Culture of Honor

Culture of Honor

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Blessing to have Jason Harkleroad actually be our guest speaker this morning and pour into our lives. Yeah. Plus a little bit of thank you so much for Jason in the firsta word is coming fourth floor does give us ears to hear. Nice to see God what you’re doing. And just moving powers more and in and through this is a servant of yoursand your name Amen. For morning.

I tend to talk in circles so hopefully I’ll be able to make the circle the whole way back around to make the whole point that I.

Yes. So last Sunday. Pastor Steve was talking about Daniel and. And

and I started thinking about how Daniel on our members and those are

who was basically his captor. And

and so it. As the morning developed I got this word in my heart and

it’s hard word. So

let me let me just pray for God. But I don’t want to speak anything other than what you have so God we just we just ask you Would you would help us to

just bring the message that you want to bring this morning. Mass you just leave me out of it.

So we just thank you that you are good

and you are the king he’s a man. A man.

OK So speaking of Honor going to talk about all of this morning. It is Pastor appreciation week in the first Timothy five seventeen says that that all spiritual leaders areto receive a double honor a double on so make sure that we honor him today. And man. So this is kind of a message the germ of your kind of did before. And and I I’mkind of ad libbing some of it.


I kind of wondered why miracles and people are raising people from the dead in other countries and that whenever they do a crusade over there. It’s like. The power ofGod comes in and the whole five three thousand people get delivered like right now. To credible awesome awesome. And

and I believe that the reason why is because they have a sense of honor that we don’t have

America doesn’t have that sense of honor. Because we come from a democracy

or we don’t have an absolute power

we have a bunch of people which which makes things fair. Well the kingdom of God is a Kingdom where there is one king who reigns supreme. In his words it. It’sThat’s it. So if we can look up. Mark six five.

This is the reason for my


for us not having all of miracles and

the Mark five it says that Jesus could do no mighty work

suffer heal a couple people

that says Jesus who was

God in man form came down and said that he could only do it. He could only do a couple small things

which meant that he got there were people there who followed him who they wanted. They mean they were there to be healed and this was in Jesus’s hometown. Andthe reason why was because they looked at him

as common as

as you know what. Hey this is the. Our partners on this is Joe’s kid

but because they didn’t see him as who was who he really truly was. They stepped him down. They just honored him in his own town. Bob says of a prophet is withouthonor

in his family and in his home town. So and then in John five twenty three.

It says He that honor the Son. I’m sorry let me look this up. This is this is really important. So it’s John five twenty three.

I’m sorry. Can someone read it for me.


join five twenty three.

That’s right. It’s good. So in other words what it was it would have saying is is you know what God sent Jesus so that whenever we don’t honor who God sends wedon’t are the father.

So then Romans thirteen. No one. Says All authority is appointed

by God. All authority

all authority. The Good The Bad and The Ugly

all are appointed by God

this is this is this is hard

when you think about that.

You know

when you think about some of the nasty leaders in this this can go across the board this go go with your boss. This could go with your pastor this could go with yourfather your earthly father. You know it’s as a God appointed every one of them.

The good the bad. On a means to esteem

respect highly. And that’s also a sign of merit and worth. So if you think of gold. You could think of something that’s worth a lot of value like gold and it’s set up high.It’s expensive. That’s that’s what honor is that means whenever we go into that the places that we who you know that someone. You know a leader. Normally when yousee a leader.

In our culture

our cultures. Set up. Everywhere we are like so dishonoring to leadership. If you watch television. I bitch you would have a far hard time finding a television show wherethey honor leadership

from from sick comes to

media to think just make all leadership. Look horrible. It dishonors everything even even the kid shows the cartoons that make the boss look like an idiot the make thatthen look like an idiot. To make the president look like the idiot.




but on the same aspect the Bible says that the God appointed him. God appointed him. You know what he knew he would he was going to do before right. The Biblesays that from from the beginning with all the time before he was putting them stars in the sky. He knew that.

That our president was going to be who he was and he did it anyways.

We don’t we don’t but that’s that’s that’s the thing we can

do which I love that. So much about Daniel Daniel on or king their book and as or.

He stole him away from his home and put him it made him eat the things that they. I mean and Daniel did it and smiled and he honored him. In all of that.

Till the point where he came went against that but even whenever he did something that was wrong. OK Whenever he said listen. I can’t eat these things. He didn’t sayI’m not I’m not I’m American. No we don’t do that around here. We had hot dogs mac and cheese.


when he didn’t do that he honored the order KING No can hazard. Said please I can’t do this. OK thing is OK Me police. You know what are

you know we we use dishonor as an ice breaker. You know that you can go to anybody.

And walk up to them

and said Hey Doug listen. My boss. He’s such an idiot

he does such stupid things.

Even it’s true even if it’s true and I am Wonder one one hundred percent guilty of dishonor. In my own house and my job place

because we can still on our people. For the position that God has them in not for what they do. Because authority is given from God. But the people do with that.That’s that’s their own thing.

And the Bible also says that they will stand accountable for all that.

We all will see on account of the people who are in leadership their get there. Accountable for how they treat you.

Our president is countable for the whole United States. That’s scary

scary. You know it. This. This is probably one of my most favorite. My favorite stories in the Old Testament. A little to my kids it’s probably

it’s probably really had I think about them that now that I’m telling you all this I think it’s really bad.

My kids don’t like what we sometimes. And they complain

and they complain. Well in Moses day they complain about have an email all the time but man it was horrible. Apparently. But ate a lot. But one day the one guystarted was an ice breaker. Guy said Hey man. Listen you get tired of this man the stuff so it started and I just want to spread through the whole all of Israel. When theywant to Moses said listen I’m tired Humana. Tired of it and you don’t know what you’re doing


There’s one to God God said OK

you I mean here’s me. They say quail came down from the heavens. And they ate it till they’d made into labor sick with it

and Bible says while we’re still in there Miles.

It was either fire of the ground open up one of the other but ten thousand people died that day

because they complained

about Moses

what they ate. So they complained they weren’t they didn’t do it in our way they dishonored Moses and they dishonor God. You know whatever we complain about ourleadership what we say is God I like like you doing this you don’t know what you’re doing.

And you know what somebody else could be doing better.

That’s rough. We don’t think about it like that it’s socially acceptable it’s OK to dishonor people. It’s funny. But whenever we tell our boss they don’t know what they’redoing to behind us back.

I’m guilty.

Of bosses know what they’re doing

or saying this is God who you put in there you’re full you’re full God you don’t know what you’re going

to do you put this president in office. He’s doing all these things wrong and I don’t like it you don’t know what you’re doing God.

That’s scary.

I mean. So God put Saddam

in power.

Hitler in power.

These were all point of my king there because misery.

They were appointed by God

You know I noticed a. I noticed this long this long circle in the Old Testament

the people of Israel would turn our backs on God. We don’t know what you’re doing God we want we want. So we’re going to do whatever.

And what happens. That’s it. OK you’re on your own will. Meanwhile they they remove themselves from God protective cover.

And they let themselves right in the captivity of some country

and they were like that for I don’t know how long. To eventually it hurt enough where they were like oh God oh God please Bell South we love you you are the only trueGod help us help us. So God would send someone and

they’d remove it. Remove them they put their house they go back on track. And they’d be walking and they’d be walking and be walking the halls and they turnaround. They do the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.

We do the same thing.

We do the same thing as long as everything’s going good for us. We forget about God and. We fall into some stupid things and then we cry Oh no. God save us.Amos. So sometimes whenever with them. The leaders are raised up. A lot of times it’s the to turn their hearts back got.

You know what

the story of King David is probably one of my most favorite stories

and he had such

an awesome

from a time where nobody saw him as as anything to be king. But God knew the heart so God appointed him even Nobody else wanted to act then he wasn’t even.

Samuel came to

the Jesse and was like I’m up one of these guys guts is going to be the king. And he’s like nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. This is it. This is all your son’s.Is a get well there’s David and David he’s the youngest he’s out thinker of the flock.


we got saw something and they would so he David became king. Now what David was appointed king but actually didn’t go into

his kingship or was like fifteen years or something. Wasn’t it.

And during our fifteen years he was chased

by the previous King Saul.

Chased chased chased. And I and I and I so love that. Because he did not. There’s many times as he could have he didn’t act upon that

he could have he could have killed Saul. When Saul was in the cave relieving himself. And David walked up and he felt sorry for he felt convicted about cutting theKing’s point of the king’s robot. Meanwhile everybody and their brother was like kill him. Now we’re tired of running. It’s time to take the throne David. But he didn’t.You know that’s God’s heart. That’s hard is that we don’t attack

people. Authority.

Because God has his way of of working things out.

I’ve got a I have a boss at Lane.

In the. I think you saved. I’m not sure

he might I marvel at him.

We had a we had a boss on court at Carson street. And the guys call them Xerxes. Because that money with anyways.

But this boss was right below him

and it was obvious that this boss made everybody miserable. And I would fall right into that stuff

and this my boss who was above me like in the middle. He would say you know what he is still doing a good job. He’s got a lot of pressure. And he would cover for himevery time.

And I think he’s a believer but I don’t think he frequents church very much and Lee. After I was done talking with him I would get so convicted. My comrades. Howdoes he do that. That’s so good. He would pick those things that he excelled in.

And he would and after I was done talking with him. Like Timor you’re right maybe as well I don’t know on

the answer of this project fails using Georgia all of it.

We don’t look at it that way.

Bring him in charge of whole United States a scary thing.

We’re in charge of the whole church that’s scary thing

we look at stay in the foreign make accusations and stuff.

You know

I remember when the states the states did a message on something they were talking about whenever they were over Nigeria. And

in the whole thing with Bill Clinton happened. In a Muslim nation. You know they were embarrassed for our president.

They were embarrassed for our president. Because we took the thing that our our leader did. And we spread it everywhere.

We did a Muslim nation who absolutely despise us

looked at us

like we are so we all when we blemish are we. Blemish our leader we’re blushing ourselves to

never forget that. Because it took him like What. Like they were they were they were embarrassed

for Bill Clinton when all that stuff happened. Thank.

You know I’m I

start thinking of bad leaders and in the Bible when I came to mass it was one that that really came to mind

when I was thinking about this message. The king the NASA

King the mass it was king at like twelve years old

and he took everything that his father did.

And he destroyed it.

And he in the temple. He had. He took

basically got out of the temple

and. Brought in all the bales right into the temple right into the temple. And had a word Jesus in the temple and and would do sacrifices tombola. Which

was a horrible horrible thing where they actually would. They would kill their babies to this came to this god. And did awful awful awful things and in the end of it. Hewas overtaken and they said he was led through the lead through the streets with fetters and they put a hawk

in his face

and they let him through the time like that. You know it says that he repented.

And got restored his kingdom back to him.

You know we don’t we don’t really know and I know.

All these things are going on right now. Like who is going to be president.

And our country is in a really really weird state right now. But God can take whoever got whoever gets put in the office that I can take that.

Sometimes it’s not the one that you would think the one you think would be the worst God will point them and he could change it all.

He can. And we could rise up to be the country that we were founded on. And. I would.

I think sometimes too when we pray. We pray with that the Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of. The Tree of Life. You know I.

Just like Pastor Steve said when. We pray we need to pray to god us. Not Them us we take on that

we need to be praying for our leaders the Bible says we are to pray for our leaders. Not for assassinations.

But that they would they would get. Revelation. They would get revelation of who God is

that they would have visitations in their room on the King of Kings. That God would kill them with kindness

that he would have a revelation of His love.

That’s what will change this nation. You know that when my people who are called by them. My name

and sent of. Instead of. Creating more of a problem more of a dishonorable we need to start a culture of honor. And it’s so hard to do.

So hard to do. Your Proverbs twenty one talks about it says the king of hearts we can start is like a stream of water in the Lord’s hand and he turns it whatever way hewishes. That’s good stuff. We’ve got to we’ve got to jump on board with it.

You know those things happen whenever you want the Israelites were like OK guy we really need to do something and they would repent say God forgive us. We’restupid. We do foolish things.

So right now let’s everybody stand. And then

you know what I really believe that our dishonor towards

our boss towards.

Towards. Pastors towards. Elders towards. That will hinder the move God. And we can’t be who God’s called us to be. If we if we hold we tie God’s hands. Jesus wasJesus

did whatever he saw the father doing but it said he couldn’t. So if he couldn’t. I mean there was somebody there who was who was going to need it healed or mighthave been that person needed raised from the dead. But said he couldn’t do it.

Because they didn’t see him for who he was. They dishonor him.

So let’s pray for God. There we repent. For how we have dishonored the people that you have put in authority God. And God we know that they’ve done some foolishthings. But we all do but we all do you know the same blood

the same hard the bleak the beats inside Kingman ason Hitler is the same hard to beat inside us. Now we just ask that you would just. That you would help us to. Hewould transform our minds or God or to have a

an understanding of God again. Meet me especially God. When I saw him I could become so dishonoring to my boss and so disrespect them. So. Just as you wouldyou would download on or through our minds or God or that we would we would change or God or that we would that we would correct the conversations. That aredishonoring. Yeah we thank you. That we don’t have to say well that’s dishonoring you shouldn’t talk like that. But we can twist it. We just ask for that wisdom or getmore than we would know to to say the things that so that we can divert those things to be righteous again or God. We don’t want to have anything hinder

your move in this place or go. Larger move in this country. Or can I ask you what this would it would start here look on this week as we go out with we are an individualsor individuals like our coworkers and because you are worse as the we are all man above ourselves

because we just ask that we would become a culture of honor. How does thank you that when we. We must solve the we can stumble we get back up. We start again.And we thank you that there is no condemnation for those who Christ us so that we ask you right now to come like you want to. Class you would help us to not hold uphold you back again.