know that Christmas is more than an Xbox or bike.
Christmas, oh Christmas, means so much more!
Christmas is about Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Just as important, we’ll learn in a pinch
that salvation is a gift for everyone, even the Grinch.
The ones hard to love
need love the most.
The ones that we loath
and won’t give a card, nor some toast.
Our Grinches are just testing,
just wait and you’ll see.
To see if a Christian
for certain we’ll be.
They are looking for Christ
through us and our lives.
To see if the gift of salvation
has been repriced.
They’ll try and they’ll poke,
they’ll curse as they joke,
but behind their attempts to ensnare,
they’re checking to see if we still care.
Persevere! Jesus said, put on the new.
Be Holy, dear child, they are watching you.
For if you look hard, you’ll see.
It’s not about you, it’s about me.
You are my body right now,
so live, like I showed you how.
That unlovable Grinch you could care less about,
For that unlovable Grinch, I poured my blood out.
I see in that Grinch what no one else apparently does.
I see behind all the green, mean, and fuzz.
I see a life hurting inside.
So I sent them to you, my beautiful bride.
Simply be my church and you’ll see.
What a wonderful savior to all I can be.
Inside of that Grinch, I’ll do my work.
A new heart, a new spirit; no longer a jerk.
Until I return and make all things new.
My authority and kingdom, I’ve entrusted to you.
Don’t look skin deep at the Grinches around,
see as I see and let my great love abound!
Put On
Love Wins