What’s Your Season?

What’s Your Season?

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Let me ask this while we’re getting ready here. Have you ever gone somewhere gotten to a party a get together service whatever and and if you were late. And it wasawkward. You know we we’ve had that happen a few different times. Kim and I’ve been married thirty one years have a great marriage but what after twenty or thirtyone years. I found there are two areas that are constantly in contention. One is shopping. All right we can do all sorts of things gather all over the world but shoppingtogether is not one. I read a true study where I don’t know who ever was some medical team they went to a shopping mall with metal good equipment they found menthat were waiting on their wives and girlfriends who were shopping. And they hooked the men up to blood pressure machines and all these other things and foundthat the men waiting on the was shopping had the same levels as men in combat.

So we’ve got medical science on our side.

So shopping is not one thing we do well together. The other area of contention is time. I was raised in a family where if you want to be on if you want to be own timeyou’re at least five or ten minutes early. She was raised in a family where twenty minutes like Dad no big deal. That’s been very interesting traveling around the world.In fact it almost calls us to be left in Siberia one time because somebody was running late and the bus left us. But anyway. So being on time. You know a kid said onething to her one of the greatest things about Heaven is it will be no clocks. Anyway. You know. So we find it very important to try to keep our our clock Secret as all thisis we are preaching in a little town called Saadi Daisy Tennessee. Don’t you just love these other southern towns of books North Tennessee and. Sati Daisy Tennesseanbut anyway the we didn’t know this the church was on the eastern timeline the Eastern Time the hotel was in Central time. We didn’t know it. And so in a we showedup for service and we were you know on time few minutes early and the pastor was sweating bullets because he had prepared a sermon and then know how to get allof his back before cellphones and all of that and and you know so we learned it’s important to know about time. But here’s a really good sort of true story thatillustrates this greatly if you’ve ever seen especially a small in rural churches were areas. Sometimes the parsonage or the pastor’s home is built onto the churchbuilding. And there’s this one particular church was built this way and they had a door similar to this and that door is what led to the pastor’s home the parsonage andwhat happened is this typically on Sunday mornings. The pastor would come out about an hour before service and the thermostat happened to be right outside thedoor so he would you know set the thermostat so in the sanctuary everything would be comfortable while he forgot at Spring time change. He forgot that it was thetime change. So he walked out of the door to set the thermostat in this place was full of people because one of the owners had a key and let everybody in but theproblem was the pastor walked out in his underwear.

How many of you agree it’s important to know what time it is. One of the dimensions of prophetic annoying ting is to KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS

WHAT TIME IS IT ON God’s clock What season is then on God’s calendar. And I am a chef to three God said Surely the sovereign Lord does nothing without firstshowing it to the servants the prophets. Now please understand. We believe in people that. Apostles prophets evangelists passes and teachers but we don’t worshippeople because of a title that they hold or an office they are called to because God does not call us based on who we are anything we’ve done. He calls the least. Isn’tthat what you know Paul said you know the Apostles are the least the filth of the world they all scouring all things I preach at apples teleconferences they don’t like thata whole lot but and all that but but the point is this God is not just talking to people we call apostles and prophets got stalking to an Apple style the prophetic church.And part of our job is to quit beauty hear the voice of the Lord. So that we are not caught by surprise. You know even with the return of the Lord. It does say like a thiefin the night. But if you really study that it says but it will not be for those that are believe words it’s not going to catch us by surprise. Like that. And so we misappliedeverything it doesn’t mean that we’re going to know the date and the hour. I don’t believe in date setting. Yet you guys all of you probably watch and see in all thesethings never have i can one nine hundred eighty eight a guy wrote a book called eighty eight reasons why Jesus was coming in eighty eight. You remember that weopen the form and guess what. It didn’t happen.

So he wrote another book eighty nine reasons.

Yet she prayed in fast of the law to make sure. You know he wrote another book eighty nine reasons such as coming in eighty nine.

And all and Y2K and I mean all these other things you know right now we have I mentioned this morning the you know the blood moons in the Harbinger and Shimiton and all of their sayings and on the weighing in my opinion all know those are signs I do believe there are signs. All right. But I think we’ve got to be very carefulbecause I think we tend to in the church we look at all the signs out here and we’re not really listening to The Spirit of God and the Word of God and we get focus onall these other things but God said he’s not going to do anything without showing his prophetic people so that we can. Away or a whole concept to do because Godwants the church not to be caught by surprise but ready to flow with the fullness of His Spirit as a teenager I told you I was a street preacher and so down in VirginiaBeach and I was on the seventeen eighteen years old I lit a surfer to Jesus. And so he became a best friend he wanted to learn how to street preach and I made a dealwith them I said I’ll teach you to see if you teach me to surf. Now you may laugh now but a few years and a few pounds ago I could hang ten.

And one thing I learned as a surfer is this if I don’t want to miss the way if I don’t want to eat say and because I’ve run ahead in the way of crashes on me or I don’t wantto miss it. I’ve got to learn to discern what kind of waves coming in where it’s going to break how it’s going to break when it’s going to break. How to position myboard to catch the wave.

I think the same thing holds true in the prophetic God is releasing a prophetic voice in this day and hour to say this is what’s on the horizon. This is what God is aboutto do so we are ready to flow with the fullness of all that God is purpose implant in our lives. So with that I believe one of them. One of the most needed propheticanointing today is found in Second Chronicles. And I think I mentioned just in passing this morning but it talks about the tribes of Israel and God had put blessings andgifting is in each of the different tribes. But one of the tribes was is a car and it talks about the sons of is a car and Second Chronicles. And this is the sons that is a carunderstood the times and seasons and knew what Israel or the people of God should do what we need today is a prophetic church that is not basing things just onpolitics and economics

cannot be real straight forward with you. You are world Pennsylvania.

You are white.

So my.

But can I tell you

I’ve got we preach on numerous African-American churches Hispanic churches a lot of a lot of different things. Not only in other countries but here and one of thehardest things for me as a fifty two year old middle age middle class straight white man

is to somehow not compromise biblical truth. But understand that my politics can not be the basis of my discernment.

Is it OK to say that

because ultimately Reagan didn’t save America and a lot of people look like us want to go back to days of Reagan.

It’s not about who’s going to be in the White House but see we have a tendency to look at political things to look at Supreme Court things. Do you know what the sinof Saddam was you know why Saddam was destroyed.

You know what it says and if they kill the scent of Saddam was pried abundance of idleness. Oh yeah and fullness of bread put in modern English. They were proud fatlazy.

Please understand if God was going to judge us or it have to apologize to Saddam Gomorrah. I don’t believe it has much to do with the Supreme Court decision aboutgay marriage. I think it has to do with our nation being proud fat lazy


So please understand hearing and understanding discerning the signs of the times is not about your politics.

We’re not not a lot of a minute later but let’s move forward.

Look I am a Karkare Republican don’t don’t misunderstand they but that’s not how I just certain things we need to know the voice of the Lord. What is God saying yousee the song a song for. He won said My time’s are in your hands. God is the one that says Times of seasons. I don’t understand this. I don’t even like this becausescripture even says that God is one the list kings up and brings them down. I don’t get that I’ve heard some people say they believe the certain presidentialadministrations are the result of God’s judgment. The guy gave us the leaders we have as a result of judging us as a nation

that they’re not the ones leading us to judgment but they being elected all are the judgment because we as a church in America have embraced worldliness we’veembraced anything that doesn’t offend especially the defense of the cross and we don’t want to bring said and the American church.

We got preachers on T.V. that won’t have the spiritual guts to say without Jesus Muslims are going to hell

because there comes a time when we can’t be spiritual wimps being prophetic does not mean that I just see angels occasionally or have a vision or dream. It means wehave the spiritual backbone to hear and speak the truth.

So if we want to know the time in the season. I haven’t developed this out Friday when we were driving from Virginia to Pittsburgh. The Lord spoke in my heart and justsaid Russ we’re because you’re coming to a season of truth and consequences

and I haven’t developed that out because typically it’s truth or consequences though it’s I know it’s going to be both your nation is about to have a revelation of truthbut also the consequences of the lie they believe I don’t know what that looks like and it’s I’m not going to try to impress somebody with trying to go into details thatGod has given me but I do know this that if we are not in time on time in place ready to function then guys. No matter what happens in our nation we’re going to beunprepared. God wants to get. This ready. So we can flow with all that God has and does so the of the sons of is a god. Here’s another translation of this actually thefirst Chronicles twelve. It says The trouble is a car.

They kept up to date in their understanding of the times can you imagine a church that stays anchored to truth and yet as of today. The day doesn’t mean we all haveall of us preachers have to have a little soul patch and carry a cup of coffee while we preach. Up today doesn’t mean you have to have a laser light shows. I’m notagainst those things per se as long as truth is not compromised. But up to date. I believe has little to do with style and it all has to do with the application of truth tothe generation we’re talking to because God’s truth is never out of date never out of style but many times the presentation. Let me just quickly I may have shared thiswith you at one point in time a few years ago.

Kim’s lot of dreams from God. And in a dream several years ago she saw her and I in a beat up old station wagon. And we were driving along in a station wagon tookus to a six story McDonald’s OK. And we walked inside the McDonald’s and there’s a church service going on in the McDonald’s every door we opened we felt anoppression we wanted to skate. So we ran out of the McDonalds to where we parked our station wagon but the vehicle disappeared. We were running around in adeep parking lot trying to find our vehicle skidded to a skate suddenly did in the distance we spotted a brand new bright red convertible sports car. And we knew thatwas our car.

Anyway we jumped in and we sped off over a bridge you can see the end up she woke up to Miss dreams rarely understands what God saying I rarely have dreamsfrom God they got tens of give me an interpretation of dreams. And here’s what we felt a lot of saying vehicles and dreams and visions tend to represent your view.Call or method of ministry. A jet airplane international ministry school bus education ministry a semi truck resource ministry a station wagon is a family car. We believeit speaks of the methodology of the local family or the local church. A station wagon though is the vehicle that was all relevant a generation ago it was a generationago we had a station wagon I mean you had enough money for a car big enough for your family.

I mean you know a station wagon is not

quite relevant today.

What does it represent it represents yesterdays methodology. God doesn’t change his truth doesn’t change but he is always on the move and con Sometimes we staystuck in the way we’ve always done thing. Remember a part of the prophetic word this morning to the church was God a saying I’m not interested in your opinions butyour obedience.

So we all have opinions. We all have likes and dislikes. But God is not building His Church to make you happy.

He’s building His Church to kick you in the rear and he quipped you to go out and do the work of the kingdom.

Anybody here been in the military.

And but even the book camp. I mean you know your drill instructor is not known for really caring whether you have a sniffle or not. When you’ve got enough sleep. Hedoesn’t want to hear your opinion. You say that’s probably why I would make a good pastor because somebody came to me with a complaint. Who cares this isn’t yourchurch Here’s the door. Don’t let it on the way out. I have three people that we be going after.

Look there’s a place for all we understand that but. Stationwagon yesterday’s ways you know are yesterday’s ways take us to six story McDonald’s with him in Donal’s is

that. Asked food Christianity. I want it quick. I want it cheap and it’s a taste good for the moment even if it’s not good for me that’s American Christianity

franchises. We’ve been at McDonald’s all over the world except for India where they don’t eat beef they pray to it

you know McDonald’s a pretty much the same

in twenty nine years a job going around the world most churches are just cheap carbon copies of what’s working somewhere else.

Now and say you are data knew what what does this town call new Ok whatever you are new mine Dayton. There is a unique mists that God wants here.

It doesn’t mean you don’t learn from a god still in other places because I told you to be a carbon copy of the anyone. God wants you individually and corporately to beunique not be a franchise. But be a family operation

but out of out of you know McDonald’s Other than six doors six descriptions a number of men much of the Church of the Church of this nation been built by man forman and about man. We are here because we don’t want anything to do with man made religion.

Here’s where a lot of us are we’ve run out of man made religion but our vehicle has disappeared and other words we don’t know how to move. Reason go we want tomove. We want to go for we want to get rid of religion but we don’t know how

anybody been there.

God did not ask us what kind of vehicle we wanted he provided the vehicle himself. Remember God not going to come and say What do you think we should do. He’sgoing to give us the vehicle and what is this vehicle brand new bright red convertible sports car. It’s fast it’s relevant. It’s fiery convertible no blindspot you could go onand on with the analogies but GA is about to bring an understanding of methodology and times and seasons so we can flow with all the god has a purpose and planour allies and that’s part of what prophetical revelational annoyance. As for Paul pray for the church and F A says that they would have the Spirit of wisdom andrevelation and that’s what God is wanting to bring in our lives and through our lives is that spirit of wisdom and revelation. So we not only know what God is doing butwe know how to bring it into into. Expression how to see the purpose of God fulfill. I don’t know about you guys I’ve got I’ve got enough prophecies over my life itwould take me five lifetimes to fulfill a mall. Sometimes what I need is not another prophecy. What I need is a plan

what I need is an understanding of how to actually engage the promises of God and begin moving forward but I believe many times we put everything into the future.You know not all prophecies are going to be for the fulfilled tomorrow but sometimes we wait and wait and wait seventeen years we waited for the promise of Chicago.

The gods there are sometimes that God is saying now is the time now is the time move in but too often. We’re used to sitting back and waiting. It’s just like a pregnantwoman that keeps getting false labor. You know what happens. If that pregnant woman doesn’t push when it’s time and look I haven’t been pregnant before I don’tknow all this by natural knowledge but can I tell you that there are all sorts of things but when what happens is if that baby needs to be born

and the mother’s body is not operating correctly it’s not sensing that it’s time to be born doesn’t go in the natural labor you know they have to do they have to inducelabor.

My understanding is that many times induce labor is more intense even though it’s quicker. Here’s what I believe God is saying there are times that God has told us topush and we haven’t. There are times Gazan ready to birth revival birth evangelism birth harvest and we’ve said I don’t feel like it. I don’t have the energy I’m too tired

and I believe God. Not in His mercy is not going to let that baby die.

The baby of revival you’ve been praying for

he’s going to do slaver

that means it’s going to happen quick that also means it’s going to be intense.

God saying get ready. We must understand the time of the season Luke Chapter nineteen. There is a. A promise that is not necessarily real encouraging this what itsays for the days will come upon you when your enemies will set up a barricade around you. He will surround you and him you in on every side the enemy will tear youdown to the ground you and your children within you and they will not leave one stone upon another in you be cause you did not know the time of your visitation. Iwant to understand the attack of the enemy the power over the end of the enemy over our lives. The time to bring destruction is not just because of sin. It didn’thappen because we don’t know what time it is

it’s important

it’s important.

I mean

Sampson might be champion of God you know the story now is right now part of that out not to cut his hair strength of God in us that now is right about the long hairDelilah he gets involved in a compromise and elation ship a lot of the tries to deceive him over and over again and he deceives her keeps his hair his strength but thenfinally he gives up the strength he gives up the secret and I tell you you may be able to go along for a little while in a compromised relationship but don’t kid yourselfbecause the outcome of almost every compromise relationship is not the compromised person coming to the Lord. It’s the other way around.

If you’ve got another testimony thank God that’s a grace of God and not the norm. What happened. Samson gave away the secret of a strength and Delilah said youknow shake yourself or get up the Philistines are upon you and here’s what Sanchez said he said I will get up and go out and shake myself free as I’ve done. Before buthe did not know that the Lord had left him.

I’m convince that in many of our churches. We keep doing what has always worked before. And don’t even realize the presence of God has left. You see in theAmerican church world. We’ve learned how to speak the right words set the right music you know worship leaders. I love worship but almost any worship leader cantell you there are certain songs that get the congregation moving when the thing else works. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have favorite songs but there is somethingwrong when we are dead in a worship until they sing our favorite song.

We see what we’ve learned to do in the American church we’ve learned how to move on people’s emotions and we call it the spirit we call it revival we call itPentecost. I’m convinced that Pentecost has nothing to do with style and it all has to do a substance in the power and presence of the Spirit of God in Jesus.

So Pena consul style is not about singing a certain way jumping so high screaming hollering spitting when you preach all that other stuff. Hey if that’s your style goforte. I’m not saying something wrong with that style but if we need that style to convince us Gods there then we’ve idolized a style and not Jesus those who worship

God want to see what time it is there was a song back in the one was of the sixty’s seventy’s whenever it was the birds

to everything turns around there is a season a scripture tayo a song taken from a clue. C.S. is three. There’s a time for everything a season for every activity underheaven a time to be born time to die a time to plant time to time to kill time to heal and it goes on and on and on and other words in God there’s a vast variety ofexpression and timing and we settle for one season one time when God has so much force. And we miss what God is wanting to do.

Let me close with a few thoughts here. And while believe timing is important to understand Romans eight twenty eight. You don’t know the scripture. We you knowmany of us know that says God works all things together for the good of those who love him and are caught according to His purpose. Now even before we get intothe timing aspect. I think we miss apply that so often that is not a promise that God’s going to make every one of your situations work out rosy. Verse twenty nine thereRomans eight twenty eight tells us what the good is it says for those whom God for new he also predestined to be conformed to the image of a son and ModernEnglish basically says God’s going to make everything in your life work out so at the end of the circumstance you and I look more like Jesus. That’s not a promise thatyou’re not going to go bankrupt. That’s not a promise that all your bills are going to get paid. That’s not a promise. Everybody is going to like you. That’s not apromise that your body is always going to get he’ll look I believe in healing in the Atonement I believe in provision don’t misunderstand me please. But I believe we’vemisapplied that Scripture in a very selfish fleshly manner say got everything is going to work out the way I want to know God says at the end of your circumstance yougoing to be more like Jesus

and maybe you’re better than me sometimes on thick headed enough that God needs to take me down a notch or two to get me to repent. Given to be more likeJesus but I was studying this back on the three four months ago. In Romans were says God works for those that love him in the Greek I’m not a Greek scholar maybeyou are you talk about Greek and Hebrew. But I studied this out the word there that’s translated God works for in the Greek is the word where we get synergy from saythe actual application or meaning there is God works with those who love him.

Now have you ever tried to work with somebody and they didn’t know how to do the job. And they were doing everything one step behind you and it was frustratingand the job didn’t get done and it got done it got done improperly.

Here’s the problem

if we don’t know what God’s doing if we don’t know what season we’re in then we’re not going to be working in alignment with God and that means I’m going to befighting with God trying to do in my life. So if I want cause you know what I’ve tried to any of you ever made New Year’s resolutions. Have you know any of you everbroken New Year’s resolutions. We can’t change ourselves and even if we change ourselves by Will it doesn’t change our spirit it doesn’t change your heart it’s just anoutward change which is not count for eternity. What I want to say is God I don’t want to try to change myself somebody prophesied to me years ago and said Russtrying to change yourself from the outside in God wants a change from the inside out.

You see because in the world of ministry there going to be a lot of things especially in traveling ministry at least that’s about appearance and I mean just physicalappearance but Style How many miracles and how how you know brash you are all these other things where you feel like you’ve got to put on a show and impresspeople.

And you know I went through a season I was younger thing and I had to act successful. I had to act a certain way I had all sorts of advice. I had one person tell me Ineed to act poor. So I can get good offerings. I’m serious. Somebody told me I need to get a pair of dress shoes with holes in the bottom and kneel at the altar beforeservice. So everybody can see holes in my shoes and feel sorry for me. Give me a good offering. Then I had somebody else tell me No you buy the most expensive pairof shoes. Even if everything else is cheap and you look rich and then people will give to you

guys. Isn’t it sickening that people actually trying to figure out how to manipulate money out of people.

They say we have this idea that if we just look right. Outwardly we can you know put on the Christian smile raise our hands do our little stuff but God has wanted to dosomething in war not just innocent a vigil a bit in the church.

That’s what God wants to do in America and I believe God is working and doesn’t I go back to some of the words if you all this morning the word of the seeds God’sdigging down the word of the car jacked up and got working. God is saying I’m working not on the things that can be seen but the things that are not seen. Notbecause he’s angry. But because he’s got plan and purpose and potential for you all and a vigil in this church. So what is your time. What is your season. It’s a seasonof hidden work is the season a letting go of the past. It’s a season of getting out of the station wagon. Even if everybody knows you for forty years they’re the one thatdrove the station wagon. If your I did titty is your position your your work your your you know your even your annoying thing I want to time in two thousand and eight Iwas sick of prophets I was sick of Apostles are sick of all of them. Whole story behind that I won’t go to but I said I say Kim let’s go find a good back to search thatdoesn’t believe in Apostles doesn’t believe in prophets doesn’t believe in miracles but at least they believe in Jesus and the word. Thank God for Baptists I I was wellbut but now all I’m saying is this. I don’t throw away in all that stuff but know that what God wants to do is an inward work and all of our laws to bring this person ofJesus outwardly. So. What time is it. How do we come into alignment with what God’s doing in our laws and through our lives on a personal level and I that was the lastscripture and then I will close of this illustration. From one thousand nine hundred to two thousand and eight. Kim and I were part of what’s called an apple solid teama large sum of God church about three thousand people in Virginia. We were planning churches around the world thousands of people were coming to services fromall over the world miracles were every every Sunday. I mean people were being saved every day of the week miracles were happening and God opened doors andsome of the biggest churches in this has got in America. And were preaching in money was flowing to do the work of the ministry just all sorts of things and you knowwe were started off at thirty four thirty five years old into this it was just like in a Wow And how do we end up and all of this but in two thousand and eight our homechurch fell apart. Our finances fell apart we lost twenty thousand dollars and yearly support overnight without knowing it was coming.

I got I got fed up with spiritual fathers that wanted to build their kingdom on the backs of their sons and daughters of settling the life down for the sons and daughters.I got tired of profits and all they want to talk about was angels I saw and never talked about the word in Jesus and I just went through my I was forty five says must bemidlife crisis.


let the just a bunch of junk. We thought OK we’re going to get involved in the vestments and we’re going to be a kingdom businessman I support the work of God Wewent bankrupt. I guess that’s not my anointing

Anyway it just all sorts of stuff and. I eat things were just falling apart and I mean not our marriage not our family not our walk with God but a lot of you know outwardthings and then God began a work of restoring restoring passion restoring identity as a son and daughter and not you know based on ministry and all these otherthings. Well during the season God began releasing a fathering heart in me and God began bringing spiritual sons and daughters from around the world and about ayear or so ago I was with one of these spiritual sons in Charleston West Virginia and we were talking about some things just the process of ministry and preparation.And God brought back to my mind a word that was prophesied to us we were twenty three years old.

And a prophet called us out. He said this he said I see you going through three seasons of life. The olives the oranges and the grapes and he said but you’re not goingto go through the seasons once you’re going to go through and over and over again that he described them. He said olives symbolize the annoying thing that all of tobe harvested are one at a time the harvest I want to time is that all of trees. If you look at them can be twisted I was just a few weeks ago at the garden to semi so treesthat were actually there when Jesus prayed in the God of the seventy. I mean these things are twisted and everything else. All of the difficult the harvest the harvest ofone of the time and they get the oil out of the olive The Olive has to be crushed. And this prophet said these are the seasons of life that are difficult the times whenyou are being crushed.

You’re not earning annoying thing but it’s during that time you’re growing in anointing. He said but after the ol of comes the orange. Oranges grow in a land ofsunshine oranges are easier to harvest oranges are full of juiciness and vitamin C. He said these are the ceilings seasons of healing and refreshing. After you’ve beencrushed. These are the times gods you’ve grown in anointing but these are the times now. God is healing and mending and making you whole

civet Then come the seasons of The Grapes.

Greats harvest the down on the ground and right at level grapes come in bunches not one at a time and great with their squeeze bring wine which is joy and rejoicingand celebration great since Scripture was a symbol of the promise land and this prophet said these are the seasons of destiny. These are the seasons of promise. Theseare the seasons when you are right in the middle of the fulfilled. And all the God has promised.

How many of you walked through each of those seasons at least once.

You see what I didn’t realize in two thousand and eight is I’ve been in a season of of greats

and I like the grapes. I wanted to skate stay in the grapes the gods I know I’ve got I want to take you higher. I want to take you deeper.

But to do that.

I’ve got a crush your human will your opinions your mindsets your religion.

I wish I would have understood that it would have made it easy but instead of fighting what God was doing I could have cooperated and what took seven years ago tomake it be taken seven months and avoided bankruptcy. Look what I’m saying is this

God has a time and a season for you.

That if you are not in alignment with that then you’re spinning your wheels. If you’re not on the line with that you may be fighting against the very thing God’s trying todo

what is God’s season for you personally

where you at was not wanting to do. And are you fully cooperating with that was God wanted to do in this church. Because God has done amazing things. So thehistory of the church but what does not want to do now

than take it beyond that in the region in the nation. There are many prophesies that in September and October in America that the economy is in a fall that inSeptember of two thousand one such a mark over two thousand and one after nine eleven the economy fell two thousand and eight September October the economyfell. Many are saying you know September October seven years the shipments all the other things. It’s going to fall again people of improv assigning about domestic.Terrorism and while our administration won’t dare to utter the word Islamic terrorists from the White House but we see Islamic terrorists and Chattanooga Tennessee.You know and again all these other things and again the answer is not politics but we must understand the time that we are in as a nation. I believe that much of theAmerican church as is not ready if times get tough

because we’ve prepared a church to a skate

instead of a church to endure. Not trying to mess up your in time theology. I believe in the rapture our place.

The guys much of the world is living right now and what most of us would consider the Great Tribulation.

But because of the blessing of God on our nation we don’t know what that is

and so we think because we’re Americans. We’re going to escape everything. I don’t believe that’s what the Bible teaches. But most Americans myself included areprobably not ready.

I’m not telling you go buy all your guns I got my gun. I got my character to carry license. I tell you Go store up all your food and buy generous. I’m not against that thatthe hope is not in a store food and weapons.

The hope is in Jesus.

But we need to discern the time in the season and that’s alumina prayed and I. We want to pray that there be a revelation of what time it is

what season is it in your life and what’s God wanting to do stand your feet with me if you would. Kim come join me. Guys thank you for your indulgence of time shekind if you want to join us. Father we thank you. Lord that you are on the throne. And God we understand this you set times and seasons Lord you not only said timesthe seasons but God you also will raise up leaders and governments and kings. The proper timing God Whether it’s your will or whether it’s in response because ofthe. The disobedience of your people God your will was not a king for Israel but it was their will and you gave in God we don’t declare that you raised up everygovernment a leader that we have or have had in the past the God sometimes has because what we as a people have cried out for but Lord. We don’t blamejudgment on the White House. We don’t blame. What’s coming on the Supreme Court for if your church in this nation would not have compromised Lord if yourchurch in this nation would have not tried to be politically correct. God that we would have spoken the truth in love. Lord if we would not have allowed compromiseand our own laws Lord if we were not addicted to things on the Internet and in our relationships God that are immoral then God we would have an authority spirituallyto speak towards other the the

strongholds of homosexuals and all these other things that God we as a church and not just as nice as individually hear God the Lord. You know what’s that. What’sgoing on our own hearts that in America God we have compromise and war because of our compromise. We have lost prophetic authority

but God We know this in your mercy and your grace. When we read pent you re store. When David has sinned we committed adultery murder a God he said Forgiveme said Don’t take your Holy Spirit from me God We say this for us personally but not also for your church in this nation forgive us. Lord forgive us for lower being sofocus on this life that we forget the turn all things

God re store to your church passion. Re Store revival restore the holiness of

God make us again a prophetic. Voice to this nation and to the nations of the earth

that God this is not just something that we can pray a national prayer in the say it’s done because Lord. It starts in the heart of each individual man woman and child.That’s part of the Body of Christ.

Well we may look at ourselves and say What difference does it make what I do I can’t change the course of this nation God if every single one of us Lord would shiftand return to our first love and God of each one of us would come into alignment with your plane your time your purposes then God it will be a groundswell move ofyour spirit through the Church of Jesus Christ and the Lord even as those prayed over Sodom and Gomorra Lord let there be if there even be five righteous tenrighteous God spare God we pray

because for the sake of the righteous

in this nation spare our nation

the God Let us not just throw it off to. Somebody else’s responsibility but Lord you’re talking to us personally

because Lord. You have planned purpose potential and each one of our lives individual god there’s not one of us that’s hidden from your sight. And the Lord you lovepassionately every individual here.

God you are not repulsed by

any one of us

but your heart is drawn towards your heart as poured out force and Lord your heart is drawing us so as we say really. We can run after you

spirit of God we pray in that that mantle that spirit that flow of revelation that testifies of Jesus that god you and minister tonight. Lord that you would speak clearlyabout plans and season. Yes. Lord their ISP precious sons and daughters of God in this in this room that they say I I it’s I don’t even it’s not. I just don’t know the time Idon’t even know the plan I don’t know where God’s going what God would you bring revelation of the plan the wisdom but God also a revelation of the timing and theseason. So the God we don’t spin our wheels. LOL We don’t run ahead of the wave or miss the wave of God we flow right along with your spirit.