Taking You Into God’s Creation

Taking You Into God’s Creation

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Taking you in the God’s creation. Let’s pray. Dear God thank you for the understand for you we can have all these people to come out Father God just open up our ears for God For we can listen and learn what we you want to hearfather. Lord of Heaven and Earth Acts seventeen twenty four twenty six. He is God who made the world and everything in it since he is the lord of heavens and earth.

He doesn’t live in manmade temples and human hands can serve is needs for he has no needs he himself gives life and breath to everything and he says fries everyneed. There is. From one man he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand what should rise and fall and he determine theirboundaries. What some people do not realize is God made everything.

I mean everything. In the beginning God Genesis one one third two. God created the heavens and the earth. He made thinking human he made the beautiful animalsthat live in our homes and our yards the animals that live in the wild fish and birds.

He made the beautiful sunsets that we all go on. Look how pretty that is he made everything. What did you see

what do you see when you look into the skies. Here’s a story about Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Linus and Lucy are lying on the ground looking up into the skies. Lucysays if you use your imagination. You can see lots of things in the cloud formations.

What do you see in the well what do you think you see honest. Linus responds well those clouds up there. Look like the map of the British Honduras on the Caribbean.And that cloud looks a little like the profile of Thomas Agins the famous painter and sculptor in that crowd and that group of clouds over there gives me the impressionof the stoning of Stephen I can see little Paul’s apostle Most Paul standing here to one side loses you can graduate him.

That’s very good. Why do you see in the clouds Charlie Brown Charlie Brown implies. Walls going to say dark in the horsey but I change my mind

the Apostle must looked into the heavens and he saw God He said The heavens are toeing the glory of God and their experience is declaring the work of his hands. Sois nineteen one

this morning. I want to read you something that tells us God is so wonderful. I was reading an article and this is what it said on Christmas Day nine hundred sixty eightthe three astronauts of Apollo eight circled the dark side of the moon and on their way home they saw the moon rise and the blue and white earth garlanded by theglistening light of the sun against the blackboard a space. Those men trained in science and technology

and did not authors author Einstein’s name. Only one thing could capture the all inspiration thrill of this magnificent observation. Millions heard the voice from outerspace as Austin astronauts read it in the beginning God what I thought of that when I read it was God is hitting the devil’s darkside with his life. And that is exactly whatGod is doing. He wants us. He is shining his lights down on us to show the people that do not believe how much he cares and how much he loves us. Creation is whatand the creators who. At the beginning is the. At the beginning is to understand that God exists and is the creator of everything. Nowhere in the Bible does it tend toprove the existence of God. It is simply understood that he is

the first one in Genesis says it was just right there. In the beginning God.

So whether you look through a telescope or microscope. The only explanation is God. And something else. God created something from nothing. God created us

from nothing. He created our body from just dust but he had to create dust and he created from nothing. Jesus said to the people I am the light of the world. If youfollow me you won’t be stumbling through the darkness because you will have the light that leads to life. The purpose of Jesus’ coming was so that we would nolonger have to stumble around in the darkness light serves the purpose of Revelation. We would have guards revelation of us purpose and plan for our life. So Godsaying here. He has this play in past he’s going on. He’s directing us. Yeah we might go off a little bit but he’s going to direct us in the right pass. But on the dark sideand you’re going to be someone all over you’re going to fall and you might not be a backdrop. And why worry about your clothes look at the Little League and howthey grow. They don’t work or make their clothing. Yes it’s all men in his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.

Water. We’ll talk about water now water or a list color and without taste and yet no living thing can survive without it. Plants animals and humans. Consists mostly ofwater. Water allows us to live an environment of different temperature changes while keeping our bodies a study ninety eight point six degrees. Isaiah forty five eleventhrough twelve. This is what the Lord of The Creator and holy. And Holy One of Israel says Do you question what I do. Do you give me orders about the work of myhands. I am the one who made the earth and three created people to live on it with my hands I stretched out the heavens all the millions of stars are at my command.So just think what Cal you’ve seen the picture of Earth before see how big that is God is so much bigger than that. He stretched it out with his own hands.

The earth its perfect size earth its size is perfect its earth were smaller if the earth were smaller the atmosphere would be impossible. If the earth were larger itsatmosphere would also be impossible. Earth is the only known planet equipped with an atmosphere of the right mixture of gases to sustain plant animal and humanlife. If the earth were any farther away from the sun we would all freeze any closer we would burn our

eyes they are forty five seven through eight. I am the one who creates the light and makes the darkness. I am the one who sends good times and bad times. I have alord and the one who does these things open Apo haven’t. Am pour out your righteousness. But Earth open wine and so salvation and righteousness can sprout uptogether. I love the Lord created them. Everyone says if. Like a family member dies something happens for a reason God does something for a reason it’s going to bein good times or bad. OK rainbow. What does the rain rain rain will means God’s promise. God’s promise to us all just as nine thirteen through sixteen I placed myrainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my permanent promise to you and all the earth when I stand close when I sent clouds over the earth. The rainbow will be seen inthe clouds. And I remember my covenant with you and with everything that lives.

Never again will there be a fly on the water shore all life when I see the rainbow in the clouds. I remember the eternal covenant between God and every living livingcreature on earth. So no one. So God wanted no one was like you need to build an ark knows like

you’re crazy. God was like Liston you have to do this or something’s bad going to happen something bad is going to have new you have to do this. No I didn’t want todo it but you know listen the guy and he was like OK I had to listen got he built the ark. He got all the animals on it.

There’s blood everything got destroyed. There was a giant Norma’s flood. And.


Not thing is alike. No two new no two snowflakes are alike. No twins are alike. No one’s alike. This is an amazing. Note. No flix are alike.

OK evolution. If OK if I’m in school and I’m talking to a group of friends over here and there’s a group and I hear evolution. I go over there because if I hear evolution Iget right in it. It’s my big target evolution teaches that we are nothing more than talking apes. But creation teaches that we are made in the image of God So there isthen that we’re just talking apes couching bananas now

but creation teaches that we are made in the image of God

which is not Are you one. OK regime and if you have ever heard of the guy by the name of Charles Darwin.

If you have never heard of him he was the most noted for is theories of on the object of evolution.

If you. Sadly a number of churches in the whole don’t dominations are participating and evolution that across America. OK Listen the teaching of the by one CharlesDarwin do not mix never. They can never mix. There’s nothing alike about any of them. Here’s some examples. Why. Evolution in the eyes of the existence of God.Well how can that in the Bible just in the beginning it says in the beginning God his name right there in the beginning God created Earth in the beginning God.Evolution denies a special existence of human humanity in Creation Evolution is a theory based on nothing at all and has never been proven. All I scientists are outthere and there like. Evolution is real evolution Israel really where do you. They can’t prove it. Evolution is not real.

Evolution teaches that we exist. Nothing nothing more than chance. So every So people are up there in the sky in outer space just wandering and have a number be onthe rack and if someone someone who someone if they call a number and you have it then you come down on earth like that does not make any sense.

Creation teaches that we exist by the choice of God God chose each and every one of us. God I’m not only reveals himself to

through his word he uses the world and universe to all to rebel himself to us. So when our church goes out to the mall sometimes here. Our church wants to like showpeople how we how God is actually there for us. So

sometimes there’s like stories that they always bring back and they always go up and talk to people in real like. Can we pray for you and people like No no we don’tneed help. We don’t need help where we’re all good and. We’re like everyone needs like everyone has a need. Everyone has something wrong.

We me I lean on. Hammell we’re on this. We went around to the.

Around or valley. And we started the people and we’re like

they’re pulling in the driveway and we’re like can we pray for you. And the wife is getting in a walker trying to get out of the car and she can’t get out of the car and theguy. The husband has suppressed of button talk like no no we don’t need any We don’t need any prayer. So you’re telling me they have no problems at all with theirlife like they can’t even get out of the call or. They can even talk they of the process of law and. While you do this for one thing. Hugh bills his existence. Creation is atestimony to the existence of God. Here’s a story up on it was pretty cool a young man told his mother one day that he did not believe in God any longer.

She said quietly.

If there is no God who made the world.

He applied. Nobody made it. It just happened.

A few days later a few days later he came home from school and passed through the kitchen. A sandwich reasoning on the counter. He asked who made the sandwich.His mother said and no one made it. It just happened. That young man was wrong he was wrong

just as there could be no sandwich I’ll see him which maker. There can be no creation with our Creator. So that sandwich did not just happen. Someone made thatsandwich like the like the world. God

made the world. It did not just happen.

We don’t learn everything about God through the universe we don’t learn or Miss Grace and mercy God revealed those truths. Truths most clearly through His SonJesus Christ we do however one from the universe about God’s power in God’s Majesty. So God put us in this church for a reason he wants us to go out there andspread his word.

What did God say in just this one twenty six. Piece that led us to make the people in our image to be like ourselves. So what does this mean that my. He made eachand every one of us in His image. God’s image is not cool. Came means that he makes each and every one of us in His image.

God’s image. Is that cool or what. He made God Himself made asked in his image he wants us to be like him.

This little baby is an image of himself. Look at his little hands. God made those guys and made those little hands. One two

three four five

and turn. God made this little baby. Human Body. God made him in the end his own image. We are made like him. Three in One. We are body. So in spirit. God is theFather Son and Holy Spirit. This is not by accident

but a planned reality. So God then it just go up and be like.

Oh that’s why accident sorry didn’t mean to do that than make you have five fingers. Sorry. He planned it. What does this mean for us.

We are the creation of a loving God instead of believing that humanity came from apes. We believe that humanity has been created by God

you are made in the image of God Himself. Everyone has value. Nothing can ever take away. No one can ever take away your value that God gave God gave of valuefor you a certain value for you

that are in the human eye can distinguish amongst seven million colors. As automatic focusing and handles and as sounding one point five million miles just at thesame time on.

I will. Lucian focuses on. The two sions in changes from and within exists and organs. Yet evolution alone does not explain the intentional source of the I or the brainthe start of living organisms from non living matter matter. The human brain

some tastefully process has an amazing amount of information. So at the same time

that is amazing. Your brain takes in all the colors and objects you see the temperatures around you.

The pressure feel against the floor the sounds around you. The dryness of your mouth. Even the texture of your keyboard

your brain holds and processes all your emotions thoughts and memories. Well your brain KNOWS WHEN YOU’RE SAD Your brain knows when you’re happy

at the same time your brain keeps track of ongoing functions of your body

like your breathing paren eyelid movement. Hunger and movement of the muscles in your hands. The human brain processes more than a million messages persecond. It just thank you that God made all of this in our brain. Or hand everything your brain weighs the portions of all this data flowing out the Porton thing. Thisscreening function is what allows you to operate and even if actually in your word world. The brain functions differently than other organs.

There is an intelligence to it. The billet a reason to process feelings to dream employ and

to take action and relate to other people.

It is amazing how this organ is made up and God created the water.

Sorry about that.

So God made all of that can made our brain. God made everything. The D.N.A. code. Informs programs the cell behavior. All the instruction all chaining comes withintent someone who writes an instruction manual does so with purpose.

Did you know that and every cell of your bodies. There exists a very detailed computer program.

Very detailed instruction code much like a miniature computer program so. All of this is in a little computer program in our brain that’s so cool.

And if you only as you may know a computer program is made up of all ones and zeros like this

one zero zero one zero one one zero. The. Way they are arranged tell the computer program. What to do. The D.N.A. code in each of our cells is very similar. It’s madeup of four chemicals the scientists. As A.T.G. and. These are range and human cells like this.

A Those really hard. These are these there are three billion of these letters in every human cell. So in school. You got a little picture of a cell. There were tiny. There arethree billion of these in just one little tiny. Cell That’s amazing. God did all this.

Why is this so amazing. Did you did you ever think how they ended up in each human cell again. God created each and every one of us and everything in our. Godreveals Himself to us.

The purpose of Jesus coming. Well souls out so that we would no longer have the stumble round in the darkness. We would have God’s revelation of the purpose andhis plan for a life like ours that God has a lie and a path for us it’s all shining light for the street of go gold you’re walking. Yeah you might go off a little bit and fall butGod is going to get you right back on that path. Doubles the dark side. You can’t see anything you might run and you might fall into this and you might never get upagain. In doing this presentation for today. I’ve come to realize that God really wants us to be no really. He wants to be known.

And he wants us to have a relationship with he created us with the intention that we would know him he has surrounded us with evidence of himself. And he keeps thequestion of his existence squarely before us.

I’m amazed by his love for me aren’t you. Ms vies love for you. He made all this. Solve for you.

Maybe we don’t understand completely what His will for the human race on earth is so I wonder if we aren’t doing exactly what he will us to do for his great plan. He isbasically saying that he created us exactly as he intended us to be very good. No one is perfect in this life. God’s perfect. No one’s perfect. Isn’t this a greatencouragement. That we were never that we were never created to be perfect in this life

but by here we see that dark he sent his Son to make us perfect and is and gave us a model of how to be what He created us to be God wants also lucky peoplelooking

and model read your Bible pray he that is what God wants us to be. How else could he calls fairy god. Having said that we won it.

Having said that we what it. What do you like to strive to be very good that he wants us to be. We will never get all the way there in this life. But what a great goal toshoot for.

But he will It was wounded and crushed for our sins. He was B. and now we might have peace. He was whipped and we were healed. God wants us to have peacewithin ourselves.

And ourselves and each other.

Will you join me on this daring to be desperate

it will take more courage to be different. Well being a lobbing part of our culture

that’s a lot. The same but have different silent believes where we are and bears to express the truth. We claim to be.

So you might have two sides. Yeah I believe in God I come to church. I do this but when years go you swear you do drugs you do all those. You have to be on one sidethe good side the very good side god side. Please remember God is always here for us. He wants us to reach out to him and have a relationship with him. God wantsus to be. Our very best our very god. He wants us to have a relationship with them. That means read your Bible pray she will shoot for this challenge with me. I knowI’m going to do it. Who’s in.