Creating an Atmosphere

Creating an Atmosphere

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How many of you guys have seen the

the new Buick commercials

and I seen the ones where there’s a little old lady and she says that the look like a Buick and you seen that one.

And then there’s a there’s a young guy he’s running up and down a car lot and he said I’m looking for a Buick I’m looking for a Buick

and then there’s He’s two Nevin neighbors and they’re looking out the window and they said that doesn’t look like a Buick you guys remember seeing thatcommercial.

Well Buicks new slogan is we have a bold new look

I don’t know if you know this or not but Buick was about ready to go bankrupt. Did you know that

and Buick realized that if they didn’t change their image they didn’t change but the way they did things. They were going to be in trouble. How many know thatsometimes the church is in trouble and don’t even realize it meant

and. Buick relies that if they don’t change everything change their look change their image change everything that they’re going to be in a world for serious troublehim and I feel that that’s the way the church is right now. I know that sometimes new New Hope Assembly of God has to make a little bit tweaks and changes for stuffto happen. I know that sometimes change isn’t easy.

It’s hard and it. But I want to tell you that if. Just like. If we don’t change the way we do things. If we don’t change our image or look the way we do stuff.

It’s going to be bad. My friends say man. You have to go with the flow. So yes the problem with some please some church is they don’t want to go with the flow. Andthen they go with the they go with the flow but it ain’t the right flow. Speaking about Buick my very first car that I had ever own was a nine hundred seventy seven BuickSkylark a member of the one nine hundred seventy seven Buick. Like raise your hand.

It was an ugly car. It was all white

and my dad to be able to have a pass and special. He put primer all over these holes that were all over. So he had Burgundy

and blue.

Putty holes all over primer and all that and it just it was a white car with purple and blue polka dots all over the thing. And it had no power steering on or other days nopower steering and you had to stick your whole body into the car just to turn it.

You were in the past. Steve you’re way too young for that. Let’s say festes too young for you know that.

Well anyways I had this Buick Skylark. And I had this great idea. One day

that doesn’t take a paint scraper

and pop off the emblem on the back or said Skylark

and tell her but it was a Chevy Nova.

Because it looked just like a Chevy Nova. And I want to tell you my friends were dumb enough to believe that.

But just no matter how many times I told people that that was a Chevy Nova there was no change in that thing from being a Buick Skylark

and see. I think that’s what happens a lot in the church today we. We try looking like something we’re not we’re trying to act like something we’re not trying to besomething we’re not we just need to be exactly who God has called do hope to be in this time and season Amen.

See God has called you to be here at this point in time

for God to do something awesome in this in this area. Do you know that I want to do something awesome here. You know. I go to so many different churches and itjust seems like they just

they don’t know why. Flo. How many know what I mean by Flo. What you just experienced there on the alter tonight that’s called Flo and. Not a lot of churches knowhow to do that.

I want to tell you that my wife and I were talking we want to go grab a coffee after we had lunch with Pastor Stephen baccy and we were talking about how you startflowing SR.

And that’s on that’s unheard of in churches that

I’m talking to see that kind of stuff happen where you get the profit taking the song and all that stuff mixed together and there’s a freedom the liberty and everything’sall just working together. You don’t see that stuff you just don’t see it.

In this message you got laid on my heart. Tonight

we’re going to be talking about creating an atmosphere

where the Spirit of God can move

about something that God is laid on my heart just a few months back and I’ve preached a couple messages on it.

And I’m not going to preach this I just want to touch on it. Real quickly

is that the church just isn’t passion enough for his presence anymore

and that’s something God’s really been speaking to me a lot about we have no passion.

At all for the presence of God sometimes

and passion for

if he shows up. That’s great if he doesn’t. That’s OK too. That should never be the attitude

you heard me say this morning. If he doesn’t show up. There’s no reason for us to even come here this present saying here.

You know used to even comment

that he wants to come and he wants to have a visitation with us.

But if we’re not willing to have him show up if it just doesn’t matter to us if it’s no big deal to us.

And he can show up in an atmosphere like that.

He can show up in an atmosphere like that.

And then. Take a look at Genesis

chapter one tonight. Genesis chapter one.

Genesis chapter one.

You guys were probably thinking this guy’s going to have his scripture verses up on the wall tonight. Sorry I pulled a woolly booger on it’s and I. It’s a fresh messageson I have done make up a Power Point.

Take a look at Genesis chapter one

Genesis chapter one. I’m going to take a look at it one through two is everybody there

talking about creating an atmosphere for the Spirit of God to move in and this is just some stuff that guys are revealing to my heart and mind

says you’re in Genesis Chapter one Verse one through to him to be getting God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void

and darkness was on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the Waters

says here that in verse two it says before the earth was even formed before it was even created it says that the earth was without form.

There was nothing to it yet. It was informed it wasn’t created yet.

It says it was formed. It was without form and


and other words void means there was nothing there. It was empty. There was nothing there.

To see. Feel that if we’re going to create an atmosphere where God can move where Spirit is Wolken where he can move and have access.

There has to be something there. It can’t be void see in order for God to move there has to be some kind of life there

see before the heavens and the earth was even created there was nothing there.

There was no form everything was void it was empty. There was nothing there. And God cannot move in an atmosphere like that. It says there in verse two that theSpirit of God hovered

over the deep water. And other words how many of you have ever seen a hovercraft before. Was it called a hovercraft it was just twelve years in one spot. Can it moveSure it can but it just hovers there

and see if God has no place to move. If God has no way of having access into the key having a key into our heart to be able to move

within our churches within our church.

If there is no life there. It’s without form. If it’s void if it’s empty. If there’s nothing going on. He can’t move right.

It’s not that new hope doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I just want to take new hope to the next level. Tonight Amen.

Because if we’re going to create an atmosphere in which God can move in there has to be some life to it.

God cannot move where there’s no life

where it’s empty words void and where there’s nothing going on.

So we have to be able to create that atmosphere.

How do we create that atmosphere where we can truly do our present way.

By praising him by by worshipping him. There’s all sorts of ways. Intercessory prayer. We can create an atmosphere. But we have to know that in order to create anatmosphere

when we create this thing we just don’t allow it to just drop off

and that’s what happens so often I’ve seen so many services where we go in

and the Spirit of God will start moving in a church people will start getting healed saved that ties in the Holy Spirit People will break out in laughter people will breakout and dancing things will start happening in the spirit realm but when the people get tired

and nine thirty starts rolling around.

Well it’s time to close up shop it’s all done with tonight.

So when we create that atmosphere.

We just don’t want to go dormant

we keep it stirring and going continually

see what I’ve come to realize is that a lot of churches

that they don’t want to create an atmosphere

creating an atmosphere to them. It gets messy

or is too kooky to see when a time the spiritual give start operating people don’t like that they shut that off. Thank God for new hope that they will shut that stuff off


so we see here that in the beginning in the beginning the heavens and earth

that it was there without form it was void it was dark in the Spirit of God just hovered there so we want to get the Spirit of God from that out of that hovering state intothe atmosphere of where he started moving throughout

where there’s somebody over here given tongues and there’s an interpretation going on over here. There’s prophecy up here in the front row. There’s people Dancinin the back. There’s so much freedom and liberty. That atmosphere has been created.

Take a look at second Peter chapter one

second. Peter chapter one. And where I take a look at the

second Peter chapter one verse twenty and twenty one.

Second Peter chapter one

verse twenty and twenty one

knowing first that no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation. For prophecy never came by the will of man. But holy men of God spoke as they weremoved by the Holy Spirit. See if we’re going to create an atmosphere in which God can move in. It has to start with inside us Amen. It can’t be our will to get it done.

We’ll Say that again. It can’t be our will to get it done see a lot of people in church wants to see a move of God and then they start trying to make things happen

and there ain’t nothing wrong with us. Sometimes sometimes that needs to happen.

I want to read you a story. Now may have heard of Smith Wigglesworth before. Smith Wigglesworth said something. It goes like this it’s as if the spirit. Don’t move.

I will move the spirit. You think about that and you think to yourself what does what does that mean. But it goes right along with what we just read and second Peterwhere says that a holy man of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. See we have to feel moved tonight by the Spirit of God see a lot of people don’t wantto feel moved by the Spirit of God

But where this came from. I want I want to read to you the full of cow where the story came from how I have ever heard that thing that I just quoted I mean have youever heard. Smith wheels were said

that if I thought oh my spirit Don’t move. I’m going to move the spirit. This is word to a place that I will read you the story of where that happened that is one Sundayhe was in a strange town in search for a place of worship. He found himself in a friend’s meetings. He sat quietly just like people for a time and then his experiencebecame like that of a soul missed who said while I was musing The fire burned that I spoke with my tongue his soul was ablaze and liquid fire flowed from his lips at theclose of the service leaders gathered around him exclaiming how quickly you were moved by the Smith by the Spirit Smith we was worth but your secret. What is yoursecret. Do please tell us what it is they were somewhat astounded at his blunt reply. Well you see it is like this if the spirit does not move. I will move the spirit that wasdoubtless in crude way for him to express himself but we had never often heard him say that as I started out in the natural This is what he would always say Smith wewill were slow would always say as I start out in the natural in faith the Spirit of God always meets me and annoyance me so that although I start in the natural man I willcontinue while what’s going on in the spirit

See what have to happen as is when God begins to move we create an atmosphere it’s because of our faith and because of us and what we’re expecting God to dosee God can never move unless there’s an expectation on your. Part

is that way in healing isn’t it. You have to have faith to see something happen right.

See it has to be your expectations to see that and if you don’t want to see a move of God you won’t see a move of God

If you don’t want to Spirit of God to move in your life in this church’s life you won’t have it


it won’t happen.

And this is the reason why sometimes when the Spirit of God moves he has a hard time moving because we’re not willing to your create the atmosphere for him to beable to be able to move in and that’s why he just hovers and if nothing’s going on. He’s out the back door

see sometimes you’ll sense. I don’t know if you’ve sense this. We haven’t sense that a little bit this morning. But you can sense ways of the Spirit of God when Hecomes

you’ll see where he’ll start moving on one way and he’ll go and start going in a different direction and if you’re not catching up. If you’re not knowing what the Spirit ofGod going to do next.

It doesn’t take very long to. To mess things up.

And then.

I remember one time I was preaching in a church over in Ohio

and there was so much stuff going on. I could just not lock in the what the Spirit of God was doing. If you ever had that happen before you just completely dumbfoundof what he’s doing

and I could not lock in and it was because of the atmosphere that was in the church.

See I have find out later on after I’d end up preaching there the pastor and I had gone out to lunch. He told me this family over here is fighting this guy over here wantsthis board member out this family wants me out and it was all this bickering there was all this dissension. Why the Spirit of God couldn’t move. See he can’t move in anatmosphere like that.

I said he can’t move in an atmosphere like that

if we’re going to create an atmosphere it can’t have dissension and big ring and backbiting and all that stuff famine.

So he’s here shuttle we see here that Smith Wigglesworth said that

if the Spirit of God is going to move I’m going to move him.

You know God will get moved by your worship.

Do you know the Spirit of God will get moved by your faith. He’ll get moved when you really want to see him move see the reason why we don’t see the Spirit of Godmove sometimes it is the same reason we don’t see a revival sometimes we just don’t want to bad enough

right. Because I want to tell you if we really wanted to move God who create that atmosphere that’s not that hard to do.

It’s not that hard.

You know I had a young a young girl come to me one time at the altar and she said.

I just don’t feel

the Spirit of God in my life

and I told her it’s not about feelings. It’s not about feelings it’s not about anything like that.

I love what Paul told.

Festivus he says God is as close to you as he is to me he’s no respecter of persons. But it’s not about feeling it’s not about experience a man who can’t base the movieof the Spirit of God off of off of experiences.

I remember one time I’ve. When I was younger

I was about sixteen seventeen years. Thought I went to the altar and I had an experience with God

What ended up happening was my mouth started moving real fast. My tongue started moving around fast and it wasn’t tongues.

But I’m telling you. Everybody around me heard it too. I had this sound come out of my mouth a son like a trumpet.

Now tell you.

You could never recreated

but ended up finding myself this is what I do. Every Sunday. Afterwards I go back to the altar and I would see that experience

every Wednesday night I would go to youth group and I would see that experience

and stead of seeking. An atmosphere for God to move in. I was seeking the experience of that sphere.

And I would beat myself up every Sunday morning every Sunday night never was a night every service and why Lord why did you move like that and you won’t moveagain like that.

Here’s the whole thing my friends got a sovereign

and other words do you know what the word sovereign means that means God will do whatever he wants. He’s going to move when he wants. But I’ll tell you what I’dbe I’ve the wanting to this is the way I think I’d rather create the atmosphere and let God move in that atmosphere

so that if he shows up he can move

and that. He saw in enough to show up when he wants and do what he wants

but my friends if we create that atmosphere before he shows up and he’s welcome then that atmosphere.

There’s all whole bunch of stuff that could happen. Miracles to start happening.

Healings could start happening.

I remember I was preaching to about three and a half years ago

my wife and I we got asked to go preach. At a church it was running about three hundred people.

And we were we were at the altar and we were we were I was preaching and we just got in to the altar call and all of a sudden out of nowhere.

The whole congregation broke out in advance.

And I’d never seen anything like that before it was because of the way the atmosphere was created

and soon as they all this all this happened the Spirit of God just broke out

this atmosphere was created and people started dancing and shouting and. And just it was unbelievable.

I ended up having his guy walk up to me after the service

and he says that’s the best service we’ve had at this church in thirty years. While it’s awesome.

Well about a week later I got a call from the pastor of that church

who told me he wanted to move of God like that.

But it got too messy. See when God moves

and you don’t move with him he gets messy for you. Not for him and then

this guy called me up and he said I need to talk to you.

He said

You know I had people really like that service but I really wasn’t convinced of it

and he said there’s a millionaire attends my church that was the gentleman I just told you about that was the best service he saw in thirty years. He said I actually wentto his house to apologize to him about how the service when it shows you were mine was. He says I want to apologize to him about how the service it went

and then he ended up telling me I liked it. It was greatest thing ever saw. So I’m asking him then what is the problem with that. He just didn’t want to move of God likethat. I remember the night before he took my wife out me and out for dinner and he says I want revival. I want to move God’s Spirit.

But when I started. He was not willing to get out of the way to actually see it happen.

You want to know what ended up happening.

A week after that phone call he had resigned from that church and moved back to Minnesota. See if you’re not willing to move with the Spirit of God I’ll tell you whatgot the movie right on out.

If you’re not willing to create an atmosphere where God can be and he can move and function and operate whole movie right on out. Guess what if this church righthere is going to create an atmosphere and you’re willing to to be in the flow of that atmosphere.

God will move you right on are seen this happen. Dozens of times. I’m sure pastors heard stories like this. It’s called weeding out baby.

And if you hang on the same page than

we. Now does what happens to him at the seat that’s what happens when it comes to creating that Miss fear for God the movie.

Not willing to go with the flow and you’re going against the current baby.

Take a look at.


chapter one.

Luke chapter one.

Luke chapter one. I want to take a look at verse thirty four

Luke chapter one verse thirty four will take a look at verse thirty four and verse thirty five.

Everybody there

verse thirty forces then Mary said to the angel How can this be since I do not know man verse thirty five and the Angelo answered and said to her the Holy Spirit willcome upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow you therefore also that the Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God. Now look at versethirty five there again it says and the Angelo answered and said to her the Holy Spirit will come upon you

see what God wants to do is it he wants is his spirit come upon us as individuals and on the church. If you were to look up how many times. This was in the Bible theWord just just those two words together come up with three words come upon us. It’s only found twice in the Bible. Can you can you tell me where they’re at. Do youknow where they’re at

over here in Luke chapter one. There is verse thirty four and thirty five and then acts.

One eight where he says the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will be my witnesses

see in both

parts in Luke and in Acts. When it says there will be a coming upon you. It always refers to the Holy Spirit

as the Holy Spirit is going to come up on us.

Now if you look this word up the definition. To come upon it means to approach

or overtake to come to or arrive. I mean no I want the Holy Spirit to rough tonight and

it means to approach or to overcome how many of you’ve ever been overcome by him

see the Holy Spirit wants to approach us tonight.

He wants to overcome us he wants to overtake us.

That’s what that coming upon us. It’s only found twice

and both refer to the Holy Spirit.

We want the Spirit of God to come upon us and rest upon us

see when he comes upon us and the rest upon us. Then he can start moving through us.

But he can’t do that before that.

Now I want you to look it says here that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will have a high the high of the power of the highest will overshadow you thereforealso the Holy One who is born will be called the Son of God Now that word overshadowed it says that the whole that when the Holy Spirit came upon or

that she would be overshadowed by the most high.

Now this word overshadowed

the definition of it means to be enveloped tell me I have ever heard the word envelop before when you think of the word overshadowed you think of the word envelop

and this word and enveloped means to surround to cover to unfold to engulf to encircle to encompass. A cocoon like state

to be enclosed in.

How many of you have ever seen.

Maybe you know pigs or cows and they’re all fenced in or maybe you have a dog and it’s fenced in

the sea. There’s just the

there’s no way to get now there’s a covering around it.

I mean no they go waltzing cover you tonight. You want to cover you up once and circle you want to in golf you

alone. I love that show I love that porous is like a cocoon likes that is

the one God overshadows you any

he puts his wings of shadows of his wings as it talks about over and Psalm ninety one he overshadows you.

There’s a transformation happening there. He has with the Spirit of God can do it could transform us when there is a moving of God’s Spirit. There’s transformationthat comes with that

I love this next definition this in that they gave I found this in one Bible word dictionary and it described the word overshadow as this God’s overshadowing presencethere brings his plans to pass

when God overshadows us when he what his presence shows up because this ad Miss fear had been created.

He starts transforming us and his plans are going to come to pass. I know that God has a plan for this place.

I love that translation. I love. I mean that definition I want to read it to you one more time. The overshadowing

it says God overshadowing presence that brings his plan to pass.

See that’s why we need. To create an atmosphere for God to be able to move in for the Spirit of God The movement to see just like what we read over there and firstPeter has to take us to be able to allow the Spirit of God to move for us to get out away and love the spirit of God and move and if if we are going to get out the waythat we better move the Spirit of God start moving a man

because he’s got a plan. He’s got a purpose.

I remember

when I was younger. Oh how I was in a service just like this and there was a man named tiffs Shuttlesworth how many of you ever heard of fifth Shuttlesworth beforehe’s an evangelist with you some was

and he came to preach for a week at our church. And at one time he was attending Zion Bible Institute I may have ever heard of Zine Bible Institute

and he said that there is One morning he showed up for chapel when he was there

and he said that the the young people of the school got together or orally one day before chapel before they had their services and they began to pray

and they began to worship and they began to seek the face of God

and he said to Shuttlesworth has said

that everybody. While this praise it was going on in the worship was going on the praying was going on

he said

that a cloud of God’s glory

and they got this recorded up there at the school

God’s cloud showed up and this thick cloud filled the whole room and it just.

Up on the ceiling

and have said if it was just one or two people I would have said everybody was. Easy but there was three hundred students there that morning

that all witnessed it and they all experienced and they all

examined this thing firsthand with their own eyes

see they created an atmosphere

to work God to move in

they created an atmosphere with prayer and worship.

So that’s how God will start moving my friends when we create that atmosphere

and then

take a look at First Corinthians Chapter twelve verse seven

First Corinthians Chapter twelve verse seven.

So some of you wipe in your eyes

your brother is now man I thought this guy was going to preach like he did this morning. He kept me.


first Corinthians Chapter twelve or seven. You there

and I’m going I’m going to read the whole thing but I’ll tell you what it is what it’s saying in context. It says here but the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each onefor the profit of all and he goes on in the verse eight nine and ten eleven he starts describing the spiritual gifts

that the Spirit of God gives the men for the prophet to men. Now notice there is said. Let me read it again. It says here that

the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one see the spirit the one the Spirit of God as manifest if it should be manifested to each and every one of us.

One god spirit starts moving it’s a manifest. Station unto us

when when there is gift of tongues in and prophecy and interpretation and healing and he goes on and he says that in verse eight in verse nine verse ten. He’s taughtI’ll just read it says to one is given where is wisdom a once a words of knowledge by the same Spirit to another faith by the same spirit another gift of healing in someof the same to a one the working of miracles to another prophecy to another discerning Spears to another different kinds of tongues to another interpretation but oneof the same spirit works all these things say all these things. Distributing to each one individually as He wills. See it says that the manifestation of the Spirit. See whenGod begins to move one atmosphere has been created.

When that atmosphere is being created God begins to move and his spirit is manifested in our presence

does that make sense.

I don’t know if you remember this the smore name but I’ve got a word up here that somebody was supposed to give a ward of prophecy right then and there. Andthen somebody stood up and they gave that we’re

seeing we have to know when the Spirit of God is moving

and then when we’re just blowing

just making up our own stuff. I mean we have seen that before

and I says. Here are a manifestation of the spirit in other words the Spirit of God shows up and it’s there

it’s manifesting itself.

I mean if you ever watch Perry Stone his show is called manifest.

But he’s taking the word manna from bread and then fest

manifest you know I think maybe that’s what’s missing in our church today is fresh manna from heaven.

I’m all just throw this out there thing and part of my message but I think that if we would just allow a fresh man of the show up in our church again

fresh manna from heaven show up in our church people would want to come


you know if people have fresh manage church they want to come

at all. Pastor this and some of you were here today when I said it

but people love coming this church because it’s there’s freedom there’s liberty.

There’s a lot going of God’s Spirit to move

but then I went on to tell you

everybody loves the movie of the Spirit. But then sometimes when the spirits move and everybody leaves and moves out the back door.

Some people check out you know they might be here but they’ve checked out the down the down the road in the buffet already a name in there yet

but we need to see a manifestation

of the Spirit of God If we’re going to create an atmosphere when we do create this atmosphere and work God’s spirit can move.

There’s going to be a manifestation of the Spirit.

I heard a story one time. There was this this minister had a young man walk up to him

and he said Pastor.

I’m waiting for my healing.

And he said. All right. Son just wait for the manifestation

and the next on the good boy came up and he came up with something totally different. He says Pastor I’m believin for for a new horse.

And he said well this keep on believin just wait for the manifestation. About three four weeks this boy just keeps on of Sam pastor. I’m still waiting for my horse.

He says just wait for the manifestation son.

About ten twelve weeks go by and of the boy comes up and he’s frustrated he says Pastor

you keep telling me about this man who’s coming from the station. Isn’t that something what we do sometimes we get

we’re confused about what the manifestation of the Spirit is

we get confused about what the Manifestation truly is of the god spirit.

We need it to manifest and be made known in our midst. Right.

Look at Romans chapter eight verse fourteen

Romans eight.

Verse fourteen Romans chapter eight verse fourteen.

And it says

those are the sons and daughters of God

will be led by the Spirit of God

is this those who are the children those who are sons and daughters of God

will be led by the Spirit of God see if we’re going to have a movie of God’s Spirit. If we’re going to create an atmosphere where God’s spirit can move. We have to beSpirit led

see what happens so often isn’t

I want to tell you guys are gems.

But about seventy five percent of the A.G. churches nowadays

they don’t want to move you know God spirits.

They don’t want the Spirit of God to move. I was

preaching at the church when I when I got the invitation I couldn’t believe it because I had contacted this guy previously before and

he had actually said in the conversation to me that I was to Pentecostal form

and then he ended up inviting me to his church. Anyways and it was it ran like six seven hundred people. Well. It was rough brother

and I got there and the pastor introduced and I went to his office and I met him there was a first time I ever met him he extended his hand shook my hand the very firstthing out of his mouth he said this is the first thing he said.

I am the most non Pentecostal Pentecostal you will ever meet.

He says I am the most non Pentecostal Pentecostal you were ever meet.

And I got ten minutes to go out to preach and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it

so I go out and I preach

and I’m talking to people I preach just like I did what you would have saw the small and I got about six seven hundred people look at me like this.

It was way too much fun they had never seen anything like that

we start praying for people to get healed and baptized the Holy Spirit and everything else. But what was the icing on the cake was I got a word that somebody had tohave a word over here in the corner.

And it was this little guy from India had very broken English

and I knew. And I felt my spirit the somebody had a word I knew it was going to be that little Indian guy over there in the corner. And he stood up with his brokenEnglish and he gave this beautiful word from God

and I’m telling you I felt the Spirit of God just

to come all across that sanctuary

soon as that man gave that word. The pastor comes up riffs the microphone out of my hand.

And he says. All right.

We learned a lot about the Spirit of God tonight but we can’t hang around here at the altar all night. It’s time to go

and it was it was all over with

See people don’t want to have a move God Spirit

and even pastor when the atmosphere might have never been treated and there’s just a little spark being created. If it’s not what they want. They kill it. They kill amove of God. You know over there in the book of Acts it talks about Peter and how the how of the council was there and they said that if these men are from God wewon’t be able to stop them. But it but if this isn’t from God it will fizzle wild.

What they wanted to do was they wanted to kill the move of God. And that’s what a lot of people are trying to do today is kill the move of God in the church. Postpreach and. But a year ago at a church you my Sim and you got a lot of water or stories I sure do.

I had a pastor call me up. Once I mean his church was running about the same amount six seven hundred people I’ve come to notice that the churches that are biggerend up not really like the one I got to say when I get there

and be it’s because most I’m gone. Seeker friendly. They’re all seeker friendly you know don’t upset the apple cart does it leave us alone. We’d. We like being donewithin an hour. All that give me my laser light show my rock show. Coffee shop. Yes probably don’t know that but that’s what most churches want today. And want alaser light show a rock show twenty minutes a preach and twenty minutes of music. Give me out by twelve o’clock and that’s it. There’s no fellowship there’s no worshipthere’s really nothing going on. It’s just a it’s just a social club. And this guy this is this pastor.

He invited me he said I heard of all the healings have been happening.

I heard about people getting saved all these miracles all these things happening.

He says I want to invite you to come to our church. For three services. So that’s great. I’ll call

and I get there

and I preached and I just gave the altar call whole church comes forward to the altar call. And as I gave the altar call people came to the came to the alternate there’sworship being the spirit of just worshipping in the Spirit of God just begins to the move

and I think it had been a long time since I had seen anything like that and they were hungry for it.

But what I ended up doing was one that altar call got started I stepped down off

of the Paul post

and I came down to start praying with people. And the pastor crowd the Mike I want to get. Got the mike. He went up and he says. All right. That’s a great service willsee it all back here again tonight.

A geezer’s

And I said to the pastor said Pastor said I was just getting ready to come down and pray with people.

What’s going on. He says well

we don’t have all the calls here. So what do you mean he says well we don’t make people feel uncomfortable. You know people. People don’t want to feeluncomfortable we don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. Now they just like to sit back hear the message and that’s it. We don’t try to you know I don’t want tomess with anybody. Just let them. Yeah. Whitewashing pretty much you know they they use this term a lot. They’re on a journey and let them go on the journey bythemselves alone. You know

and I looked at the past and I said Pastor I was just get ready to pray with people still reason you invited me here I shall I suppose pray for the sick if you know allow meto

and he says well. God knows my heart

you know I just don’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable home I suppose to pray for the sick that’s what you invited me here for

and it’s really no answer

so I come here I come to realize that when it comes to miracles and healings and stuff like that people want healings they want miracles. They want to see people getsaved they want to see this but they don’t want what happens to create that atmosphere for it to be able to happen.

They’re all good on C.N.N.. Healings and everything like that but we don’t want to do what creates the atmosphere to be able to have those things happen

and see what we can. Have to get out of our mind as we can never ever ever ever ever. Want to see the miracles and the hand of God move and not want to create theatmosphere in which it will take place.

If God’s going to move. It’s going to be because the atmosphere was created because you want to see those things happen.

I have one more chapter I want to read to you turn to a second. Samuel And we’re going to close with this tonight Second Samuel. Second Samuel Chapter Six

me in second. Same with Chapter six we’re going to look at one through sixteen. Again David gathered all the choice men of Israel. Thirty thousand and David wrote arose and went into that where the people were with him from Bill to Judah to bring up the ark from God and the ark of God whose name is called by the name theLord of Hosts He dwells between the cherubims. So they set the ark on a new cart and brought it out of the House of Abba Navajo. Which was on the Hill of use A andA Oh the son of Adam NAB drove the new cart and I want to stop there for a second. It says here and you guys probably are realize where I’m going with this. Whichsays that they went and they took the ark of God

and stuck it on a new cart.

See maybe you don’t realize this but that new cart is a representation of new methods. New ideas

a new way of thinking. A member here and reading Charles Finney said this he said the new measures in other words the new methods

that are popping up in today’s churches are going to destroy it and he said that one hundred sixty years ago.

And I want to tell you there’s new methods today

that are popping up

in the church today. That are going to destroy a move of God. Where the spirit of God can’t move in those instances. I want to tell you there is new cart mentalitieshere today. How many know that there is probably nothing wrong with that old cart but they want to snuff they want something new they want something fancier.

Exactly. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You know pastern I was talking about this is morning.

But nowadays people sing these praise and worship songs and it’s all about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. There’s nothing about him him him him him. They want tosing all these songs about. All what I can do you know there’s songs about what my faith can do what I can do what I can do if it’s all about me it’s all about me.


but there’s nothing about singing to him my friends God One of the want to be to sing about or talk about he wants to be sung to

and that’s this new measure that’s this new cart mentality. I also want to tell you I don’t believe that God can move and that was fear like that when it’s about me meme me me.

That’s this new carton and let’s go on there.

And he says

that they had this new cart and they brought it out of the house and went before the first five then David all the house of Israel played music before the Lord on allkinds of instruments of of wood and horrible sun strained instruments and tambourines and on cymbals well seem like they were doing stuff pretty right there and in it

as so far so good.

And I’m we do the same thing in churches though they have worship. I know a pastor. I love and I love him as a brother in Christ that this guy has got a good heart. Ireally love him

but every time around this dude he. Says that best worship teams around man

he brags about it. Why. So they’re good once in his own time.

He’s like there’s no there’s nobody they can touch my worship team they’re the best we rock it out. Ross and he’s completely always bragging on his worship team andhe’s sick of hearing. That great.

You know

he’s always bragging about his worship team and they you know. David here he’s he’s as is as he’s playing music before the Lord. You know that sometimes you canjust be worshipping God and you want to think it’s all right. But it might not be

so that they were planting hammerings and symbols look what verse six says. And when they came to Nakhon threshing floor used to put out his hand to the ark andtook hold of it for the oxen had stumble. Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against him and God struck him there for his air and he died there by the ark of God

see if we’re going to handle the presence of God

If we’re going to handle the presence of God If we’re going to create an atmosphere where God is to where he can move and function and operate. We’ve got tomake sure that we’re doing with some holy hands my friend.

We should never want to reach out and touch. The manifest presence of God unless we’re truly ready for it

and he stuck his hand out now in a sense. He probably thought he was doing the right thing. Once you think so. He probably thought he was doing the right thing

but he was wrong

and I think so often we think we’re doing the right thing.

And we try to create an atmosphere on our own.

We start trying to do this and do that and we should just be moved in the Spirit of God and all the Spirit of God to do it

and not try to create the atmosphere on our own.

But move the Spirit of God to be able to move in that and create that atmosphere.

Goes on there and assess and verse eight and David became angry because of the Lord’s outbreak against be against you and call him that place Pereira’s user to thisday verse nine. David who was afraid of the Lord and he said how can the Ark of the Lord come to me verse ten. So David would not move the Ark of the Lord with himto the City of David. But David took it outside of the House of

now may remember the story of a buried and we’re going to get to that but obit Edam it was a it was blessed place at that time in his God’s presence was there Iwould he goes on and says in verse eleven the Ark of the Lord remained in the House of obit Edam. Three months and the Lord blessed obit eat him and his house allsee when you know how to handle the presents when you understand when the atmosphere is created and not to mess with it and use your own methods in your ownideas. God will bless that a man.

God will bless when the atmosphere is created the correct way.

First twelve. Now it was when King David saying The Lord has blessed the house of a bed eat him and all that will last him because of the lark of the Lord. So Davidwent out and brought out the ark of God from the house of obit even to the City of David with gladness Now notice he’s doing it with Gladys and

how have you ever see. Some sour people try to get into the presence of God. Believe me I see it every Sunday I’ll look out across crowds and I see people they justdon’t want to be there. There’s no gladness that whatsoever. Exactly. That’s why the Spirit of God can’t move in a situation like that can’t move in a church like that.Amen. He goes on. He says verse thirteen and so it was when those burning the Ark of the Lord had gone six paces that he sacrificed an ox and fatted sheep. Hewasn’t going to mess up this time bastard every step he took he was going to make sure that there was NOT be a sacrifice he was going to make sure he was going toget it right this time

as he sometimes when we’re creating an atmosphere

where we can hold the presence of God we’re God’s spirit can move.

We have to understand that we better have our steps in order

not only should we have our steps in order that we better not step out of bounds. That he doesn’t come in judgment again emma

that what he goes on. Then he says

he goes on and he says

in verse fifteen

fourteen then David danced

before the Lord with all his might and David was wearing a linen a fog verse fifteen so David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord shouting andwith sounds of trumpets verse sixteen now as the Ark of the Lord came into the city. Michael Saul’s daughter looked through a window and saw the King David leapingand whirling before the Lord and she despised him in her hearts. So they brought the ark to the Lord and said in the in the midst of the tabernacle of David had adirected fort then David offered a burnt offering and the peace offering before the Lord now says are the days. It was dancing and twirling and it was just he says hedanced with all his might.

He was creating an atmosphere for the presence of God he was creating a place where the Spirit of God could come and manifest itself. Now said he had taken that

and stuck it in a tabernacle that he had built specifically for God.

See we should be building this house was built for God we were build here to come and worship and praise God and all that

but see now we don’t have an ark or God’s dwelling anymore eased well on in here my friends. Through the Holy Spirit. He’s in here says we’re now the temples ofGod

and when we come to gather together my friends.

We’re bringing that we’re bringing God with us and men

and he should be able to be able to be manifested through each and every one of us

whether it’s a tongues or gifts or a prophecy or whatever it is it should be able to be manifested but if there is not a right attitude.

Better watch out.