The Fire of God

The Fire of God

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Were we talking about the fire of God This morning the fire of God they’re going to be queuing up are our scripture verses here this morning. Before we get intotoday’s message. I just want to read you some lyrics that I have here on my phone. If I was a man name a man named William Booth not a lot of you would know whothat is how many of your heard of William Booth for a few hands but if I was a Save the Salvation Army pretty much everybody’s hand would go up on that right. Wellover one hundred years ago. William Booth wrote a song called Sun the fire. And I believe that the lyrics to that song should be applied so much more to the churchthey even as it was a hundred years ago. Listen to what William Booth wrote over one hundred years ago. Oh god of burning cleansing flame the fire your blood bloodgive today we claim send the fire today. Look down and see this waiting host and send the promised Holy Ghost. We need another Pentecost send the fire today. Ohgod of the law here I cry send the fire and make us fit to live or die send the fire to day to burn up every trace of sin and bring the light and the glory and let therevolution. Come on now. Let the revolution now begin to send the fire its fire we want its fire we plead send the fire. The fire will meet our every need. Said the fire today for straight to always do what’s right and for grace to conquer in the fight to walk this world dressed in white it’s

set in the fire today come oh now. My friends we need the fire of God this morning. Amen. You know I’m sick and tired of hearing people talk about the fire of God Iwant the fire of God I want to experience the fire of God I want to be real. I want to be tangible in my life. Come on now in the same manner O. me. Take a look at thevery first scripture verse we look at here. Leviticus Chapter six. Then the Lord spoke to Moses a command and then his son saying this is the law of the burnt offeringthe burnt offering shall be on the first of the altar all night until morning and the far on the altar shall be kept burning on it go on.

And the pre-show put on his linen garments in his linen trousers he should put on his body and take out the ashes of the burnt offering which the fire has consumed onthe altar and he should put them beside the altar verse eleven then he shall take off his garments put on his other garments and carry the ashes outside to a cleanplace. And a fine the altar shall be cut burning on it as shall not be put out and the pre-show burn the wood on it every morning and lay the burnt offering order on theorder on it and he shall burn off the fat of the peace offering verse thirteen a fire shall always be burning it shall never go out. I want you to notice here three times.God told Moses. Don’t let the fire go hell. Let the fire go out. Let the Fire go us and then when you get the first thirteen. He says the fire shall always be burning issuenever go out

never go out. He’s trying to tell Moses the fire go outs and I want to tell you that is what he’s trying to tell his church today. Let the fire of God go out in your life. Thesmall morning

when we get to first thirteen he says the fire shall always be burning

as she’ll never go out

but I want to tell you my friends the sad reality is today. In most of our lives we have allowed the fire to get snuffed out.

It used to be burning so bright but now it doesn’t burn as bright as it once did.

There’s just a little bit a spark there

but it’s not burning like it used to.

I want to tell you I think what happens sometimes is is we get so burned out on life. Come on now

Come on now. We get so out on life

that we’ve allowed the fire of God to go out in our lives.

We’ve got to take the kids to soccer practice we got to make lunches. We got to make dinners. We got to do this we got to do that we got to go visit and Marie in thehospital. We got to do everything and we get soap and out we wonder why the fire isn’t burning as bright as it once did before.

It was so important

for God to tell Moses that three times. How important is it this morning to tell you not to let the far go on a life

that this far show always be burning and never put out.

Look at an extra sure verse. You know

if you’ve been any in Pentecost for a long period of time you’ve seen some crazy stuff before


But I want you to know that there is a truly a genuine fire of God And then there’s some flaky stuff with it.

Now I’ve talked to people before I’ve talked to pastors about this and I’m not sure where Pastor Steve stand I’m sure. Knowing him and him being a good friend ofmine I’m sure him and I stand on the same same area probably but I’ve heard Pastor say I rather have a little bit of strange far the no far at all

but here’s what you have to understand

the strange far

is never good either. Amen. There has to be a fair balance. Now take a look at this take a look at Leviticus Chapter nine. Moses and Aaron then went into the Tent ofMeeting where they came out the blessed the people and the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people. First. Money for the fire came out from the presence of theLord where the fire come from.

Now notice there look at verse twenty three. It says the glory of the Lord showed up. Now there’s going to be a recurring pattern here this morning that we’re going tosee every time the fire of God shows up the glory of God shows up with it almost say that again. Every time the fire of God falls the glory of God shows up with it. Itsays here that the glory of the Lord appeared all the people the fire came from the presence of the Lord consume the person offering and the fact portions and whenall the people son. They shouted for joy and fell on their faces

see the first automatic response should be is. It’s one God’s Fairfield’s on a church or falls in somebodies life his glory is going to show up with that. And the firstresponse we should have is that we’re going to praise God I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in church services where the first of God fell and the glory of Godshowed up so thick in the congregation and I see somebody sitting back there picking dude off from underneath their fingernails.

My friends when we’re in that that tangible presence of God. That should be the only thing that should be matter and it’s praising God Turn it up now I want you tonotice here. This is God coming in a powerful true way the first God is falling. This is a genuine move right here. Now look what happens. Pastor Steve will verify thisthis some scholars teach that this was just within three minutes of each other good of a chapter ten now we are just in chapter nine go to chapter ten. Look whathappens just within minutes of each other. Every and sons took their sensors and put fire and them and added incense and they ahd a furred up on authorize far beforethe Lord. Contrary to his commands. So the fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them right there.

How do you know that sometimes strange far has to be taken care of

them all now

a sometime strange Fargo to be to. Care of.

And as the evangelist come in. I leave that up to the pastor I don’t deal with strange far. That’s the pastor’s job put up those men

but I want to tell you one time I was preaching at a church down in West Virginia. And it seemed like the altar call was getting ready to go pretty good but then I sawthis little lady that I found out it was never ten church that I thought she was I thought she was a member there

and the altar call got started and I’m over here praying with somebody and I see this little old lady going around face Polman people

and next thing I know I see you’re over there and she’s Get this she got this young lady in her thirty’s down on the floor and this lady never had a child.

So she’s telling this lady was going to birth you a spiritual baby right now

and she started having her give a baby in the spirit and you know all the noises that goes with all that and that’s what was going on.

How many know that some strange far.

See there has to be a distinction between genuine fire of God and some strange stuff and

look at the next one.

Hebrews Chapter twelve or twenty nine

For our God is a consuming fire.

See Should ball go our minds to God who is a consuming fire lives on the inside of us and we’re not burned up at the same time that is just to blow your mind.

God is a consuming far. He lives on the inside from the back and I’m not burning up at the same time I mean if you’ve ever heard of a term called Spontaneouscombustion before Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that term before. That’s where somebody catches on fire from the inside out and all you find is like a pair ofshoes

aren’t you glad that God lives on the inside. If you. He’s a consuming fire that lives on the inside of you and you. Not burned up at the same time here come on

come on

you’ve got CA living on the inside. If you. You have the fire of God living on the inside of you a man came and

you know I love the story. How many remember the story of when Moses saw the burning bush.

You remember that story and it says here that Moses said I will go over and see why the bush is burning and not being consumed at the same time.

Do you know what God was trying to get Moses to do there. He was trying to get him to step out and they go witness and experience and examine that bush. And seethat’s what I believe God wants us to do we hear so much about the fire of God and we talk so much about it but we never want to go over and witness it andexperience it and examine it for ourselves firsthand. And that’s what God did with Moses he had to walk over to the bush. Watch this Bush that’s completely on fire andnot being consumed at the same time. How many know that God wants to get shot your comfort zone this morning and start examining this far. Not that we justwouldn’t talk about it anymore but we would witness it and experience it and examine it for ourselves. This morning first hey come on. Can I get a shot this morning.

Look at the next one look at Exodus

Mariah’s told you. Every time the fire of God shows up the glory of God shows up with it. Look here. The side of the glory of The Lowered was like a consuming fire onthe top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel

in other words

in other words Dallas. Everybody there that day was able to witness it firsthand for themselves

when the fire of God fell and the glory of God showed up

there was a. One person on the bottom of that mountain the was an experience

and see this is what we can have here this morning we can all either jump in the gather and experience it together.

Just like the children of his rule did or we can to stand back and say this stuff

is what we have to witness and experiencing examined for ourselves as one man

and look here says this side of the glory of the Lord was like consuming far. If you look that word glory up. In the Hebrew

it means COBOL how we have ever heard the word COBOL before kabob means a heavy weighty presence that comes from the Lord Almighty

see my friends go almost get all over us this morning

when his far falls and His glory comes with my friends he want to get all over us this morning.

Look at the next one

second. Am I here got any enemies this morning and. Least my little man over here he is being truthful. He’s a yes man to me and I got enemies have a small Come onlet’s be truthful one of them all.

They were looking to says here. So you can kings then the king sent him a captain of fifty with his fifty men. So he went out to him and there he was sitting on the top ofa hill and he spoke to a man of God the King is said come down so a lot answered and said to the captain of fifty. If I am a man of God then let the fire come downfrom heaven and consume you and your fifty men and fire came down from heaven and consumed him in his fifty. Then they sent to him another captive fifty with hisfifty men and he answered and said the man of God just said the King come down quickly. So a lot answer said if I am a man of God Let the far come down fromheaven and consume you in your fifty man and the fire of God See that came down from heaven and consumed him in his fifty you want. Again he sent a third captain afifty with his fifty men. How do you know that your enemies are stupid.

Come on now. I know that your enemies are stupid.

How many know that they should have got the big picture after the first or second time.

They were goes on. He says and then he said a cat to Mr and he found his knees before lodging plead with him and said Man of God please let the life of these lawthese fifty servants be precious in your sight

see what will happen is people will see the far of God in your life like they did a lot.

Oh now

they’ll see the fire of God in your life like a sauna lodge and they don’t want to mess with you see people always say was everybody always picking on me.

I’ll tell you what if you’re walking with the fire of God in your life. There should be anybody messing with you this morning. Amen.

And they’re crying out for mercy. Now

look at the next one.

So we see the fire of God will protect us from our enemies go on war

is equal chapter eight. Chapter eight verse one through four. And it came to pass in the sixth year in the six month of the fifth day of the month as I sat in my housewith the elders of Judah. That the hand of the Lord fell upon me. Their father. I pray the swarming that your and would fall upon us in this place this morning FatherGod I pray Lord that your head would be upon these people Father God and you would move and M.F.’s yourself and their presence with morning Father God

first two then I looked and there was a like this like the appearance of far from his appearance in his downward waist like far and from his waist and up were like theappearance of brightness like the color of amp or you know who he’s talking about here.

He’s talking about the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ here

alone. And why is he looking like fire here because I’ll tell you why. God and Jesus the same

See the Bible says over and elations chapter three that God and Jesus Jesus is the exact representation of God Most say that again. Jesus is the exact representationof God It tells us over and glaciers three when you see God is a consuming fire. You see Jesus Christ is that consuming fire also a man. How many remember the storyof Shadrach be second to Bendigo when you see three people down in there and the first one looks like the Son of God that was the precursor to Jesus Christ downthere not far protecting him a man. I love the Revelation Chapter Two tells me it tells me it is

like five here.

See when you see God is a consuming fire. You see Jesus Christ is that consuming fire also

and it goes on there and it says

he stretched out the form of a hand and took me by the lock of my hair

and he lifted me up by the spirit between the heavens and the earth and brought me in the visions of God. How many of you when you were younger. Your mom ordad used to grab you by the back of the neck. Out there.

I know that maybe sometimes we just need God to grab us up by the back of the neck to show us the bigger picture and

because sometimes we’re just we just don’t get it do

I know what I’m talking about. Sometimes God is trying to show you the bigger picture and you just think it

knows what it says or it says that he lifted him up between the heavens and the earth. How many know that God wants to take you a part of this morning and whereyou’re at right now. I say God also take you out of this morning the way you are right now

he says he took him in the visions of God. See when we’re walking the fire of God God will give us a fresh revelation to give us a fresh knowledge of who we is howmany wants afresh. Revelation of God This morning I was a fresh knowledge of him. I need some insight in their life this morning. See it’s all by walking in the fire ofGod God will reveal these things to give us a fresh revelation fresh knowledge fresh insight on what he wants to do on our lives. He goes on there. He says

he brought me in the visions of God and then he took him to the seed of jealousy which provokes to jealousy verse four and behold the glory of God of Israel wasthere. Like I had seen in the vision that is seen in the plane.

He said he showed him

the vision of God and then the glory of God shall

see when Jesus Christ shows up in our midst. Just like he did here with easy the fire of God comes with it

that far. God will consume you and show you things that you never thought you would see before

he says there. Behold the glory of God was there and he made it just like I had seen in the plane how I know that God wants to make things plain to you this morning.

I know you make things too tough in your life

if there’s anything ever rough in your life. It’s because you made it rough a man.

But God wants His glory to show up. He wants Jesus Christ to be manifested in your life so far of God will start to see me and start burning in your life.

So we see that the far of God will should give us or for a shovel ation of Who He Is this morning

he will give us a fresh insight fresh knowledge of who he is

look at the next one.

Malakai chapter three verse one through three. Ball I am sending my messenger and he will prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you seek will suddenlycome to his temple. Even the messenger of the. Of and and whom you delight. He is coming says the LORD of hosts. How do you know that Jesus Christ is calling himclose to coming back today than what he was yesterday.

My friends we’ve got a whole lot more time

if you think we do then you better go check the newspaper again.

Did you see how there was various earthquakes all over the Earth a few last week

and I know that signs of the times are. Come on

he’s close to coming back my friends we don’t have a whole lot more time. And you know what this is what I want to tell you this morning because I find in a lot ofchurches I go to I know not here because I know this man’s heart but I know a lot of churches I go to the message of holiness Saint preached anymore.

A message of living set apart sanctified don’t isn’t talked about anymore but he’s come back for spotless blame was brought by. A pride that’s cleaned up by theblood of the Lamb.

Little goes on here and says

But who can endure the day of His coming and who can stand when he appears for he is like a refiner’s fire

see what God wants to do is is when you’re walking in the fire of God God will begin to refine you by the fire of God a man. See I see so many people say I’m trying tokick you when but I just can’t do it. I’m trying to kid porn and I just can’t do it. You need to find to come in and just

every trace of sin that’s holding you back from getting close to him

he says he’s like a refiner’s fire second refiner’s fire in other words. Well God wants to do this morning. If you want to take all those rough edges and start Susan I’m onyour life.

How many know we got some rough edges this morning. How we know that God needs us. Who is us all this morning. He needs to refine us by that fire this morning.He goes on and he says he’s like a lawyer or soap.

I mean no we just need the Holy Spirit to come clean up our act for us this morning.

And walk home have you when you were a kid.

Your mom or dad used to stick a bar soap in your mouth because you didn’t know how to use your mouth right. Saying stuff you shouldn’t be saying.

You still getting that.



good man. You know I always heard that I was spring was probably the worst.

And then which was the yellow one is that Dal

What is it. That’s enough to make you know when to cuss again right. You know when I when I first got saved. When I first got saved. I’ve never done drugs

never done drugs in my life I’ve never drank I never smoked. I’ve only been with one woman and that’s my wife. But one God found me out telling you I had a horriblemouth. I’m talking and this is before I get baptized in the Holy Spirit. I mean have the power of God Yet in my life but all I ever heard in church was you get what you’resave you’ve got to go get other people saved. So I was out trying to witness to people without the power of the Holy Spirit without having the baptism Holy Spirit

and I’d be telling people about Jesus and dropping the F. bomb in the same sentence.

Now how many know that’s not a good testimony him and I

remember I went home one night and I said God I can’t be talking like this. This isn’t a good testimony.

I remember I knelt down in my bed I was there for three four hours and I said God I’m not getting up until I know you to. And this from me.

And I’ll tell you what three four hours went by and I felt that release it got set me free from that

see the fire of God can set you free from stuff you think he has set you free from this morning and why would you want to hold on to something he can get rid of foryou this morning. I mean. You know I don’t want to read the whole thing but if you look down there is says they may offer to the Lord in offering in righteousness seewhy God wants to clean up your life. This morning. His so that you

wouldn’t be such a bad example bad testimony that you clean up your act this morning. He’s coming back the Bible says that we are now the righteousness of Godand we read that in the first part there. He’s coming back soon. My friends and he’s coming back for a spotless blameless bride. That’s why we need the fire of God toclean up our act this morning.

Now believe me I know that there’s going to be a little things you’re going to have a really hard time getting out of there. I understand that doesn’t mean you don’tstop working on trying to get those things down while the fire of God The Persia from your life. So we see the fire of God can set us free this morning. How many knowthat there’s anybody in here in the set for you this morning the far. God can do it. Look at the next one.

Second Timothy. Jotter one verse six. That is why I never mind you this stir up.

How many know we need to stir up the far of God this morning. Come on now. That wasn’t a good enough response for me.

How many know the we need to start up the far God this morning. Look what it says here that is why I remind you to stop we can’t all the embers. Fanned the flame of.Some of you ever seen a bellow before. It’s just like a fan where you just

you pump this is just.

And yes F. fire burning bigger and brighter and faster. See that’s what the Holy Spirit wants to do in your life. This morning. He wants to get that little spark that youhave because I want to tell you. Each and every one of us this morning. Might have a little tiny spark in us and God wants I think getting bigger and brighter and faster.

He says here that is why I remind you to stir up. I know that we need to be reminded constantly of all story of the far gone. Our Lives. He says that is why I remind you

to rekindle

in other words if there is already a spark there Becky.

You just got to get that thing brighter than what it is right now

he says

rekindle the embers fanned the flame of and keep burning

say that with me say keep burning.

Isn’t that what he told Moses over there and in chapter six Keep the fire of God burning. See the friends we should never let the fire of God go out we need to let itkeep burning in our lives.

He says keep burning. The gracious gift of God. How many know that the fire of God is a gracious gift this morning. Come all said the fire of God is a gracious gift thismorning.

He says the gracious gift of God the inner fire where is the fire of God out this morning. Jesus is a is

is a consuming fire and God is a consuming far and he lives on the inside of me then the fire of God must be where. Inside me. He says the inner fire. This is where thefire of God said it’s inside is my friends. We need to keep it burning brighter and faster and bigger than what it is right now

he says that inner. Fire that is in you by the means of the laying on of my hands that you’re older at your ordination

see my friends the fire of God

it will calm. It’s real it’s tangible.

But we’ve got to get this thing sparked up bigger than what it is right now.

Look at the next one.

Luke twenty four verse thirty two. This is a story about

two men who are on the road to a maze

and they come across Jesus

and look what they said here and they said to one another Did not parts and within us.

While he talked with us

and opened the Scriptures to us.

I want to tell you something. My friends. I don’t think Luke the writer of this all of this book would have ever wrote. That these men felt a physical burning inside theirhearts. Unless they felt it.

They said did not all parts burn within us. They physically felt a burning deep down inside their heart. This isn’t metaphorical

this is something that they experienced this was something real. They felt it deep down inside their heart they felt the turning from the fear of God in their lives.

He says while he talked with us

and revealed himself and he opened the Scriptures to us how many know that God wants to

he wants to set us on far when we taught him. He were not per time we should be getting up. We should be getting on for more God

and He says while they opened up the Scriptures to us why he talked with us and he revealed the Scriptures to us. So when we read the Word of God.

This is set us on fire for

you know I hear so many people. I don’t know how many people I’ve met in my life and I’m sure you might have but a few people like this too. They say. I just read theWord of God I just don’t understand it. I mean if you ever met people like that

my friends I want to tell you when you read this it should be said he wants fire for him and you should physically feel a burning inside your heart burning inside yourspirit for more of God

Look at the next one

who. Jeremiah

twenty three verse twenty nine. He says is not my word

like a fire. So when I read the Word of God This is set me on fire for it is. His word is like a fire to me

it consumes me.

It sets me more on fire for more of him.

That is what the Word of God should be do.

He says is not my word like a fire.

I want to ask you this morning and I ask you a question

is the Word of God to you like a fire in your spirit this morning. Every time you read it every time you apply it is setting you on far for more of him

because that’s what the Word of God should be doing

it should be setting you moron. Far from war of God

Look at the next one look at Jeremiah twenty

first nine. This is Jeremiah says. Then I said to him. I will make no mention of him

nor speak anymore in his name. So you germ I was Jeremiah has been there.

He’s been there. People said I don’t want to hear that Jesus stuff anymore. I don’t want to hear that God business anymore. Take two screws your verses down out ofyour cubicle I’m turning in H.R.

and see this is the automatic response we just start telling people about Jesus

see Jeremiah was there was any Pastor Steve Jeremiah knew what. Jeremiah knew he sensed this he knew what it was to take a message to somebody and have themturn him down and decline and say I don’t want to hear it’s

but see that’s where the church is today we’ve lost the fire of God in our lives to where we don’t even want to tell anybody about Jesus anymore.

I mean he’s ever been there before homeowner. I mean if you witness to people they say I just don’t want to hear what you got to say.

Does that mean you stop

because that’s what a lot of people do

might hurt


know nobody you know

we just stop telling people about Jesus


Look at he says here

he says I will make no mention of in those speak any more in his name. But his word

his word was in my hearts.

I think burning fire. See my friends when your soul on fire for God you’re going to tell people about Jesus. No matter how many times they’ve turned you down. Nomatter how many times they said I don’t want to hear what you got to say

who goes on and says but his word was in my phone in my heart like a burning fire. Shut up in my bones. I was weary of holding it back

and I could not

see here’s the whole thing. If you’re so on fire for God this morning.

It’s not going to matter what people think or say or what they feel about you you’re not going to be able to hold back the fact that he’s placed inside your heart thismorning.

You’re not going be able to hold back that fire

see Jeremiah was

not going to hold back.

He tried to and see that’s what happens with us. Sometimes the fire of God gets turned in our hearts and we want to hold it back.

My friends God wants to serve that far up that you would hold back. But you would be so weary of holding it back that you couldn’t contain it.

That’s how much he wants to set you on fire for him this morning that you would be able to contain it any longer

see some some some whose historians teach this that Jeremiah was persecuted so much for taking this message

that it was picked up on his feet

and they put him on a side like this.

And there was the Scholes cut out inside the city gate. And they picked him up and they ran with him and they jammed his feet into the city gates

and mangled his feet because they didn’t want to have to hear what he had to say and he long. Me ask you how many are you doing better than that this war

and I’ve been persecuted that much this morning that you’ve had your feet jammed in the city gate.

Sounds like we’re doing pretty good then this morning our way.

Look at the next one.

Hebrews chapter one verse seven and the angels he said

who makes his angels spirits and his ministers a flame of fire

that word minister is translated to be servant. So you don’t have to be a minutes. Sure hold a credential card like Pastor Stephen I. To be a minister this morning. Amen.This is where it’s supposed to be translated servant. How many servants of God do I have in here this morning. Now look what it says here. His Servants a flame of firesee when people see you. They should see the fire of God They should see you. So on fire for God that you do just flaming

that you would just be so on fire from God that they would see this in your life. See God’s servants should be seen

as a living fire of all men see when you go down to the local grocery store or sheets or Walmart or wherever you go. People should be able to see the fire of God inyour life.

They should be able to see the fire of God in your life. How many of you ever heard of Charles Finney before. I love history specially about revivals and Charles Finneyhe was a he was a revivalist he wrote a book called revivals of religion and I was reading the next SERP from his his journal one time to said that while he was in this citypreaching one time. This men this this factory owner has said while you’re in town would you come and visit me and he said when I get a chance I will come visit youand I says that he showed up to this man’s fat factory one day and as he walked on this long cord or

get into this man’s office. Men and women began to fall on his left and on his right.

Crying out for God to save them and that God would have mercy on them. So that’s what people should see people should see you. So on fire for God they wouldwant to bring them to repentance this morning

and well now

that it would want to bring then the repentance for

my wife and. We were at a minister’s retreat a few months back and it was a little old lady. Her name is Martha Tennyson she’s in a some ways of God evangelist stilltraveling way up in her eighty’s. And she told us a story of how she was going on a flight to go preach out of state and she took one of her friends with her who waswell up in her nine piece

and while more as a Tennyson her sitting on this plane

this stewardess walked over to Martha Tennyson and said I don’t know what it is

literally you have there with you. I feel so conflicted I got to get right with God

And she do you know nothing about them being ministers or nothing.

See it doesn’t matter if you’re the youngest person in this room or the oldest person in this room the fire of God to be able to convict people their sin they should beable to see the fire of God in your life. This morning. Amen. Look at the next one.

And I’m just going to skip down to the bottom it says he will but as you would the Holy Spirit and with fire.

How many people do I have baptized in the Holy Ghost in here this morning how they’ve received the baptism Holy Spirit. See if you have the bad has the Holy Spirityou have the fire of God.

Here’s a question I want to ask you what good is it to have the baptismal Holy Spirit and have the fire of God in your life and I would tell one person about Jesus.

What good is it. My friends if we go longer than a few weeks not telling someone about Jesus. We should check ourselves and get back in line and start telling peopleabout Jesus. Again should we.

Because what good is it to be bad and all is fair and have the fire of God Not even the use of it.

That’s what’s going on in most churches today. We see these people are like I’m on fire for God but they ain’t. Have you seen the crazy charismatic people who are allon fire for God today when nobody Jesus

and then usually the pastors end up having to put out all the small little fires that they’re they’re starting.

Look at the next one.

Acts chapter two verse one through four one The Day of Pentecost it fully come they were all in one place and want to court. Do you know what will bring revival.

Do you know what will bring the fire of God into a congregation. A church this one in one place and one accord.

See that’s where the fire of God can fall and then

he says and suddenly there came a sound from heaven like a mother. Rushing mighty wind Father God I pray this morning when you begin to move in this place thatthe sound of heaven that rushing might do you when we come in this place and fill this house and your glory would show up your fire would fall and we would beginthe praise you with our lips this morning. Lord.

He goes on and he says there and filled the whole house

with a verse three and there appeared to them divided tongues as of far and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit begin the speaking of tongues as a Spirit gavethem utterance. Now look at verse three says there appeared to them divided tongues as Afar see even on the day of Pentecost in the Upper Room God showed uplike fire there.

Now I want you to do me a real quick favor going to shake and shake out your stiff bones and everything this morning. Would you stand up with me right now and Iwant you to take your right hand everybody take the right hand. Take your right hand and I want you to put it above your head like this

and I want you to give me a pageant wave and will. Everybody just give me a passionate wave. She’s got a perfect passion we have down here. So this Pastor Becky. Soif you don’t know. To do a pageant wave just look at this to. Now I want you to keep doing that and I want you to look around the room.

Keep doing that and look around the room just look around the room and everybody can you imagine on the day of Pentecost being in a room of one hundred twentypeople and seeing their hair on fire.

Can you imagine that sight. Can you imagine that. Let’s just look around the room just keep doing that and just look around the room at everybody and just imagineseeing far above their head like that.

You may be seated.

My friends

the fire of God should be something that’s real should be something tangible it should be something we should be seeing in each and every one of our lives

there should be anybody in here this morning.

That should not be able to have the fire of God in their lives. Amen.

We all should be experiencing it this morning.

It should be something real should be something tangible this morning. I know my beautiful wife is walking out of that keyboard unaware usually distractions are thebiggest thing in churches aren’t they.

Keep your eyes read over here.


The fire of God should be something real in our lives as war.

Should be tangible we should be able to see this morning. Look at the very last versus the last chapter we’re going to look at look at Second Chronicles.

When Solomon finished prang fire came down from heaven word the far come from.

And it burnt it consumed the burnt offering and the glory of God filled the temple see there again we saw that several times in way or the fire of God falls in the gloryof God shows up.

And it says the priest could not enter the house because of the glory of the Lord had filled the Lord’s house. I mean have you ever been in a room like that before I hada pastor friend a preacher the pastors out near Philadelphia. He took this church. With twenty five people and within a year. It grew to three hundred

and I want to go show up one day to preach

and I met this guy on the hallway say I’m looking for Pastor Steve and he says he’s out in the hall he said he’s in there. He’s in there with the in the sanctuary with theintercessory prayer team and when he said S.S. refer to him I thought you know I pastor before one people say intercession per team I’m thinking to three womenbecause that’s usually all she ever shows up for an intercessor prayer team

but I get in there and there’s about seventy five people. In there just interceding and trying out. I want to tell you my friends I was there I walked into the center Ipushed the door open and I had to grab hold of the side of the door because my knees had buckled on me because the glory of God was so thick in that room.

Man what prayer can do. Emma

will goes on and says and priest could not even enter the House of Lords the Lord from the go on. When the children of Israel saw how the fire came. And the glory ofthe Lord fell on the temple they bowed on their faces and worst of the Lord would you begin just to stand to your feet right now and just begin the praise and rightnow

we’re going to believe that God is in a fall here mightily this morning.