The Heart of Jonah

The Heart of Jonah

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Good morning. Pastor Steve called me and asked me and I actually told my wife no and as soon as I told my wife no, God really convicted me because he’s been doing something in my heart.

I don’t want this to sound condemning. But because I struggle myself with some of this stuff so I’m not saying, follow me as I follow Christ. Again, this is something that I am also not showing me in my own heart that I have this junk, too. So this this message is called the heart of Jonah the past ten years I’ve seen God answered my prayers. Okay, but he has always done it in a way that has threw me and I don’t understand it. For example I I was about accident before I was saved, it was it was a mess and I was a my one friend was to go to jail. I was in a get money and the other guy died, we were in it, we’re all drinking in a car accident. I think that’s not fair is fair, will be spun it around my funding for the jail I am is what the channel changed everything around so a lot of times will do something and it’ll just completely delete switch the way you think the outcome of it should be in the.

Reason God does because it reveals what’s inside our hearts. We think that everything ‘s got a go a certain one I be right to be God, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t opposite. I think in is a way that challenges our heart that shows what’s inside and out, so we didn’t been praying for revival right. We want to see God ‘s kingdom come here you will see people if you could save and just started showing me.

That sometimes we think that wants to reach out to is not always more pictures and ‘s California fission of the little kid in the first two fish, and are meeting there like right there and I’m a little kid in them, Gypsies fish is no way I can catch this was the right here. We discussed women in a circle ‘s woman in a circle. I dropped the beta front of them, and I’d hit in the head with a date and they would not think they were interested in it, and this girl came over to me. Yes, a girl amount– she came over and she said, hey listen, you’re never going to catch some fish.

Swimming. She said the fish spawning they want absolutely nothing to do with food. But you see the Fishback letter and fishes hungry and I bet you if you throw your bait over there, you can catch of fish. Unlike what’s this lady. No politician lamp black, like right now cannot. Twenty years later when four* show me you know what, it’s not about things we think it is. It’s about who he says is hungry. Now, my plan was I was in a dress up like a punk, but one would want to stick event to the input tattoos on my arm. I was going to give myself a mohawk and I think I was inapplicable to my head and work close all cut up and then I thought about dressed up like a Muslim to come in here and that I thought about dressing up like a bomb and restrictions applicable.

To Jesus. Jesus when after those people, those were the people Jesus when effort. I’m sorry, forgot the people. God please help me to.

The speak the words are yours. I ask you, would give us the heart that you have for people.

In the.

So who did Jesus actually go after it. They call lately. They went to the prostitutes and he went to the tax collectors who were like. Basically, they were your gangsters back in the day they were. They were the Muslim leave. They were greedy and they were awfully cheated those with the common after.

You don’t he want to the beggars like beggars like we see bankers in our time. Now, in your that I don’t smell as good, but this was before all we have so much perfume. And it’s so easy to smell better than what I’m these people get their teeth were fallen out. They were related. They laid on the on the ground and they didn’t get out. But many didn’t believe those were the people, the Jesus ministered to the anyway, after.

You heed heed Jesus with all those people in the heat. He loved on them any only did he leave. We think that it’s just a big while we does not get them saved. But I don’t think that’s what it is. Yes, we are too. We are called to go in trouble gospel to those people. But Jesus said the two greatest commands are witches and sorry it’s in Matthew. Matthew twenty two thirty six through thirty nine. He said to Grace commands our level Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself. While it doesn’t say your clean neighbor doesn’t say the neighbor that you agree with the same neighbor that they is nice. It’s not that the neighbor who who borrow stuff and doesn’t bring it back who doesn’t use you. These are the desert. It says neighbor, which horrifies all across the board and.

So so the love actually doesn’t mean the show. The gospel to you, don’t not always on was driving away into my bathroom wasn’t awful in the American beginning and that Scripture says it’s his kindness that leads to repentance. Okay, it’s his kindness and I always thought about them with the Jacobs kindness… repentance, but.

God showed us kindness and, if something doesn’t something doesn’t click here he said he said my kindness shown through you.

That that’s what leads people to repentance. It is often people Jesus whenever he he hung out with those people. England came the disciples. They walked around and got tax collectors, fishermen, they currently live with him. Basically nothing of moving people in our house, but I’m saying there was there was a one-on-one, there was a lot of in the love those guys. He loved them. He loved them questions kids. I mean, if ever, online equipment. We did, and loving way in our you know what I believe are not caught our church to is not what is politically I want this to be taken on one side of the ditch or the other, but the people that I believe God when the call out to people I don’t like it. People don’t like that people don’t like truck dealers in our church because because of the things that they ate your statement saying.

It it it’s it’s it’s how hard this is a hard word but.

People are going to criticize us. If we do what what this is called to do it if somebody is a is a brawler and up and they go to the bar and they are trouble across the board.

Menace to society jail time ruining people ‘s lives.

In you shall love you just had to.

The kindness that is what breakthrough.

Sorry, so maybe you do. These things, maybe you do you reach out to the people that are bad for the people that are homeless that your domain in the you know what that is going to change this whole area, maybe you do, do this things, but start show me some things in my heart and he showed me some more about the people to just annoy you if you have the family members. The family members.

That annoy you want to pick on you, the guy at work that boss that is unrolling it, he is unjust, he cheats. Can you love him. Can you love him like.

That. First Corinthians thirteen love. Love is patient, love is kind. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Can you love that man like that. The people that are in your life. We all happen. We all have family member. We all have the boss with somebody in here or somebody in here and I I’m not saying God saying them, but we got started showing me the challenge. You take one. I got one and pray for them, because into them and love on them. Forces saw spoken word breaks a bone.

When you walk in that building, and how the movement got been annoying break the yoke.

That person that’s annoying and mean chances are not have an incredible, incredible destiny for him. He’s everything you never will. I believe that this is what God calling us to. And you know what it is politically correct of people in the Pentagon you.

Know our mission statement for this year is building bridges and tearing down walls.

That God why why the annoying people. While the people they hate you, the people that you struggle with gaining yourself why are you calling us to love our amendment because that those people that you have preached to you and your family. That who you constantly in all, we love you and we love the people that we think should be saved by our actions and all this stuff when they discovered blowing off.

They will get saved.

By seeing that person that they need. They know everybody knows right now as the people who do not like you. Anybody knows the people that you don’t like.

When you make a friendship with them. When you love on them. Her is no doubt in their mind that is a miracle that is the miracle and that will change our lives and there is no denying it. It’s not like it’s done with magic and Mears has a hard issue, and it’s true and genuine. His impact.


So I started thinking about this book ten years ago I preached about being Jonah to give my testimony and son Jonah and I ran from God. The well was a car in this illicit drugs in this and whatever, and today I’m saying I have the heart in Jonah.

The belief we all look in our hearts we have the heart of June is a little quick rundown. Jonah the prophet of God and God said, listen, pack it up, you’re going to Nineveh.

Now easily we mean there herein now I am judge Jonah for a long long long long time. The men never got it. And so it’s in Scripture. He may have gotten afterwards, but it’s documented. He didn’t back party as hard as you never ended. The eldest and generalize. He’s not a God.

About saving minimum in the story is Jonah ‘s post to go to Nineveh. These versatile than listen to forty days you straighten up your act straight up your act, like the Tylenol. Now if you would know who middle was the root of C area for the details. This food and what they would do to the Jonas people they would kill them. It would take their heads in a stick on Spears him outside the city gates.

Forgot was like a Jonah needed to go to give a message of repentance to this people is like no way claim the only.

If he knew he knew that God was on Percival if he was kind anyone give them what they deserved. So he let him out hourly. So he ran not a ship, the ship is sunk by storm. So they drew straws of their summary, I was both messed up while it was Jada Melody John, like if you need to start a civil tribute readily, they threw him overboard with room overboard and well it looks like a big fish and up went things underneath the seat and keep repented God from all well try the fish drum up on land so is bleach white to start walking and alternate of the decision got a clean it up.

Nothing alike out there repented.

And sometimes we have the heart of Jonah and I want our guys mean.

We have justification.

And I fertilized egg deal said if he punches it on the side to the new person he steals from different. He says he wants to let if you want. If he wants my to borrow money and lend it.

To each coat. Can you have.

It. It is making sense in our brains. But I have a heart. You, my rights. We are not well, in the beginning we were deemed unclean. We were the unclean. The Jews got a good, all-around and go around people that were Jacobson beginning writer Mary. They were not allowed.

Unless what Paul’s ministry was Paul’s ministry was to the people he wasn’t supposed to the people that were deemed not right when God made away. Thank goodness. So when the closing we can turn to Matthew twenty five thirty four.

Jesus said. Then the King will say to those on his right hand column. You blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world fry was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in. I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you came and visited me for I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.

And the righteous will answer saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink when the juice when did we see you a straight UN were naked and clothe you, or when did we see you sick or in prison and come to you and the king will answer and say to them. Surely, I think you in as much as you did to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me. Then he will also say to those on the left hand apart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not take me in naked and you did not close me sick and imprisoned, and you did not visit me and will also say to him, Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick in prison and not ministry ministered to you that he went to them, saying, surely inasmuch as you did not do one of the least of these, you did not do to me, and they will go away into everlasting punishment by the righteous to eternal life coach. Ouch that’s sobering up.

So that person is annoying that person that this mean.

Help you break it down in person probably had some really nasty stuff has happened them. It’s true then that is not that.

So this is my challenge to you.

The next time you see that person, any think in your heart, justifying justifiably he is justifiable confidence in theories, so everyone can stand with me. I will pray.

The guy we repent.

For the times a week and I see those people like being you.

Forgot for the time that the we spoke the truth.

Instead of speaking, seeing the plan and the destiny which you have for those people.

That they will die and go to hell. But now we repent for the mindset that we have brought not been as good and bad in, but that our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Which you die for the people that you died for the homeless. You died for the main bosses that you died for Muslims in your dive for the gays in your guide.

For all of whose we think make our lives miserable, but you put them in our last for a reason. The people that we think are annoying begin under our skin and an week. They do stuff and we swear that’s on purpose that we repent for being impatient.

When we ask that you would give us your heart your word says this is if anyone lacks love to have school we ask the Lord God you must see your heart. We cannot do anything in this area without your heart in your love. We will miss it, and if it starts it will crumble and fail. We don’t want next, we what we wanted to happen and continue with it for now, we ask for your love. Amen.