrassing. And so when we need to go to the throne ofgrace the most. We have to date. Because we’re embarrassed because we’re so aware of our failure and we forget that even though we told him

I wasn’t a million times. OK God I’m sorry I’m not want to do this anymore change me. I’m coming back. And I’m going to throw it aside. And I can do it anymore. Howdo I go to him again.

One hundred thousand and one times it’s because when you come to him. It’s the first time. That’s a hard thing to grab in our head because in our mind is onehundred and one thousand times but the guy is the first time because he is faithful and just to forgive our SAN. Because he takes our stand and it removes it from us asfar as the east is from the west. It’s as if I never did it before. That’s what justification means. That’s why it’s so wrong when we justify ourself while it wasn’t that bad. It’snot like our really see that’s bad but only go to God say God it’s your. Oh that bad. And I’m sorry. Then he justifies us and he says it’s just as if I never did it before.

That’s justification. Well if I’ve only done it once. Gee it’s easy to come to the throne of grace for help in my time of need my purse back to hold me back from enteringinto the place where we can be in the Holy of Holies where we can have sweet continued on broken

communion with our love

that it’s to me far greater reason to study to show myself with proved. Yes I want to be able to say what I need to say at a time I need to say it. It really helps if you wantto share the gospel with somebody while Jesus loves you and. If you want to serve him. It’s hard when you don’t know the word is hard sometimes to know how tostart. But when you study to show yourself approved you can. You’re not going to be ashamed and these are all important parts meditating on the scriptures are vitalDavid Psalms one says he meditates on the word day and night. In Psalms one thousand he says that God’s commands are beautiful to him.

Now there’s a lot of stories in the Bible that I think are awesome. But I will be the first to say that the Book of Luke that Occulus is not beautiful to me.

And that I have to read another time about the mold growing on the wall here might wear me out.

But that’s what David had.

He didn’t have the stories of Allied you bring in fire down from heaven. He didn’t have the story of. Either hide. Saving all of this or that was one of my favorite storiesare told all the time as a kid I just think it is so awesome. The great that in the Bible it says

that when this king got after he got stabbed.

Then he had fled. He locked the door and nobody came to help the King do you know why

because the service thought he was going to the throne. Now how good of a story is that it’s in the bible going potty is a normal way of life and even the king’s life didnot just save because they servants wanted to honor him and not bother him in his private moments. The bible or who God is a sense of humor that each time youquestion that just look in the mirror. Oh my goodness we are we a bunch of funny people. I mean seriously dude I did yesterday I backed into a telephone pole

a telephone pole. I’m like whoa.

Where did that come from. I’d like to blame the devil but. He did throw it at me it was fit in there. I just didn’t see it. And I was gracious and I only hurt my car a littlebit. Hurt my neck more but then my friends all prayed for me and I’m better. God is good. But when I got out I when I first hit. I hit the brake

cause there’s another car. It wasn’t a car. I was really grateful it was a person.

And then I saw this big telephone pole like. Do I feel stupid. And then because it was not enough. I had an audience and so this young man comes running over to mewhy you hate him like yeah I’m OK I have this rule really stupid right. How many people you know run into a telephone pole just because they can you know

it’s just a telephone pole it wasn’t even moving. I mean seriously. And he was very gracious and said people did all the time and I will if that’s true or not but I took itbecause it comforted me. But the point is

David had Genesis Exodus live it. Because numbers and Deuteronomy. That was the commands that were beautiful to him. That was what he studied and meditatedon day and night he saw the goodness of his God in those books that most of us choke on when we read the Bible through again because we know we’ve got to workour ways through. Some other law that just seems burdensome to us but it was God’s kindness to them because they didn’t know what to do and they would have allbeen wiped out with all the mold and stuff. Well versed in things that could happen they were spread to everybody but God knew that. So he had to tell them Don’tdo this and don’t do that.

So when we have the commands of God we have the whole word. And the whole word gives a greater picture of who God is and what is like. And it doesn’t matterwhat happened after God’s loving kindness was always there encouraging them. And pushing them forward into righteousness. If you doubt that even a tiny bit readthe story of the Exodus and how many times these people got mad at God and grumbled and complained and wanted to rise up and want to do their own way theysaid you know guys says go into the land. We’re going the land of you know that’s where Microsoft person their eyes.

There’s huge they wipe us out. We had better off and Egypt. I mean I could have enjoyed my garlic and my onions. You know who cares that we were slaves and beingbeaten and made to do things that nobody possibly has the time to do one very little that’s all beside the point I coulda had garlic I could have onions. I’d be alive.Sometimes Are we not stupid. What God compares is a sheep one falls off of river into the river we go. Yeah well it looks good. Let’s go. So we have to know God It isso this is people backing God day and night. He delivers he. Delivers he delivers he delivers he forgives you forgives you forgives you forgives and he always keptaround that because God never changes his word and he never changes his promises and all of God’s promises are yes and amen. And when you’re struggling withsomething that you say God when is this promise going to come to pass. You don’t have to worry because it’s coming because all God’s promises are yes and a manbecause he is faithful and true. So when you hear the word and when you study the Word and when you tear apart the word and when you meditate on the word all itdoes is give you a better picture of who God really is. You see over and over his kindness and his mercy his patience his long suffering his diligence and his all for usbecause we are unique and special to the Lord and each one that he knows by name. How many hairs are in your head. I don’t know but he does. And if you lose tenor if you lose fifty doesn’t matter. He knows that too

and he knows how big I am many knows my hardening knows every cent I would ever commit before I was ever ever even created. Before there was a star in the skyevery sin every one of us would ever commit. God knew it already. That’s why he had Plan B. in the making in


but because of that just think about it. Think about every stupid thing you have ever done in all of your life

and then realize that God made you anyway.

And he sent a savior. So that you can be different. What kind of love is this when they’ve been easier to find someone who wouldn’t. Then he knew them and he wasgoing to sin. He wasn’t taken. Jesus Holy Spirit huddle. What are we going to now they from the tree.

Oh now we can do.

OK Quickly. Quickly I got to meet him in the evening come on car crank on and the idea is not that about once going now the one crank Mike Mike Mike could neverdid how he knew

he made them anyway

he created the double. There is a story. And boy is that not make you confused. OK God why did you. I create him you know he was going to do this.

Why did you throw him to earth. You knew he was going to cause us problems. He knew it all this God who is so vast and so huge the train of his robe fills the temple.That’s pretty big.

I mean when you start looking at the word and you think about it. So how big is the needle in the cloth that God has to have to make his robe. How big are the angelsthat have to be big they’d have to be bid because they have to. So it was a sewing machine that makes gods clothes. Does God have to have his clothes madeprobably not. Because he creates everything.

Think on that one. He created everything. In the world tells us that we look through

we look through a glass Demi. A lot of us wear glasses. Some of us were sunglasses you ever tried to look through them when they’re smudged up with fingerprintsand gunk never look to somebody else’s And how can you see through those things. Process we look through with look through a glass dimly we only see bits andpieces and it’s cloudy. But someday.

We’re going to see and know what he sees and knows. And then we’re going to understand what we miss now and then we’re going to say why did I do this when Godalready told me why did I stumble here when God already said why couldn’t I grab a hold of the reality of how good his presence is. That’s what he wants he wants anintimate relationship. With each one of us. And when I stand before the Lord. It doesn’t matter how many billions of people all over the world who have the same timeslot as me. He sees me

and he hears me

and he’s loving on me and he’s answering me. And of Doug and I go the same time he sees a dog just as clearly as he sees me and he hears Douglas as clearly as he’shearing me and he knows everything. Doug is going to say before he says it just like he does me and yet he still takes the time to hear us think about that one. Howmany times this summer he started telling you some that you’ve heard it a dozen times you’re He knew what they were going to say. And so you want to cut him off.You don’t like in the time because good grief. Are you know that we talk about as so many times. Well here’s a guy who already knows

but he waits and he listens and he hears us and it responds as if he did know a thing. So when you meditate on the words when you take scriptures and you start tothink about them when you study and you see how back in Genesis and now you’re in.

E.Q. and now you’re in Revelation you ever want to know a kick in the head. You really

know my brain when Revelation and easy at the same time.

That’s a fun journey because you say a lot of the same things and you go oh oh oh.

I never forget the first time I read the Bible through the whole time I got revelation like seriously. Are you telling me God that from Genesis to Revelation never shouldhappen but soon. We start off in this wonderful garden with these wonderful trees and we end up in heaven with the same trees the same trees everything else wasbecause man sinned

and God’s continued pursuit

to let them know how much he loves

so. When you next time are sitting down to the word. And you start to look at something and you read whatever it is you’re reading

ask God to give you just one verse one idea one concept one paragraph of what you’ve read and this to help you to meditate on it and then chew on their baby for aweek. And scriptures will come to you that you don’t even know when when to gather another set and they go together all the sudden it makes sense more becausenow you see what you didn’t see and you understand why you didn’t understand because that’s what God does. And the whole time. He’s in heaven laughing. Yes I’vebeen waiting for them to get that I keep showing it to them but they don’t want to take the time.

They don’t believe what they’re reading. They’ve heard other things in their minds fall. And now they’ve set their self. Words has set your affections on things abovethe crisis of the right hand the father. That’s an awesome awesome picture. But if you keep reading. You’re going to find out that you are seated in heavenly places.How much different. Would your trials and temptations look if you were looking from the Eagles point of view

when you look at something that you see no end because on this earth our life is so limited and then you allow God to show you the bigger picture and now you’resitting up here

and you’re looking down. Fathers on the right side you’re going wow

that’s why because this is what you’re doing.

And this is what’s going to happen because of it.

It makes more sense now. When we get the perspective. That God looks at us. When we get the perspective of God’s heart when we look at the word and we discoverwhat it says about every situation that you will ever face in your entire life and it gives you a way out. It gives you hope and it gives you reason to draw closer to him. Toknow him or to see that aspect of him that you never saw before.

I live here. I listen to

just a girl into teaching one time on.

I think was called the fringes. I think it’s the same teaching but he talked about heaven and he said you know Bible tells us that the twenty four elders throws or crownsat the feet of the father and they cry out holy holy holy is a war going on mighty. Twenty four hours a day.

Now think about that

there’s a crown pop back on their head on magically does he have to go away to

think that. Like what is Crown come from that they’re throwing before the Lord continuously twenty four hours a day for all of eternity

and why why would they continue to throw themselves down twenty four hours a day they’re seeing God

and he talked about how God has so many fast his character with all of eternity. Think about this one all of eternity.

All of eternity.

We will never come to the end of God

he says. So I can just picture it this is shows of current and sadness but yet they get back up to crowds and then God goes. Holy impact down they go crowns comedown. And they get back up and they get themselves together and God says.

Right down in the crowd of only a lowly because God has so many facets. He’s like something we can never begin to comprehend and yet better that

he’s cried. We are not going to get bored seeing the same thing for all of eternity or yeah I can’t wait to have and I mean how good is that going to be I’ll be playingmy heart. You know saying Holy Holy Holy. After about five minutes I think I want to go for it and like they can eat.

Because we don’t like people who do not get in the Word who do not bring them south before the throne of grace to find out what his presence is really like then theycan comprehend what it means to be with him forever. For ever and we one never come to the end of him for ever. We will be seeing glimpses of his goodnessglimpses of his mercy. Only some glimpses of his power. Climb says of his Majesty. Cleanses of his beauty. His character’s going to be on the veil to us. Little by littleand it will be a continuing. We will be continually going

because that God But what’s really really really need is we don’t have to wait to get to heaven. And that’s what the word dies. As we study it and as we meditate on itand as we allow it to work its work in our heart. He we begin to get glimpses of the goodness of God the faith from this of God The kindnesses of God the power ofGod the majesty of God. It’s this never ending saga of this is MY GOD. And it’s bigger and better than you ever thought possible.

And he tells the sadness word. More than you can ask think or imagine a pretty good imagination.

I mean I do I really do

and I can’t even begin to imagine because it’s beyond my comprehension. It’s beyond my abilities. But when I settle myself into the presence of the Lord. And I loudhim to come. And I stop all the things around me. And I begin to think on who he is and I begin to praise him for who years and what he does and how good he is andhow much I love him

his presence. Comes. Wow I see.

And I have never grown weary of him coming and making himself known to me. So no matter how old you are and no matter where you’re at get in the word meditateon it.

Stay in the word Think about it.

Find scriptures that coincide with it. Ask God to reveal to you who he loves to reveal his issues to us. He loves to make himself known. And when you get into a dryspot and things get dull and you go. Yeah right. I don’t see adventure in this one.

Don’t give up. Preston because God doesn’t make it easy.

He’ll think all the carrot. But then sometimes you say OK now you’re going to come.

We love me.

We love me.

I love Little much afraid in your high places because

no matter how hard her life was in this journey she was taking that was filled with terror and hard things and sorrow. Every time she thought she was going to finally getup to the higher places and she found it only went to another mountain or went down to a valley. And she had to she had to learn that what she was doing on thisjourney wasn’t to make herself better.

It wasn’t to finally get to a place where she was happy where her needs would be met. It was because she was learning to trust the one who her heart really wanted tobe with so when you find yourself in a valley

is not where David killed the giant

but that sucker down man step over him grab this thing and walk off his head. You don’t need him there any way. Really does a scare you and take you down

every time you find yourself in the place that you feel like I don’t think I can do this. Get in the Word and see how God has pulled his people out time after time aftertime and Daniel it tells us that those who know their God not know of him. Not have heard stories. Not whose mom and dad are pretty close.

But those who know their God that word no is an intimate word.

They’re intimately acquainted. They know their God They are the ones who will be strong and do great exploits. Do I want to fall in to be thrown into a linen diet a denof want to learn of Dion’s There you go. A den of lions. No but if I have to be I will be so

excited to see their love their mouths shut.

Just have an angels or be cool but they had a purpose. Sometimes we are in positions that we don’t want to be in and God reveals His glory and his power and HisMajesty in the midst of our I don’t want to be here but since I was thrown here I don’t have an option. I mean God you know I was just doing the right thing and look atyou did to me how our minds take us to silly places when all God really wanted to do was reveal his power not just to Daniel. But to the king. God had a point. Hewanted the King to see that God Daniel’s God was bigger than anybody else. God uses everything. And he has a plan for you. So I’m going to close here. I’m justgoing to pray and I just want to bless you and me. These are on this journey together. We’re learning who God is

and we’re learning how to walk in a way that is worthy of the call. And we’re walking in a way that others would see and go. Oh I want that

and who knows because he says it can happen someday my shadow will hit somebody in the old I may never know about it because by time my shadow has somedepend on where the sun’s out. I may never see them again

not the side of heaven made me unless I jump up to go

and that would be called there. But our journey is adventurous one. Don’t let the trials in the temptations and the suffering and the hard things in the continuing thingswhere you down. Rests in the garden find him

and your heart will never be sad your joy. Whenever be gone

and your life would be filled with adventure. Father thank you so much for loving us. God is a love that we can’t understand it’s a love that we have a hard timebelieving it’s a heart at a love God the Soul

huge and so on deserved.

And yet you love us. Not so that we know how good you are but you love us because you want to draw us into a better place with you because your heart beats everyday for me

for my time for my thoughts for my

my focus

just as you does for everyone here and everyone you’ve created. And it’s so hard for us to grab that sometimes father but I ask that you would do something in ourthinking help us to line up with who you are and what you’re saying renew our passion in us for the word help us to remember the Scriptures. Help us to see that oureverything in our lives. Everything in the word points to you

and that you just want to prepare your bride

for that day when we really will see you. Face to face

so Father I thank you for your presence I thank you for your word

and I thank you for what you were doing

because you sad that you will do your thing in us

until the day of Jesus Christ

and so because of that

we are convinced and persuaded

that you are able to keep all that I have committed unto you against that. Thank you Jesus