Receiving God’s Promises

Receiving God’s Promises

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It’s all about him brothers and sisters. It’s all about him and his love for us.

Jesus says. Come come to the water. Stand by my side. For I am the living water. Stand by my side I know you’re thirsty. You won’t be denied.

I felt every tear drop when in darkness you cried. And I strove to remind you

that for those tears. I died. He died for us thank you Lord on that cross. I have a lot of scriptures this morning. Hi I’m new not much of a I’m no preacher. But I have a lotof scriptures I want to share with you today on the Word of God the power of the tongue. We have the Word of God we have the availability and the accountability tospeak that word and as I did my homework the last couple of weeks I was amazed at how many times it says that the Word of God the Word of God Now you just wantto share a few not all of them. I just want to share fuse a few of those with you.

A little prayer for myself if you allow me in Psalms nineteen It says let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart.

Be acceptable in your sight. Oh dear Lord my strength and my reading on a man. Always like the little story of the little boy that fell into the near empty honey barrel.He fell in it was almost empty feeling looked up he said Lord let my tongue be worthy of this task.

If you have your Bibles with you if you want to

hold them up.

This is my Bible.

I can be what this Bible says I can be I can do what despite will says I can do I can have what this Bible says I can have a man. I’m sure you’ll all agree with me

living a godly life

in an ungodly world is a hard task. Today not just today but yesterday and it’s going to be tough. Tomorrow too. But praise God We have his word. We need His wordand I encourage everyone

use his word. You know that.

A Prayer isn’t a prayer list it’s prayed

the songs we sing they’re not songs until we sang them.

We have to speak the words.

My scripture lesson here my scriptures I want to share with you.

I thought it would be easier to write them down and leafing through my Bible but I’ll find them.

I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just going to start with Genesis.

I believe before God spoke

he was a long time in prayer and as a farmer I call it’s. Ciphering thinking thinking studying he thought a long time before he spoke a word and created the universe

and then he said.

We’ve all know the story. I’m not going to be site that one but and then and God spoke

the word and it was and the Word was WITH God the Word was God that was in Genesis

and I have one. I’m going to jump Cain over here to Revelation. On the same basis Revelation nineteen the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy. There’s lots ofplaces in the Bible that were to shade law. Think about it.

The prophecy the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

every word of God is pure

lot of words in that Bible every one of them is pure and holy and right and uplifting

as we proceed.

The power of the tongue. We have that power and it’s in this

we can speak it

embrace it. Brothers and Sisters embrace the word the word

every word of God is pure

in Matthew twenty four

the Lord use quoted as saying

heaven and earth will pass away

but my words will no means pass away.

Just take a moment I’d just ask you to bear with me just take a moment ponder on that

splendor on that

heaven and earth will pass away

but my words will by no means pass away

and Psalms one thousand in

your words is settled in the heaven

for ever

for ever.

God is great and life is short. I don’t know how long. Forever is I ponder things like that. I’m just asking you to. Just think about things like this for ever and forever.

They sent that satellite out. I think way back in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine right after I get out of high school

and it still sending messages back to the earth and pictures they called it a Sputnik back then maybe you remember it. Maybe you don’t. But just recently they gotsome pictures back and that when scientists said I don’t believe there’s an end to this universe this thing is still going. It’s been going it. I don’t know how manyhundred mile an hour. It goes. And it’s still going. And it’s still going and it still is sending it still receiving So that’s God’s word. It’s still going. It’s still going for ever fora long time long time.

Again in

John six. Peter Peterson talking to Jesus. Peter talks to Jesus a lot but in Peter six sixty eight.

Jesus said to Peter and in Peter’s answer was that Lord. To whom shall we go

we don’t know where to go to him. Shall we go. You you to the Lord you alone. Have the words of eternal life.

We’re just here but a short time.

Forever is a long time and that eternity. I don’t know about you all but I’m looking forward to it and I want to get and I want to get in practice right now I want to singthe songs. Praise the praise and worship blow the ship far.

And it goes on there are several several scriptures.

Deuteronomy thirty

Romans ten and eight the word it says but the word is near you. The word is very near you. It is in your heart is in your mouth.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart to God raised Him from the dead. You shall be saved.

You have to speak the words brothers and sisters speak the word people speak the word call on him speak the word

Psalms nineteen.

I love this. When I love them all. Somebody asked me a day. What your favorite scripture I said the one I married in. Psalms nineteen one o five

Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light onto my path.

This world this journey we’re in right now this life. We’re on a we’re on a journey or wrong a path.

That path is narrow here her death story to

stay the stay the course run the race speak the word. The Word.

Isaiah forty the great prophet Isaiah says in forty and six

all flesh is like grass

and all its loveliness. It’s like the flowers of the field

the grass where there’s the flowers fade away because the breath of the Lord blows over that the press of the Lord. Sure did the people are grass.

We’re here but a short period of time he compares this to grass the grass withers

the flowers fade but the word of the Lord stands for ever.

The word the word of the Lord stands for ever.

Luke eleven

Lessons are those who hear the Word of God

and keep it.

I’m going to just throw a little out there you can cipher for what you want to bless it is the Word of God. With it again. Bless it are those who hear the word and keep it.

I just want to say Chairman. That different people have told me over the years. Keep the faith. I always tell them. Now I don’t want to keep the faith I want to share it.That’s what we’re supposed to do share share the word speak it out.

Here’s a here’s a tough one. Back in Matthew Matthews tell us in twelfth. Among other things

but I say to you. That for every I had a word man may speak. They will give account of it in the day of judgment. Every idle word.

I have an old saying on the farm let the clutch out on your brain before you lead to break off when you’re miles every idle word be careful but she say be careful whatyou say. For by your words

you will be justified.

Matthew thirty seven for by your words you we justified and by your words you will be condemned to

speak blessings brothers and sisters blessings not curse just speak blessings. I’ve discovered over the years. In the last few years.

The best thing I can do is just be quiet don’t have anything good to say I try to think of something good to say and say it and if it’s just God bless you. Well that’s that’sall I have on my mind at that time I say at. Luke eleven twenty eight

bless it are those who hear the Word of God

and keep it that I just repeat dead Well it was worth repeating. Bear with me. Thank you. Bless it are those who hear the word

the word the word of God and keep it every word of God is pure remember


grace peace




Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the light the lav. The lion and the lamb

through him.

We not only have the obligation to speak the word to our brothers and sisters.

We have the responsibility.

If you hear it. Share it. If you share it embrace it and be ready be ready with the word in and out of season share a short testimony here I wonder and I was at arestaurant here in Rome Valley some time ago. And I get up to pay the bill and the young lady was standing there twenty three maybe twenty four and I said to her.How was your day going. She looked up at me and I didn’t know how to respond at first she was crying.

I never met her. I said what’s wrong. Dear she said I’m afraid I

said I hope I’m not putting fear in you I’m not here to make you go for No no she said it’s not you she said I’m just afraid I’m afraid of what’s going on she said thenews. I’m just afraid.

Lord give me the words they were they come to my mind was I was I asked. I said may I touch you. She said Yes I put my hand on her head. I said Fear not

fear not God’s in charge. Everything’s going to be all right I

said you go to church she have a Bible. Yes I said she said I read it she said but I don’t understand it she said I get confused now. I quit reading I said Fear not

pray the Holy Spirit will let you understand what you’re reading

and ice. Told her. God bless you. I turned around and this is not only speaking to her at that moment there was two rather large men standing right behind me. I didn’teven know there was back a light turned around I turned around. They were still right there. And they just parted.

I just said God bless you and I walked on out. I did look back I hope one of these days. She’ll find Mayer I’ll find her again. And just encourage her

all she did was say thank you. But my point is be ready with the word. You never know when it’s going to come up. You never know when somebody is going to needan encouraging word and right now I need all the encouraging words I can get. And a man that will help me out right now give me an amen.

God bless you. Tammy. I put words to

letters Grace God’s grace. God’s resources always completely efficient. You may not want to remember all that but I got it down if you want my grace it’s go muchresources always completely efficient God is always completely efficient.

Speak to him speak to him

he’s there. He will listen I know he does for me.

That’s about all I have for God’s word.

I hope of courage somebody today help somebody short and sweet now use a dragon it out. Every word of God is pure. That song we sang. I hope you appreciatedDad Oh come

come. All he faithful com Let us adore him.

Christ the Lord

thank you. Amen

under you prepared a short message so I’ll let her speak her words. Her small pain that I can see mean then for. I’m spends the. There. OK So David I forgot to ask youI had a time I’m going to need your assistance I’ve already asked Drake to help but I didn’t a demonstration in a few minutes just come up when I ask.

OK so


have ever seen a dog chasing its own tail.

I think that’s where we’re from now do you feel like you’re that dog chasing its tail going around circles around circles. You know I can’t wait to see what we doing.Finally catch it. But just like that dog who’s chasing his tail.

You know this is how we are when we ask God to come to bless to heal to deliver to prosperous when in truth. We are seeking something that God has all ready givenus.

It’s already been given to us. He already past tense pass done very much. The battle has already been more on and done by Christ He has called so and Romans eightand thirty seven.

And I forgot to write any new day.

Romans eight thirty seven. I forgot to write it. You know. Thirty seven. Well here’s looking for them you know we should be fighting to receive the manifestation of whatis already ours in Christ Jesus and not trying to get something from God We need to fight to keep what has already been given us because

the devil is always trying to steal it away and he thinks if we doubt God

and we doubt his word. And we quit believing him and we quit going to him quit praying and we give up become disillusioned and despaired and lose hope that he’llwin because if we know God’s word is pure or in perfect and he wrote every single letter

to men to full feel what he wants done in his children and in this people

think about that for a minute.

He would.

ROMANS say. So

Romans eight

and thirty five who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation were distress or purpose or persecution or famine

or nakedness or peril or sword. As it is written for your sake. We are killed all day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter yet in all these things we are morethan conquerors through him who loved us.

Thank you man.

It was for just getting you read was good.

OK. So if we are believing and totally understanding comprehending with no doubt that God has already blessed us. He does prosper does Kiffin has given us Wizdone all of this

this absolute belief that he has already given it to us will remove the legal list take performance mentality and we won’t have to struggle under the feelings ofcondemnation and unworthiness anymore. I don’t know about you but on the Times of you said you know like Lord I’m believin on. You were praying for everybody.And we’re believing for other people and I can’t tell you how many times I know you guys have heard this I know gone I can I know God will I know God does but willhe do it for me.

You know and I always thing

done wrong. What have I not done right. Enough of to get him

to bless me in the way I feel I need to be blessed. You know fine well obviously we all know it and friend for healing as like it’s been alluding eyes and we keep askingthe question. Why are we not be able to

you know. And that’s this what reading. A certain

Bible study this this what the Lord showed me. He has already given it to us now.

It is a gift.

It is a gift.

God’s not an Indian giver when he gives sick if he doesn’t get that.

So where is this gift. OK it’s a gift and it’s not a reward based on our performance. Or the worthiness or the lack of our worthiness or performance. That has that hasabsolutely nothing to do with it. Our problem is somehow we don’t. We doubt. We doubt they call it would give us something.

OK We doubt that he already has given us that he has already supplied. And by food the knowing and understanding that God has already done this

should eliminate that doubt.

If we doubt that he has already has given and done and provided. We block the ability to be able to receive. The manifestations of what he has already given. And thatword that manifestation word. It just means

to be in there by the hands. Mani his hands fast is come to be OK. So the question is not can or will God

do for us.

Because if we act that way we become beggars beggars of God. And that’s not what he wants us to act like orphans. He is our heavenly Father. The gracious lovingmost.

Zat. Creature in all the universe. There is none like him. OK so I’m acting like

he’s you know that insults my father because he is like here. Have this Niagara Falls of my provision and my love is for you. So I don’t want my. My daddy my papa. OKbecause he has already provided and I love the Lord and I studied was one of my favorite words. Bro V.C.O.. Pro forward for OK And this year. Oh OK We get the wordvision seeing we see we understand. We know. OK he has already seen the and from the beginning and he’s going. He knows every person’s need from the veryperson person. Adam and Eve that he created to the last person who WERE other lives. He has already provided. That every single person needs. Now OK In today’seconomy like we’re running out of gas. We’re running out of oil we’re running out of pure water so they make us there and.

God provided.

If God created. A quick draw him billion trillion more people. His resources are not going to run out because he provided enough for everybody for for

it to the end of the of the.

That that in itself is overwhelming. So we can’t contain

the vastness the generosity the greatness of our God He has all ready Provencio provided it he’s already For seen it and put it in our path. The question is Where didhe put it.

How does it come to be manifest. OK So we have to see the difference between God can bless he’ll deliver and prosper.

Which creates doubt. God has already blessed delivered and healed him prospered us. So I’d like to play this little things to help us understand. And instead of askinghim. I have learned a new way. I just I just thank him. I speak back what he’s already he’s

nuts. Like. Heavenly Father. You have already supplied this before I ever had this need.

I know it’s there. So I am drawing near to you.

Thank you for revealing this to me

and in the book of John the Gospel of John chapter four for. Whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give shall never thirst.

But the water. I shall give him shall be a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

You caught him never lasting life. Well inside of you did you know that. OK. So what God has already given is this well of living water on the inside of every born againbeliever. And it now becomes up to us to mine alts and love one pass for us talking the other day about mining the gold. Even though I can’t stand watching theprogram.

I can say

I’m seeing you coast through great lengths to mine out the greatest values the gifts that God’s already put in us we need to find a way to mine it out. An that river ofliving water that river that flows out of us right. Needs to overflow and bless others so when we feel ourselves like our well is like a Texas dirt trough drying up. Youknow ya know what a Texas thirty trough is

a Texas dirt trough used to be a pond. But because it’s so dry it just turned into a trough the dirt. Just the dirt. OK When we feel like that and when it’s so dry.

All we gotta do is draw near to him and he we store is it he we planted says he fills it to overflowing. We get refreshed and that well just fills up the perfect cistern fillsand keeps filling and keeps filling in songs thirty four one one. And I

have these drawing moments I remind myself I will bless the Lord at all times his praise be in my out my mouth. You know and it talks about the Lord. Well anymore.And you know that’s all I want I want to be in his presence. So just want to sit with him. I never thought I could do things out before him like people was talking aboutpiano in his presence I’m like how do you get there. I lost the map somebody didn’t give me the man you know how to get there and he’s just showing me here to himand he meant the song we used to sing come up higher come up higher my beloved OK it’s like to sit down

and you focus song she says and you just sit with him

next thing you know your spirits hearing things. You know. And you just sit in his presence and wait for that. Voice that still small voice to give you that not get thatword. Or

the word gives us the word. You know sit like a friend with Jesus and asked.

Yeah just receive. That’s the whole thing receiving we haven’t learned how to receive We have learned how to obey. We’ve learned how to perform. We’ve learnedhow to ask but we haven’t really truly learned to receive. How many of you were here when Ben was preaching the other night

and one of the first things he told us was stop

quit. Quit trying

and just believe and receive. OK so you members. That was. OK so I’m going to have big day.

Big day and trade C’mon up for a minute.

This is a little demonstration of who we are OK as a human being. So you get in there at all. Dave your friends your life.

Dave is the body the flash. OK. This Dave is the the soul. You know the mind the will and

the thought mind will push and thank you. Oh OK so. And if you’re a fan of Joyce Meyers you know the saw always goes i think i want i feel i think i want i feel i think iwant i feel like that. OK so. Well my flesh is born a flash right so we all know a baby’s. OK but it has a soul but it just doesn’t know anything but I will.

OK I’m wet I’m hungry. OK I’m alone. So here’s our spirit is hidden inside. David. Yes

He’s us.

Yeah he’s here. He

how love. I think I want to feel he’s hidden inside right now. OK he hasn’t been born yet. OK So this is the gift when God’s ingenuous is said you know let us make manin Our image right.

God the Father the Son the Holy Spirit are spirit beings right. So this part is a spirit being and it’s inside of us is almost like we were taught it was like kick and in here.So.

Dave goes to church on E. hears the word right so what’s going on is his his soul’s going. I think I need this Jesus. So he says. Come into my life. Jesus. And the HolySpirit goes

you’re born again and at the same time he does there. He gave the spirit in us all the gifts that we need.

He gave us healing. He gave us provision he gave us deliverance. He gave us joy he gave us P.C. gave us wisdom he gave us everything that is

right then and there

and then we get baptized in the spirit he gets even bigger right. Stand up to. OK but he never takes it away.

He never takes it away.

You want to see what’s in there. Book. It’s all the promises of God So we have it. We’ve already received it. Thank you so much John. You know why. It’s yours. Thankyou so much. In a fish and St Paul has a beautiful opening and I call St Paul the greatest New Testament teacher of grace of God I just I just love him and he says Graceto you and peace from. God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ Blessed be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ


and the English in the Latin and. The original Great guess what they all mean past hands pass already done it blessed us with all spiritual blessings. In heaven Leeplaces in Christ. That’s a fusions one one and three.

So this god. Who has already blast provided cetera.

And put this into our born again Spirit. OK. We have to learn how to draw it out of the spiritual realm and bring it into the physical realm.

There’s the hold up.

There is where we lose the hit share the complete the continuous flow. So everything God has already done for us has been deposited into our born again Spirit. Hadan it is there where we must draw it out. So how do we draw it out.

Unfortunate Christianity has to do that and. Our awesome Sunday school teacher just made this wonderful point again this morning. We have this problem or andwhen we say we pan. We don’t mean the word repent which means to turn and go the other way

the church uses it as penitence

I have to

you know punish myself for doing wrong.

That’s not repentance. I mean I can call on my knee for a mile. While not on one knee probably I’d have to do to call into nice to get to a statue to kiss its toe as mypenance my penitence act of penitence that doesn’t work. That’s not going to that’s not going to bring out to manifest. The gifts. That’s the Holy Spirit already putinto me and make it come out from the spirit realm into the physical Well

OK so. OK. Peace sickly. It’s truly knowing knowing. Touch or know or. This is you know are OK You know that you know that you know

right. So what’s in here that you know that you know that you know what’s here in your belly are rivers of living water and where’s that it’s generated from the HolySpirit who lives within us right. So. This. The preacher that I took notes from here has always had this problem about people praying in correctly and I’m sorry Tehran.We’ve all done this or do I just did it too that we asked the Lord to calm when he’s already here.

And the scripture says he will never leave us nor for sake of SNI other one that I love is where two or more are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of them.Where is eight times each just standing in the middle of the prayer circle. He’s here he’s here in your spirit the holy spirit the very same power that raised Christ Jesusfrom the dead lives and ass. So say good morning. Hello Holy Spirit. Rise up spirit in me. So when we gather together. OK. Stand up there by take a nice big deepbreath stand up

put your hands on you know you’re. An Come on warm up. Come on rise. Holy Spirit within us manifest your presence to us. Manifest yourself and come have yourway. See you. Come come together.

This is why the a sound laying of the saints is so important so that this manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit is show important. They can come and say OK.Your kitten this healing that you needed an your kitten this memory thing that you need and you’re getting this money thing that you need

and you’re getting this boyfriend thing that you need it. I pointed out. Oh yes. OK so. Just just tell him thank you for being present and if you don’t realize how presenthe is he’s closer than your next breath

right. He’s president. So when we get together we should have a sign of letting him manifest and letting him have his way and then. OK and esy. You know it’s a goodthing he’s gone and I’m not

because I would if my kids came to me and kept saying. Mom I need lunch. It’s on the table in front of my mom I need Lanch

Oh sorry. My I need launch I’m hungry.

But. You know me be like shut up walk. It’s already in front of you right. I thank God he’s God and so loving and patient. He’s just like I did it. I already gave it to you.You have inside of you. You can have to learn to listen to me so I can tell you hey I love you. If you. Let’s try a few my spirits already in you. Let’s draw it out.

So thank God he is patient he just doesn’t go. OK that’s enough. I’m walking away. I’m not talking to you if you can’t see already gave it to you right. It’s not like that Iam not. OK so in first Peter two

twenty fourth says

God reminds us as you would keep saying please heal me please heal me he said I already did.

And then he’ll say by my stripes

you all have already been healed. OK And then he reminds us you know that same pot are their cries that raise Christ Jesus from the dead. Lives in you

now. It sure responsibility to receive. OK. So.

And I think if we stay I asked Jason if they would play that I don’t know if they will but how many of you heard the Jeremy came song when he was here in concert andhe did it the very same spirit that Rose Christ Jesus from the dead lives in us.

So when you need

to remember that. That A very same spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead. Lives in

labs and asked a man. OK. So right up Spirit of God and manifest yourself. Bring what I need into the physical. OK. Now you know when we when we do this in thespirit is activated the angels listen for the word and they come and they they do. Do the Word of God

that the when we all stood up and rubbed darn over and asked the Holy Spirit to really get to get together here. There’s a warmth kind of a wave that came down alittle bit

you know almost time for ministry there to get a gun. But the the angels just felt a great big giant blip on their G.P.S. their G.P.S. is you know God in our personal spaceand spirit. They felt that move that felt that quiver there so. You know they’re present the angels are presence to activate and do the Word of God. So

when we speak in proclaim.

The angels are here faster than a wink and they activate the word.

So I’m going to pray Lord God and Father your word in your promises. Your promises that all that

your word promise is that all

I can hear really my own writing at this time the spirit come in my eyes. OK Father.

We thank you for being here and we believe


and we want it. Your presence to manifest. We just don’t want you just to be here in the spirit we desire you to to yield for us to yield to you. And for you to point.

That you can all

be desire to yield to you to the point that you can manifest yourself. In healings that we need in Deliverance needed and joy that is needed in peace and salvation thatis needed and Holy Spirit baptisms that are needed. We want you to be freed a manifest yourself. And do whatever it is you want to do. For we believe your promiseswe believe your word. The

is like. Where the atmosphere where the T.V. and radio waves are all around us and it really takes

no effort to receive hearing on the radio or seeing on the television. All you have to do is walk up to your little instrument turn it on and tune. If God is the transmitterand he is for ever. All the time. Transmitting his love a message is and whatever we need. OK. And speaking to us if he is transmitting that to us all the time.

If we don’t receive the problem is on our hand we are the receiver. We have to turn on our receiver. To near the end.

And I’m just let it receive. So. If you have times where you may not feel the Lord’s presence.

Don’t worry about that. It’s just a feeling. Those feelings are you know influenced by the world and by the enemy. He doesn’t want you to know this

because if you do you say things boldly to activate the ward of the. I didn’t say but your words sad as you will never leave us nor first sake us. And I know you are here.

So whatever is causing this problem in my life is not you Lord. It’s me.

Show me where I have turned away shut off my receiver or didn’t find to my receiver to be able to hear and receive from you.

You have already placed this inside of mean I know that your Holy Spirit is here and I am believing

that all that I need has already been released.

God’s word is pure and perfect and true. So we can believe without any kind of doubt that God has already done it.

He’s not the one the blocks it. Sometimes the enemy is but a lot of times it’s


but if we know more than just agreeing thinking mentalists on things saying Yeah yeah. But if we understand fully receive comprehend knowing without doubt andsurely pick a name. The reality the God in His Word. Are perfect in true and Hallie.

And we aren’t in our words or not.

We remember that God has already blessed us with all

all the blessings all the spiritual salvation healing deliverance joy. Prosperity wisdom revelation peace.

So we ask accordingly as we receive. So I pray turn your tuners on and receive let that Holy Spirit. I hope he touched you doing gave you as we asked him to manifestbefore.