Understanding Prophetic Times & Seasons

Understanding Prophetic Times & Seasons

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If you have your Bibles true with them in Malachi chapter four. I want to share for a little bit and then we want the privilege to pray believe God to speak and ministerin their lives individually but again tonight we want to have an opportunity to to share and minister a lot personally.

Personal and minister prophetically this morning as well. But tonight we’re going to have a little more time for personal ministry praying and believing God to speakclearly. But in Molokai Chapter four is a familiar prophecy in many ways and we believe that God was speaking not only to the people of Israel at that time but aspastor said you and I have been grafted into the vine we may not the majority of us have Jewish blood in us naturally but we’ve been grafted into the vine and thoughGod has a purpose. Still for natural national is roll. We are in a sense a spiritual Israel and the people of God And so we believe that the Old Covenant the OldTestament Scriptures and prophecies were not just given to the nation of Israel but to spiritual Israel the church and God said this in four verse five. He’s speaking tothe prophet Malecon says See I will send the prophet Alija to you before that great enjoyed full day of the Lord comes now you can take that scripture apart and a lotof different ways. It gives a sense of timing says God’s going to do this at the great enjoyed full day of the Lord. Tonight I want to talk some about prophetic timing thisseason where in how maybe you know that as you look at the world you look at culture you look at government you look at economy you look at the Church of JesusChrist that we are in a different season than we’ve been. And time is changing and part of the role of prophetic ministry is to understand times the seasons and knowwhat the people of God need to do so we want to specifically talk about that tonight understanding times and see. Sense of what is happening in the day in which welive but I believe that most of us can and Mid that in some way form or fashion. We are rushing into the IN TIMES. And for those of us that know the Lord. These aregoing to be amazing times it doesn’t mean that we won’t have difficulties around it doesn’t mean that our nations and our cultural So not be under attack. But forthose of us and know the Lord the glory of God is going to arise on the church and through the church. I believe in greater ways than has ever been seen in history. If Iunderstand things right. The church born on the day of Pentecost as an infant turned the world upside down as an infant church and Jesus is coming back. Not for aninfant church but for a church that is mature a church is without spot or wrinkle. How many know it spots and wrinkles are

there signs of old age.

When Jesus returns is not coming back for a church that is old to decrypt it spiritually and lost its reproductive capability. His coming back for church and spirituallywhere youthful were vibrant and we are reproducing souls into the kingdom of God. And so I believe the Great day of the Lord is coming but for those that don’t knowthe Lord for nations that are Rise and spit in the face of God with their culture and with their laws. I believe there’s going to come the dreadful day of the Lord andwe’re going to talk some about that tonight the God said in that time in that season I’m going to send the prophet Elijah You know I love the story like growing up inlodge was I mean other than Jesus he was my favorite character in the Word of God I thought God let us again see a prophet arise with the audacity and the guts tolook the king in the face and say you are the one that has brought our nation to ruin. I mean Elijah was called the prophesied in a time when the government the verygovernment of the nation. It was leading the people in the nation into idolatry. How many can see any kind of a comparison. But in the midst of that a lie. Joel Roseand a lot just purpose I’m not going to take time to take this whole thing apart but a lot just purpose was not to bring judgment. It was to bring blessing because heGod’s purpose for the nation was not to judge and bring destruction it was to bring blessing to bring rain to bring harmony. But God cannot bless Weather Center andidolatry and so there need to be there needed to be a prophetic annoying to a prophetic word to come to confront the idolatry of the people of God as well as theidolatry of the government in the land and that confrontation a prophetic confrontation led to repentance

and again when God speaks it’s not to judge those judgment can come. It is to call us to repentance. It is a troll. It’s into his heart and so Elijah a rose. He gave theword and one moment in time the demonstration of the fire of God a visible physical manifestation of the glory of God. You know that’s what Kim basically was sayingwhen she said God give me a word a very clear word of a word that cannot be made up of some I need to be healed and demonstrate your power. I mean you knowthat we in Pentecostal spiritual churches. Sometimes we can deceive ourselves the ever been in a service where it seems like it is dead. There’s nobody with the spiritand somebody will get up there and say Oh is that the presence of God so wonderful. Today. I don’t know about you. I was and I was in a meeting one time years agowhen we first started traveling and as about five hundred preachers and it was just pitiful and spiritually dead and the leader of the movement stood up and said OhGod is here and I wanted to stand up and yell God isn’t here to me but I wanted to keep my credential so I can.

But I am not trying to be difficult here but what I’m saying is we say things that aren’t true.

Many times but the reality is when the God presence of God comes we’re not going to have to convince anyone. Our prayers God let there be a visible physicalmanifestation of your glory. That God does not have to have height behind it and Elijah prayed God let there be fire for one reason to know that people know you areGod we want to see the outbreak that would we say earlier the spirit break out. We want to see that happen. Not just so we can go home saying no we had church.

We want to see the Spirit of God break out to the world will know the nation will know the community will know that God is real. That Jesus is calling them. And so Godraise up a prophet. And I believe in these days. God is raising up a prophetic people and a prophetic church. You see this was fulfilled in John the Baptist’s in a singularfashion. Remember John the Baptist was raised and again not going to take time to to pull the whole thing apart. But Jesus said that he was the greatest prophet thebravest greatest one born of woman under the old covenant and yet those who are born into the kingdom of God are even greater Y. because John the Baptist hadthe Spirit of God Come on him but the Spirit of God lives in us. We don’t have to wait for an annoying thing to hit us the a new one in one lives in this day after dayafter day if we have certain that our life to Christ. But John the Baptist Jesus said to the people. What do you go out to the wilderness to see and to hear and all reedswait in the window where you go to hear a prophet. Yeah he said but even more than a prophet one of my spiritual sons one time was praying about this passes to gotwhat it was more than a prophet and the Lord said a prophet announces what is coming but John the Baptist’s introduced the one who was to come. In other wordsmany times the prophetic is just about announcing one day this is going to happen but the Alija knowing the John the Baptist and when he does it just say revival iscoming. Jesus is coming the glory is coming. They bring it and say Here it is your ears. See God wants us to be a people that prepare the world for the return of Christ.That’s what we sang about at the beginning of service prepare a church see John the Baptist prepare the way for the coming of the Lord and I believe and Alijahanointed Alija church and Alijah company if you will are going to arise a big pair the way first for the Lord to come in glory. Please understand I believe in the return ofthe Lord I believe there’s going to come a rapture. I don’t believe the Rapture is to end cause us to escape. I believe the Rapture is a glorious poem going in the midstof you know martyrdom and darkness and everything else going around the glory of God arising in the church but when the rapture comes. Understand God’s goingto take us home. The glory but I believe this before Jesus takes us out. He’s going to come in glory in the through the church. Some not just waiting to escape theworld getting bad. I believe God is going to come in glory through the church and demonstrate to the world. The reality of Jesus who is sir. So John the Baptistprepared the way so that people would receive the glory of God manifest in the person of Jesus Christ the same thing is happening today. God is preparing thepeople of the Church of Jesus Christ in the world to know and receive and

what’s what I’m looking for to express the glory of Jesus Christ and so what I believe is happening God is releasing a prophetic annoying and accepted to on the dayof Pentecost the sparrows poured out on the church you know there was when there was fire there were tongues many of the things that you know what we love in thesinless a God we love about the baptism spirit speaking another tongue. And I love all of that I believe all that but the you know that Paul said I love all you to speak intongues they said but even more than that I want you to prophesies. I think sometimes we get so focused on the tongues part we forget that that is only one ofmultiple things the Holy Spirit does when he comes upon us and fills us with his in the one in his glory in fact when Peter preached on the day of Pentecost. He saidthis is that there was spoken by the prophet Joel and Joel chapter two. God gives a prophetic word about the in times and he said it will come to pass after word aftera season of repentance especially among my ministers God said I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh and Peter said that’s what the Day of Pentecost is that’s what this isit’s the outpouring of the Spirit of God in all flesh says your sons and daughters who prophesied how many of you had a mom or dad. You didn’t come out of thecabbage patch right. Your son your daughter means you’re going to prophesied says you’re all men are going to dream dreams. And the old people here. Says JaneJames says You young men will see visions how many of you are young by faith.

Fissions What is the same Proverbs twenty nine eighteen where there is no vision what happens. The people perish the word vision there in the Hebrew is not just aphysical vision though God speaks that way it is a revelation when there is no revelation when there is no open understanding and you can talk about a lot of thatbubbly ultimately that revelation is Jesus himself

when there is no revelation the people perish the word perish there and here is power which doesn’t mean just die. It means to become unprotected andunproductive. You see when we lose a revelation of who Jesus really is. We become spiritual punching bags for the enemy and we can scream we can pray we cry wecan holler. Do everything we want but if we’ve lost the revelation of who Jesus is then we become open target and open season for the enemies attack.

And then we become unproductive. That means that we can do all sorts of programs and activity by flesh but it will not build the Kingdom of God It might get peopleto come in got my beat get people excited but as far as building the revelation the reality and character of Jesus in people it will not work. We need revelation in thesedays. And that’s what Peter said that that’s as a Spirit was given for thank God for speaking in tongues think of all the other things that God said I’m going to bringforth a prophetic generation. Now you may look at yourself and say But you know that sounds great but I’m not overly prophetic can I tell you being prophetic doesn’tmean that you have to actually train judge. Have you every I don’t know if you have ever met. What I call granola Christians granola Christians are nuts flakes and fruits.And I’ve met these people that seem to think that the weirder they at the more anointed they are. Let me live and here’s my take on it. The annoying thing doesn’tmake you weird

but God will anoint weird people. I mean you know Christians that are just a little bit different. God will annoy them as well. Play it. What I found is is people think thatjust because some of the weird people are no in it that you got to act weird to be anointed. So please don’t look at yourself and say look I’m too practical. I’m to knowbeing prophetic just means that you know the heart of the Lord. You have an ear to hear the voice of the Lord and guess what you would even be saved if you’ve notheard the voice of the Lord. So being prophetic doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a microphone and call everybody out by name doesn’t you’ve got to floataround the heavens. Look we we believe. Even those expressions but that’s not the fullness of what the prophetic is in fact Revelation Chapter nineteen verse ten tellsus what the spirit of the lodge of the Spirit of Prophecy is about his minute says this The Spirit of Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.

God’s alternately the prophetic anointing that the world needs. They don’t necessarily need somebody to impress them with a spiritual gift. Sometimes in the spiritualrealm. We try to impress each other with the gift things in our life whether it’s healing whether it’s prophecy whether it’s preaching whatever it is the you remember inScripture God spoke through a donkey. You remember that. So here’s my contention. If God speaks to you. That’s just because you’re the closest donkey around. Sowe don’t live somebody on a pedestal because God uses them. Prophetic minister down in North Carolina had an experience with god. Where he was called beforethe Lord and the Lord began speaking to him and said. Heaven is not impressed with your knowing TNG. How many of you would like that kind of prophecy today. Butisn’t that how we try to impress each other in the church world. Because what impresses God is the heart of love and humility holiness obedience all these other things.The prophetic people of God are not arising to drag out attention to themself to try to gather a following you know a name of Fame financial support whatever Godwants to release a prophetic spirit so that we can testify of Jesus. You see our culture has seen church. They’ve seen you know the religious right politically. They’veseen a lot of other things but I believe in so many ways they have not seen the pure expression of Jesus.

And somehow that is got to be expressed in this day and this hour. I’ve heard. People say and I you know your Jesus was great but I just can’t stand you Christians.Now understand they can be making an excuse.

A smokescreen. But brother says we need to see the Revelation of Jesus work in our lives and through our allies and that’s what prophetic and the warning ultimately isall about. And so that we will have a revelation of who Jesus really is and let me come to a close in sharing this with Revelation Chapter four. John the Revelator is onthe Isle of Patmos you know the story and God began speaking to him. We have the seven letters of the seven churches of Asia Minor the angel the Lord comesspeaks of and John writes these things but in chapter four verse one John said I saw a door standing open in heaven and over voice came and said Come up here I’mgoing to show you what’s about to happen. Here’s what I believe we are every one of us have had a revelation of Jesus.

Every one of us have whether through the word whether through a vision whether through an act of kindness and love to somebody else whether it’s a miracle. We’veseen happen and some dimension or some way we’ve had a revelation of Jesus but there is so much more to the Son of God than what you and I know there’s somuch more to Jesus the way you and I have experience we talk about revival we talk about the Kingdom of God come but God wants to take us further and higher anddeeper into the revelation of who he is so we can express the greater the fullness of hooey. And somehow that means that we’ve got to come to a higher level ofrevelation. Now I’m not talking about again some weird you know mystical whatever I’m talking about saying GOD I LOVE YOU I’M THANKFUL where my at but LordI’m not satisfied to stay at the level I’m at. I want to go higher in U.. Jesus here says there’s a door standing in heaven who is the door. According to scripture

Jesus himself. You know how you come to higher revelation. It’s not by giving an offering to a prophet. It’s not by standing in line and getting somebody to lay handson you. It’s not by fasting for a week. Look God made Ligi to do all those things but the method to seeing higher revelation coming higher into the understanding ofwho Christ is is Jesus himself. That means I can’t earn it. I can’t be a holy enough. I can’t be good enough. I can’t be spiritual enough to earn it. I’ve got to come inhumility and simple faith just like when I got say to me that gives me hope because sometimes I don’t know how you are. I’ll see somebody that’s greatly anointed andI say oh but if I had their prayer life. If I had this of I had that if I could just be like them. No. Because it’s not about what is in a person’s life. It’s about Jesus is in yourlife. The doorway to the revelation is simplicity. Jesus.

But what is the higher revelation we’re looking for is the higher revelation some deep doctrine some deep teaching that’s hidden away in Scripture is the higherrevelation some mystical hidden Bible code. What is

I don’t know if you read different spiritual things going around the Internet. I don’t know if you pay attention sometimes of some of the quote unquote prophets on theInternet but it seems like everybody is looking for the hidden Jim the hidden message. And boy you can draw a crowd you can write books and get all sorts of things inthere and look whether it’s the four blood months whether it’s the Harbinger whether it’s the shimmer you know that which are the things going around now whateverit is

I’m not saying I will never speak of things but that is not the higher revelation.

The higher revelation is Jesus himself. Please don’t ever be drawn into mysticism because you know what hidden This means the word a cult means hidden when we’retrying to find deep dark. Oh hidden mysteries and then things all that is doing is looking for a cult things we’re not looking for that we’re looking for him.

He is the higher revelation. He is the doorway. He is also the revelation that we see. I want you to know this that when you and Abi hold him face to face. We becomelike him

because we see him as he is one day when Jesus returns. It was an amazing as I was standing in the prayer center in Jerusalem looking out and I saw on my left rightabout this part of my left was Mount Zion

and then the Mount of Olives right here. Think about it one day. She’s the spokesman touch the Mount of Olives. He’s going to return and when that time happensand whether you’re alive whether we’re dead or whatever. We’re caught up. We see the Lord says we will become like him.

But I believe there’s an expression a chance an opportunity to have that kind of revelation even before Jesus returns and that is when we see him face to face as I had Iin the spiritual well

and second create this chapter three Paul said that we’re going to go from one level of glory to the other and it’s going to come by lifting the veil. So we become thefull reflection of Jesus. It’s beginning here when Moses went to the Mountain of God He was in the glory of God He came down from the mountain shone with theglory of God Remember that and Israel said we cannot stand to look at the on Bill glory of God because it will kill us remember the old testament law. So the said veilyour face.

You see I believe the same thing holds true in the New Covenant. If we were to see Jesus face to face it. A killer all manner old nature. So much of the church they wantenough glory to knock somebody on the floor half an hour here. Let headache or hang nail. The guy’s God wants to reveal the kind of glory that will kill all man or allnature or religion or opinion all these other things so that he can arise. He can live in us and through us

a lot of people are afraid like his rule was there for a that if we lift the veil you see Jesus face to face you dive a can I tell you when you see him face to face and youlook in his eyes.

I believe they burn now with anger. But with passion.

I don’t need to be afraid because I know this. I don’t look in his eyes on my own goodness.

But through his righteousness

and that’s the kind of love the kind of revelation God’s calling us to. So we started out singing God prepare a church for the coming of the Lord. Prepare the bride.That is the John the Baptist the a lodge and morning. We ended saying God take us up higher. What is that higher revelation that is the unveiling of the face of Jesus.

That is Jesus lifting the veil and wanting to look in our face look in our eye

and saying son daughter I love you. I’m passionate about you. Zephaniah three seventeen close of the scripture. God said. I rejoice over you with singing.

It’s an amazing scripture. Because when God looks at us through the blood of Jesus. He’s not in heaven going what is wrong with him now.

The word rejoice there means Jesus is lower the father is looking at us and spinning about wildly under the influence of a violent emotion is what that word means.

Do you know. And God looks at you he rejoices

see God doesn’t just put up with his church. He celebrates his church.

It doesn’t mean he celebrates our sin but he looks pass through the blood of Jesus and sees us.

And when we see him face to face we become like him. So I want to challenge you. Today. To say God I want to be a prophetic people but this is not just abouthearing words it’s not just about having a dream. It’s not just about seeing an angel. It’s not just about being about a prophesied of somebody all that’s great but totruly be a prophetic people it means. I’m going to see Jesus

and as I see em. I’m going to be able to express him in full this. And that’s what the world needs to see the only hope.

The only hope for our nation. Is a revelation of Jesus.

I don’t believe the hope will come from Washington D.C. no matter who’s in the White House

doesn’t matter who’s in the Supreme Court. The only hope for our nation is the revelation of Jesus and God want to use you to bring that revelation here where we gottakes you stand with me if you would kind of come join me.

Father we thank you. Lord. We thank you that you have determined

to reveal Jesus to the world. Father when you sent your son. There this world. Yes you sent your son to live and to die for sand. The Lord not that the message of Jesuswould be just given to us a statement of people at a segment of time but that the whole world. May see the beauty of your son. May see the reality of your love.

The God Too often we as your church have got our vision clouded God we’ve got no. R R R M oceans and our hope hung on a political system where the laws of theland there are cultural around us and God while we can be vexed in our spirit like a lot was over Sodom and Gomorra Lord we do not live our lives and put ourexpectations on what we see happening in our culture

but it’s on the Revelation of Jesus.

So Lord forgive us

for losing our way.

Forgive us. Lord for having low vision. Let us lift up our eyes

and see.

The glory of the Son of God

So God we pray that today you would release that mantle of Revelation. The mantle of

prophecy that will bring the Revelation of Jesus Christ. So Lord yes we want to know plans and ideas and and all the things you want to speak to us but God before wewant information. Lord we want to see you.

So God would you come. And Lord if there’s anyone in this place today that has not had a revelation of Jesus the Savior. As the one who died for their sand. Lord is theone that’s not standing to judge them right now in time but Lord is saying I am on welcoming young calling you with open arms. Lord the day will come when thejudgment of God will be poured upon the earth. But right now. Lord we are in the day and the grey age of grace and you’re extending that invitation to us in grace

salute draw us to your heart. The God not just for those that need

a fresh start with you. But God for each one of us. May we not go we are and will doing may we not give up but Lord let there be a revelation of Fire God we want tobe a people that are productive and protected Lord so we pray that there be a fresh vision and Revelation release. To our hearts this. If you thanks him Jesus.